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Add more style elements Michael Schlegel 1/12/17
django CMS 3.4.2 release candidate 1 Daniele Procida 1/11/17
Performance limits for large number of sites? (tenants/saas offering) Robert Singer 1/4/17
django Manish Jain 1/2/17
Duplicate lemma: "CMSToolbar" Jacob Rief 12/13/16
Apphooks and placeholders that inherit Neil Ashton 12/8/16
Menu tree vs. Path tree Brian Rutledge 11/30/16
Strange Toolbar display after upgrading CMS Philippe O. Wagner 11/28/16
Squashing migrations? Brian Rutledge 11/23/16
Help with plugin development (esp. djangocms-helper) Brian Rutledge 11/19/16
Feature idea: Page class attribute Brian Rutledge 11/18/16
Changing plugin settings results in missing migrations Brian Rutledge 11/18/16
Proposal: hide DjangoCMS version in toolbar for non-admin users Sylvain Fankhauser 11/14/16
django user registration packages remy dev 11/13/16
ETA for version 3.5? Brian Rutledge 11/9/16
Does Django CMS support multi-user login? Sina 11/6/16
Proposed new feature: hiding plugins Neil Ashton 11/2/16
Code review checklist John-Scott 10/30/16
Method must be called with Class instance Carlos García 10/24/16
Integrate a python function in a django-cms project Carlos García 10/24/16
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