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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Improvements in Django's change\reset password flow Nicholas Fiorentini 5/21/18
Django 2.1 alpha 1 released Tim Graham 5/17/18
Get decorator Hélio Correia 5/17/18
default values on database level Aron Podrigal 5/16/18
Simplify middlewares (again) and get rid of process_view Florian Apolloner 5/16/18
Proposal: security enhancements James Bennett 5/15/18
Fellow Reports -- May 2018 Carlton Gibson 5/15/18
status of 2.1 release blockers Tim Graham 5/14/18
#24483 fix breaks dynamic choices Marcin Nowak 5/14/18
Fellow Reports - May 2018 Tim Graham 5/13/18
Any reason to not use SHA256 (or newer) for Signer / TimeStampSigner classess? Cristiano Coelho 5/10/18
going through the django tutorial i found error while executing the python runserver.The error is attached below Avitab Ayan Sarmah 5/8/18
email login, create and save Ali A Cetrefli 5/6/18
django.contrib.admin.models audit Jamesie Pic 5/5/18
Schema alter_field - check constraints Maximiliano Robaina 5/2/18
Thoughts on diff-based migrations with django? djrobstep 5/2/18
Fellow Reports - April 2018 Tim Graham 5/1/18
Django bugfix releases: 2.0.5 and 1.11.13 Tim Graham 5/1/18
Fellow Reports -- April 2018 Carlton Gibson 5/1/18
Allow disabling choices in a <select> Jody McIntyre 4/30/18
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