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Activity Reports Angelo Dini 8/18/16
What about to add a page copied signal?! Philippe O. Wagner 10:10 PM
Publish workflow for all apps benzkji 8/14/16
anyone working on adding Django 1.10 support? Tim Graham 8/2/16
Feature Request: Concurrent Editing Angelo Dini 7/25/16
History Diff feature Martin Owens 7/21/16
Forward-porting from release/ into develop Daniele Procida 7/14/16
Feature Request: Site Configs Lee Solway 7/12/16
Activity report 7th July 2016 Angelo Dini 7/7/16
Activity report 21st June 2016 Angelo Dini 6/21/16
setting up a parallel route for slugs with a different template 6/16/16
Updating documentation examples for Python 3 daniele.procida 6/15/16
Refactor page and group user handling czpython 6/15/16
Heroku: Django CMS Toolbar Not Showing Brandon Culpepper 6/14/16
Activity report 10th June 2016 daniele.procida 6/10/16
Possibility to define default placeholder configuration Michał Lechman 6/1/16
Strange Menu and URL Behavior Brandon Culpepper 5/31/16
how we access language_code (current language) in in django_cms VRS Rajkot 5/30/16
Django admin form manytomany fields not saved. how to save VRS Rajkot 5/26/16
Apphooks and app_name Daniele Procida 5/10/16
How we dump data and load data in django cms version 3.2.3 VRS Rajkot 4/30/16
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