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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Fellow Report - April 30, 2016 Tim Graham 5:51 PM
NumericListfilter or similar Omer Korner 12:39 PM
No access to the login page to the already logged-in user through url rajat vijay 11:42 AM
Cache invalidating with generic class based views Martin Owens 4/29/16
Add support for LiveServerTestCase.setUpTestData Minubyvt 4/29/16
unique_together does not work as expected with nullable fields Rich Rauenzahn 4/29/16
is_authenticated as property guettli 4/29/16
Change executed raw mysql queries to return timezone aware datetimes. Bryce Drennan 4/29/16
Should Template.render() return a safe string? Aymeric Augustin 4/28/16
Making Django more PaaS-friendly James Bennett 4/27/16
Decoupling Permission-Check from Calling the View guettli 4/27/16
Usage of DjangoRuntimeWarning charettes 4/26/16
One Click Django Installer Ankit Kumar 4/26/16
IntegrityError when cascading delete, and there post_delete that creates a new object. Paulo Maciel 4/26/16
#26481 - Add a "strict mode" for defer()/only() Fabien SCHWOB 4/26/16
Enforcing a max size for form field values read into memory (review/determination of next steps needed) Tim Graham 4/26/16
Adding an some warnings, checks, or exceptions for urls Robert Roskam 4/25/16
Unicode normalization for username field Rick Leir 4/25/16
Vendoring Select2 Johannes Hoppe 4/24/16
Fellow Report - April 23, 2016 Tim Graham 4/23/16
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