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This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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Allow deferral of ModelSignal callback invocation until after transaction commit Christopher Adams 4/27/15
Idea/request for help: Django Developers Community Survey Tim Graham 4/27/15
Must a Django Database Support Migrations? Michael Manfre 4/27/15
Setting database default values in migrations (postgres) Peter Coles 4/27/15
Potentially inconsistent behavior between test client and normal WSGI requests Matt Hooks 4/26/15
Fellow Report - April 24, 2015 Tim Graham 4/25/15
System check is using the default database connection for all the models Ion Scerbatiuc 4/25/15
virtual fields and the migration framework Federico Capoano 4/25/15
CSRF middleware calculates new tokens that are never used 4/24/15
Request for help: building a docker/vagrant platform for running Django's test suite Tim Graham 4/23/15
Pass exception to error handlers Claude Paroz 4/23/15
Writing some tests for new feature ST LEON 4/22/15
User.username max_length 254 Collin Anderson 4/22/15
Altering migration operations depending django.Version (3rd party apps) Patrick Craston 4/22/15
Suggestions on a form library dumb906 4/22/15
Feature request: make it possible to "tell" filter that would result a join, to add an additional condition to that join Delusional Insanity 4/21/15
django deployment Det S. Pillner 4/21/15
REG: get_display_name function in the User model Anoop Thomas Mathew 4/20/15
CSRF_COOKIE_HTTPONLY is misleading and not useful Gavin Wahl 4/19/15
django site framework bug, site name swaps back and forth each request Joe 4/19/15
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