Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)

This group is for the discussion of the development of Django itself. If you want to ask questions about using Django, please post on django-users.

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forcing a name for a sqlite in memory shared cache test db riccardo.magliocchetti 10:30 AM
[ANNOUNCE] Django bugfix release issued: 1.8.5 Tim Graham 10/4/15
Fellow Report - October 3, 2015 Tim Graham 10/3/15
status of 1.9 release blockers Tim Graham 10/3/15
Improving MSSQL and Azure SQL support on Django Meet Bhagdev 10/2/15
Django ORM query syntax enhancement Alexey Zankevich 10/1/15
draft blog post for Oracle help Tim Graham 9/30/15
Adding a URL tagging feature Atul Bhouraskar 9/29/15
Django 1.9 AppRegistryNotReady Jonas H 9/29/15
Why is from_db_value not called on ModelClass.objects.create()? Gordon 9/28/15
moving the class-based View base class out of django.views.generic? Tim Graham 9/27/15
Fellow Report - September 26, 2015 Tim Graham 9/26/15
Making the admin compatible with CSP jasbligh 9/26/15
simplifying the install page Tim Graham 9/25/15
Some love for admindocs Žan Anderle 9/25/15
Skip IN clause on prefetch queries? Erik Cederstrand 9/25/15
Prefetch and avoiding huge IN clauses Erik Cederstrand 9/25/15
[ANNOUNCE] Django 1.9 alpha 1 released Tim Graham 9/23/15
Making max_length argument optional Aron Podrigal 9/23/15
DJango 1.8 test case fails with IntegrityError error Jose Paul 9/23/15
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