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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Django Channels Load Testing Results Robert Roskam 9/25/16
Fellow Report - September 24, 2016 Tim Graham 9/24/16
Adding aggregates to ModelAdmin.list_display dor 9/24/16
Optimization for get_search_results() in admin 9/23/16
What is the standard (ISO 639-1, IETF BCP 47, another) used in get_language? Fabio Caritas Barrionuevo da Luz 9/23/16
Challenge teaching Django to beginners: Emil Stenström 9/23/16
Should the Django session-id be hashed? Violet Gibson 9/22/16
request to reopen issue #23332 (using the dotted test name in test output) Chris Jerdonek 9/21/16
How to catch django auto complete lights value and render future fields? Patlola Praveen 9/21/16
Add an argument to ModelChoiceField for callable function to set label for instance. Lawrence Vanderpool 9/21/16
Fwd: Discussion related to ticket #26822 (new migrations, --keepdb and --parallel option) Romain Garrigues 9/21/16
Autocomplete in Django 1.11: Widget in Forms Library? guettli 9/21/16
Starting maintenance on Tim Graham 9/20/16
Access to Wiki at Nar Chhantyal 9/20/16
PEP 484 type hinting in Django Alex Hill 9/20/16
Suggestion: Context manager for translation.activate Raphael Michel 9/20/16
Migration Questioner and String-Type Fields Jarek Glowacki 9/19/16
Fellow Report - September 17, 2016 Tim Graham 9/17/16
Trac spam attack / spam filter reactivated Tim Graham 9/17/16
Implicit ForeignKey index and unique_together Dilyan Palauzov 9/16/16
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