Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)

This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Fellow Report - February 2018 Tim Graham 6:00 PM
binding framework third-party package for Channels 2 Daniel Gilge 1:41 PM
Regarding GSOC-18 hardik dadhich 2/16/18
#28398: Allow management command invocation to suggest for incomplete commands? Vláďa Macek 2/16/18
Allow namespaced reusable app urls as ROOT_URLCONF Vlastimil Zíma 2/16/18
Consider renaming `mark_safe` to `dangerously_trust_html` (etc) Stuart Cox 2/15/18
Google Summer of Code 2018 2/14/18
Help required with bug #29024 (`TestContextDecorator` never exits if `setUp` fails in tests) Shahbaj Sayyad 2/12/18
Connection or integration Between two Apps in djnago 2.0 Dawar Sohail 2/12/18
Fellow Report -- February 12, 2018 Carlton Gibson 2/11/18
drop support for MySQL 5.5 in Django 2.0? Tim Graham 2/10/18
Don't assume that missing fields from POST data are equal to an empty string value. Tai Lee 2/9/18
hello 2/9/18
Purpose of constant_time_compare? Jonas H 2/8/18
Thoughts re looser coupling of django.contrib.auth and django.contrib admin Stephan Doliov 2/8/18
Method for allowing different `MAIL FROM` or `Return-Path` and `From` headers. Ian Campbell 2/8/18
ticket 28404 Georgiy Nazarov 2/8/18
keepdb with flush option contact 2/7/18
Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (ROBDD) Gopal Chitaure 2/6/18
Sprint announcement: Copenhagen, Saturday March 17 benjaoming 2/6/18
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