Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)

This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Proposal: Use HTML5 boolean attribute for checked on checkbox/radio inputs Jon Dufresne 1:21 AM
Improve queries on django admin Rael Max 7/22/16
GitHub PR status within Trac Tobias McNulty 7/22/16
Middleware error framework, high level logging for database queries Rishi Gupta 7/22/16
Make django.db.models.deletion.Collector public? Shai Berger 7/21/16
Translatable is_null 7/20/16
DjangoCon US sprints communication (IRC is blocked) Tim Graham 7/19/16
Official Projects DEP Andrew Godwin 7/19/16
Google Summer of Code Updates - Class based indexes akki 7/18/16
[ANNOUNCE] Django security releases issued: 1.10 release candidate 1, 1.9.8, and 1.8.14 Tim Graham 7/18/16
Need Help Rizwan anjum 7/17/16
Fellow Report - July 16, 2016 Tim Graham 7/16/16
SelectMultiple widget value_from_datadict enhancement suggestion Marcin Nowak 7/16/16
Proposing Channels as an Official Project Andrew Godwin 7/15/16
change commit message format to present tense? Tim Graham 7/15/16
User representation on Django admin object history page. Matheus Bratfisch 7/14/16
structural & functional review of django documentation Doug Epling 7/14/16
status of 1.10 release blockers Tim Graham 7/14/16
Possible Bug in RegexURLResolver 7/14/16
Aggregate methods for Raster Data in django.contrib.gis.db.models Juan Escamilla 7/13/16
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