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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Fellow Report - April 22, 2017 Tim Graham 7:23 PM
Django test suite taking > 2 hours, gets stuck, have to Ctrl-C Dylan Verheul 6:15 PM
Ticket 28087: Allow filtering and ordering with RawQuerySet Dmitriy Sintsov 4/21/17
A New Design for the "Congratulations!" Page Tim Allen 4/21/17
Error while doing migrations for a new table Mohamed Ghariani 4/19/17
[Feature Request] In admin the variable has_change_permission in change_form.html should not be used for the breadcrumb menu Jannik Schürg 4/18/17
Ticket 2273: django.contrib.auth.models.User: username is case-sensitive Daniel Stanton 4/17/17
I would like to discuss my proposal for a working way to call .add() on an m2m with through= model Luis Masuelli 4/17/17
#26369: default formfield callback override is_null 4/17/17
Feature idea: forms signals David Seddon 4/17/17
[Feature Request] Shorthand syntax for filtering aggregations Tom Forbes 4/17/17
take select request from django from Xristos Xristoou 4/16/17
Fellow Report - April 15, 2017 Tim Graham 4/15/17
Database "execute hooks" for instrumentation Shai Berger 4/13/17
[Feature Request] Let ignore migration dependencies Brock Hallenbeck 4/13/17
assertRaises vs. assertRaisesMessage Shai Berger 4/13/17
Paginator Class - Refactor page function for better abstraction Robert Roskam 4/10/17
Fellow Report - April 8, 2017 Tim Graham 4/8/17
Proposal: make Model __unicode__() default to Collin Anderson 4/8/17
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