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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Fellow Report — January 12, 2018 Carlton Gibson 1/16/18
Security middleware for django for insecure (http) connections Vishwas Mittal 1/16/18
Default Authorization BackEnd Denying Permissions if Object Provided Mehmet Dogan 1/16/18
ManytoMany Field save_form_data has not support for through table Andrew Standley 1/16/18
ease patching Django object behavior in another django packages Sergey Glazyrin 1/15/18
New contributor to Django with a ticket in mind Jatin 1/15/18
Ticket #29015 1/15/18
updating the Meta class attributes at will Frank Gwada 1/15/18
Deprecating CachedStaticFilesStorage in Django 2.0 1/15/18
Fellow Report - January 13, 2018 Tim Graham 1/13/18
Should ModelField.choices accept a callable? Josh Smeaton 1/13/18
#28975 - Skip automatic creation of postgis extension if it already exists Niclas Kron 1/12/18
Change Local Memory Cache to Use LRU #28977 Grant Jenks 1/11/18
improving our Contributor License Agreement process Tim Graham 1/11/18
Custom Model.Meta Options and Extending Migrations Autodetection Benjamin Dummer 1/9/18
Having an --include option for collectsstatic. Nick Sarbicki 1/9/18
Sealing or locking QuerySets -- a suggestion to prevent surprise N+1 queries. Bryan Helmig 1/8/18
QueryDict and ordering Ole Laursen 1/8/18
Fellow Report - January 6, 2018 Tim Graham 1/6/18
Tracking back exceptions Stephan Doliov 1/5/18
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