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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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View permissions to admin 8/4/15
How to disable system check framework? Marcin Nowak 8/4/15
Setting up Django Over Apache Web-server Mudassar Hashmi 8/4/15
future of QuerySet.extra()? Tim Graham 8/4/15
default values on database level Aron Podrigal 8/3/15
Field.get_flatchoices seems to never get used Andy Baker 8/3/15
Fellow Report - August 1, 2015 Tim Graham 8/1/15
Fwd: Formset clean() method is not called when invoking Formset is_valid() A D 8/1/15
CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW should not be used when DEBUG is False Žan Anderle 8/1/15
Django 1.8 has an undocumented change regarding template comments Robert Rollins 7/30/15
@staff_member_required handling of non-staff users Tim Graham 7/30/15
Django Admin New Look elky 7/30/15
Making max_length argument optional Aron Podrigal 7/30/15
A new setting for custom gettext domains? Tim Graham 7/29/15
Feature idea: Add support for PostgreSQL's COPY command in contrib.postgres Ben Welsh 7/28/15
Migrations in Django 1.7 make unit testing models harder Bernie Sumption 7/28/15
Dynamic inlines for Django ModelAdmin Gert Steyn 7/27/15
Support for UNLOGGED tables in PostgreSQL Federico Capoano 7/27/15
Should migrations have their imports sorted? Raphael Michel 7/26/15
Renaming the postgresql_psycopg2 backend Baptiste Mispelon 7/26/15
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