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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Automatic prefetching in querysets Gordon Wrigley 2:02 AM
Should django File wrapper support .next()? Cristiano Coelho 8/16/17
More eyes on Check Constraints Ian Foote 8/13/17
Fellow Report - August 12, 2017 Tim Graham 8/12/17
Oracle sequence naming regression - input on approach? Kevin Grinberg 8/12/17
Django 2.0 Python version support (Python 3.6+ only?) Tim Graham 8/10/17
Admin list view counting Josh Smeaton 8/9/17
[feature request] including HttpResponse(status=204) as an HttpResponse subclasses Philip Lee 8/7/17
Suggested documentation: PG server-side cursors used in .iterator() only work inside a transaction Evan Heidtmann 8/7/17
Admin actions.js performance ecas 8/7/17
Fellow Report - August 5, 2017 Tim Graham 8/5/17
Sending messages to the group does not work after a few minutes online Luís Antonio De Marchi 8/5/17
DEP pre-proposal for a simpler URLs syntax. Tom Christie 8/4/17
Django bugfix release: 1.11.4 Tim Graham 8/1/17
Sent messages in loop with Django Channels Александр Великий 7/30/17
Fellow Report - July 29, 2017 Tim Graham 7/29/17
Future of the development server's auto-reloading Aymeric Augustin 7/29/17
Support for database level on delete cascade 21961 Nick Stefan 7/27/17
Postgres backend introspection and the 'public' schema Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale 7/26/17
Proposal: provide postgresql powered full-text search in Paolo Melchiorre 7/23/17
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