Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)

This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Asking for review shangdahao 7:02 AM
Vendoring Select2 Johannes Hoppe 7:02 AM
Implement a custom range-based filter for date_heirarchy Haki Benita 12/16/17
Django benchmark is low Gary 12/16/17
Provide option to chain QuerySet.order_by() Markus Holtermann 12/15/17
Google Summer of Code 2018 12/15/17
Removing ORM's union restrictions Thijs van Dien 12/13/17
Hello everyone I'm a new member Asad Ahmed 12/13/17
Proposal: make Model __unicode__() default to Collin Anderson 12/12/17
change commit message format to present tense? Tim Graham 12/12/17
Support for database level on delete cascade 21961 Nick Stefan 12/11/17
PostgreSQL aggregation and views through unmanaged models charettes 12/11/17
Overhaul extra_requires to include more optional dependencies 12/11/17
Django Admin New Look elky 12/10/17
Easy prod setup for noobs Barnabas Szabolcs 12/10/17
Refactoring the autoreloader Tom Forbes 12/10/17
Fellow Report - December 9, 2017 Tim Graham 12/9/17
Improving Backward Compatibility Collin Anderson 12/8/17
Adding an Index to a model with a custom Field. Jan Pieter Waagmeester 12/8/17
PR for Admin view permission Olivier Dalang 12/5/17
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