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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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should we close in-memory file-like objects (StringIO, BytesIO, etc.)? Tim Graham 8:53 AM
Fellow Report - July 4, 2015 Tim Graham 7/4/15
DEP django model internalization feedback Ashley Camba Garrido 7/3/15
@csrf_protect annoying on django.contrib.auth.views.login 7/2/15
Inheritance in admin classes 7/2/15
django.channels: "async" for Django Andrew Godwin 7/2/15
naming of a new test client method for logging in Tim Graham 7/1/15
Django urls and Angular ui-router ABEL D 7/1/15
[django.contrib.postgres] Would this be accepted and how hard would it be to do? Some Developer 6/29/15
[ANNOUNCE] Django Security advisory: simple_tag does not do auto-escaping Tim Graham 6/29/15
virtual fields and the migration framework Federico Capoano 6/29/15
Adding new model. ContentType error with field "name" ClosiusBeg 6/29/15
URL dispatcher API Marten Kenbeek 6/28/15
Fellow Report - June 27, 2015 Tim Graham 6/27/15
Developer Community survey - results? Nar Chhantyal 6/27/15
Password validation in Django revisited Erik Romijn 6/26/15
1.9 release planning Tim Graham 6/25/15
CommonMiddleware DISALLOWED_USER_AGENTS logic Nacharov Mikhail 6/25/15
Config file for startproject. Hiroki Kiyohara 6/23/15
Mongo related issue in Django Ashish Khatkar 6/23/15
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