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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Fate of sql* management commands Pkl 4:58 PM
status of 1.8 release blockers Tim Graham 3/28/15
Fellow Report - March 27, 2015 Tim Graham 3/28/15
GSoC 2015: Improved URL Pattern Matching (Draft) Alexander Patel 3/28/15
Proposal to improve the formset Paulo Maciel 3/27/15
Pre-DEP: community support of unmaintained versions of Django James Bennett 3/27/15
GSOC 2015 project ideas suggestion Asif Saifuddin 3/26/15
Help needed with Oracle GIS backend Claude Paroz 3/26/15
Two phase cleaning of models/forms guettli 3/26/15
Extending the URL Dispatcher (GSoC 2015 proposal) Marten Kenbeek 3/26/15
improving debug logging in development Tim Graham 3/26/15
Refactor year, month, day lookups? Jon Dufresne 3/25/15
Overlap between Func and Transform Alex Hill 3/25/15
GSOC 2015: Django based Management Information System for Institutes Harsh Vardhan Ladha 3/25/15
Request for feedback on GSoC proposal "Test framework cleanup" Varun Sharma 3/25/15
GSoC 2015 Billy Ruffin Zafack 3/25/15
GSOC: Turn contrib.admin into a customizable management interface tyrion-mx 3/24/15
GSoC 2015 Mesut Gülecen 3/24/15
Fwd: Misleading 404 exception during unit tests. Benjamin Scherrey 3/24/15
URL matching problem Ma Yuping 3/24/15
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