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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Struggling newbie 8/24/16
Simulating timeouts on client with django.test.client.Client roboslone 8/24/16
Google Summer of Code Updates - Class based indexes akki 8/23/16
New Bug Report Prajjwol Gautam 8/22/16
PEP 484 type hinting in Django Alex Hill 8/22/16
Add an optional dependency on python-fastpbkdf2 Terry Chia 8/21/16
Fellow Report - August 20, 2016 Tim Graham 8/20/16
Add an optional parameter to values() that returns a nested dictionary for foreign keys Moenad 8/20/16
Take index type into account in inspectdb command akki 8/19/16
I've found a better way of getting the correct sequence name on postgres HM 8/19/16
Django Channels and WebSocket Routing and URL Parameters Robert Roskam 8/18/16
should blank POST data fallback to use model field defaults? Tim Graham 8/17/16
django.core.mail.outbox and __all__ IL Ka 8/17/16
Any inerest in Zlib pre-compressed HTML generator responses? Bobby Mozumder 8/16/16
Support for `Q` objects in `get_or_create` and `update_or_create` Flavio Curella 8/16/16
CheckiO Community is looking for more ways to contribute into Open Source Alexander Lyabah 8/15/16
I'm looking for a part-time job in Django uri 8/15/16
Fellow Report - August 13, 2016 Tim Graham 8/13/16
Extend support for long surnames in Django Auth Raony Guimaraes Corrêa Do Carmo Lisboa Cardenas 8/10/16
Fellow Report - August 6, 2016 Tim Graham 8/6/16
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