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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Data Migrations and Testing Christian Schmitt 8:55 AM
Proposal: Write unit tests for JavaScript Trey Hunner 4:51 AM
Proposal: BitMaskField CHI Cheng 12:24 AM
Proposal: document and enforce style of all files (including JS, CSS, HTML) Trey Hunner 4/17/14
Revisiting multiline tags Glenn Washburn 4/16/14
condition decorator: if-unmodified-since support and updated etags Thomas Tanner 4/16/14
DEPs: Django Enhancement Proposals Adrian Holovaty 4/14/14
Support byte range requests in django.views.static.serve 4/14/14
[GSOC] Shifting to Py.Test and Improving the Test Suite Akshay Jaggi 4/14/14
Should there be a "is" comperator: {% if A is B %}? Gregor Müllegger 4/13/14
#22383 Add the HTML5 required tag to the input fields which are required for database entry anubhav joshi 4/11/14
Who manages the django-i18n mailing group? Bruno Ribeiro da Silva 4/10/14
py2exe + Django 1.6 4/10/14
ORM and admin Pradip Caulagi 4/9/14
Wrong translation in Brazillian portuguese Bruno Ribeiro da Silva 4/7/14
On django multi tenancy riccardo.magliocchetti 4/3/14
Proposal: Database Constraints schinckel 4/3/14
Proposal for prepared statements API Curtis Maloney 4/2/14
Unicode in validators tests 4/2/14
Migrations in Django 1.7 make unit testing models harder Bernie Sumption 4/2/14
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