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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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django-mssql present and future Michael Manfre 5/27/16
Support of model_object.delete(cascade=True) Sven R. Kunze 5/27/16
New CharField attribute to handle CharField(null=True, blank=True, unique=True) in model forms Jon Dufresne 5/27/16
Rewriting admin internals Asif Saifuddin 5/26/16
Requesting comments about bug "set_language with i18n_patterns" Hugo Chargois 5/26/16
Testing pre-release Django Claude Paroz 5/25/16
[RFC] Test methods filtering on tests run Journeyman 5/24/16
Dynamic AUTH_USER_MODEL based on modules or routes Burak Emre Kabakcı 5/24/16
Better form fields for django.contrib.postgres.fields Paul Martin 5/24/16
Test projects needed for removal of Field.get_db_prep_lookup()/get_prep_lookup() Tim Graham 5/23/16
Fellow Report - May 21, 2016 Tim Graham 5/21/16
[ANNOUNCE] Django 1.10 alpha 1 released Tim Graham 5/20/16
Organizing the built-in system check framework's hint messages Quentin Fulsher 5/20/16
Tracking/logging bruteforcing, especially on admin accounts? Vaibhav Mallya 5/19/16
Should we require pytz for timezone support in Django? Josh Smeaton 5/19/16
need not_equal and not_in query lookup types for a natural use case that can't easily be implemented with existing queries David Xiao 5/19/16
Unicode normalization for username field Rick Leir 5/19/16
status of 1.10 release blockers Tim Graham 5/19/16
Template Tag `url` returns empty string, does not raise NoReverseMatch guettli 5/19/16
Middleware+Transactions: guettli 5/18/16
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