Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)

This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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A Django Async Roadmap Andrew Godwin 6/19/18
Django 2.1 beta 1 released Tim Graham 6/18/18
Fellow Reports - June 2018 Tim Graham 6/18/18
Fellow Reports -- June 2018 Carlton Gibson 6/18/18
[Mixins] - Order of the Mixins - Is it a bug? Vinnicyus Gracindo 6/16/18
Cython usage within Django Tom Forbes 6/12/18
New to Open Source But Want to Contribute to Django Salman Siddiqui 6/10/18
Spaces between argument separator and argument in template filter generate error 6/6/18
Humanize naturaltime alternative phrasing Gregory Kaleka 6/6/18
Redirect using HTTP status "303 See Other" Duane Hutchins 6/4/18
Fellow Reports -- May 2018 Carlton Gibson 6/4/18
Fellow Reports - May 2018 Tim Graham 6/4/18
Django bugfix release 2.0.6 Carlton Gibson 6/1/18
#29433 New split template filter Kamil Pluciński 5/30/18
Simplify middlewares (again) and get rid of process_view Florian Apolloner 5/30/18
Adding an Index to a model with a custom Field. Jan Pieter Waagmeester 5/26/18
Privacy in Django (GDPR) Johannes Hoppe 5/26/18
Django channels advice 5/24/18
Set formfield.initial when created using modelformset_factory Brock Hallenbeck 5/24/18
Server side connection of sock-js in the same Django app Rakesh Reddy 5/23/18
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