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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Should ugettext_lazy return instanceof unicode? Or are reusable apps responsible for calling force_text a lot? Mike Edmunds 7:00 AM
Fellow Report - October 22, 2016 Tim Graham 10/22/16
can_introspect_default feature Maximiliano Robaina 10/20/16
AbstractBaseUser.set_unusable_password() why a random string instead of an empty string? Jon Dufresne 10/19/16
DEP pre-proposal for a simpler URLs syntax. Tom Christie 10/19/16
LiveServerTestCase change in Django 1.11 means can't run functional tests against external server? Andrew Wall 10/18/16
Django ORM query syntax enhancement Alexey Zankevich 10/16/16
Re: Django Channels for Client - Server asynch connection Andrew Godwin 10/16/16
Composite fields Thomas Stephenson 10/16/16
Fellow Report - October 15, 2016 Tim Graham 10/15/16
Please put as default in next django version Ricardo Prado 10/15/16
(contrib.admin) Improving object deletion Marcin Nowak 10/14/16
Should we require pytz for timezone support in Django? Josh Smeaton 10/12/16
is_valid as property Sven R. Kunze 10/12/16
Javascript Templating Package Nick Sarbicki 10/11/16
Autocomplete in Django 1.11: Widget in Forms Library? guettli 10/11/16
disclosing security release dates on django-announce Tim Graham 10/10/16
Fellow Report - October 8, 2016 Tim Graham 10/8/16
Form.Media: render inline css/js is_null 10/7/16
undeclared variable appearing in django/db/models/ Tim Graham 10/7/16
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