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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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status of 2.0 release blockers Tim Graham 9/18/17
Feature Request: An easier way to pass the parent object to the form of an InlineModelAdmin Al Johri 9/18/17
Decoupling Forms from Model Jamesie Pic 9/18/17
Having a MongoDB connector for Django Nes Dis 9/18/17
Deprecating CachedStaticFilesStorage in Django 2.0 9/18/17
typeshed for Django Melvyn Sopacua 9/18/17
Automatic prefetching in querysets Gordon Wrigley 9/16/17
Fellow Report - September 16, 2017 Tim Graham 9/16/17
DEP pre-proposal for a simpler URLs syntax. Tom Christie 9/16/17
Database "execute hooks" for instrumentation Shai Berger 9/15/17
Add support for multiple file fields Johannes Hoppe 9/12/17
ticket #28384 question Windson Yang 9/11/17
Question on documentation (new contributor) Israel Fermin Montilla 9/10/17
What's the community position about AutoSlugField functionality in Django? 9/10/17
#21381 PR review needed 9/10/17
More eyes on Check Constraints Ian Foote 9/10/17
Fellow Report - September 9, 2017 Tim Graham 9/9/17
Easy pickings are not that easy for a new contributor Alexander Lyabah 9/9/17
Hello/thoughts on JsonResponse Ryan Fredericks 9/7/17
Using EXISTS instead of IN for subqueries Anssi Kääriäinen 9/6/17
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