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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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To keep or not to keep: logging of undefined template variables Tim Graham 2:14 AM
Fellow Report - March 25, 2017 Tim Graham 3/25/17
Composite key development Craig Kerstiens 3/25/17
Deprecate is_superuser, is_staff and is_active guettli 3/24/17
How Channels and Daphne handle huge HTTP requests? Alexander Prokhorov 3/23/17
Supporting a template database for test db Melvyn Sopacua 3/22/17
delegating our static file serving Tim Graham 3/22/17
Typing Annotations to django core (PEP 484) matthaus woolard 3/22/17
Django ORM query syntax enhancement Alexey Zankevich 3/22/17
I would like to discuss my proposal for a working way to call .add() on an m2m with through= model Luis Masuelli 3/21/17
Adding generated common table expressions Ashley Waite 3/21/17
Django 1.11 release candidate 1 released Tim Graham 3/21/17
HMVC implementation on django Shiwam Pd 3/21/17
Any interest in integrating Django Admin Sortable into core? Brandon Taylor 3/21/17
status of 1.11 release blockers Tim Graham 3/20/17
Provide forms field/widget type information for use in templates Paweł Adamczak 3/20/17
Inconsistent Behavior in Auth with UserAttributeSimilarityValidator Andrew Pinkham 3/20/17
Permission classes for Class Based Views 3/20/17
GSOC 2017 Project Idea - Improve ORM by introducing real VirtualField and related field clean up Asif Saifuddin 3/19/17
SQLAlchemy integration - More details 3/19/17
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