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RELEASE: django CMS 3.5.1 Daniele Procida 3/6/18
Parent-Children Relationship of Plugins czpython 2/21/18
RELEASE: django CMS 3.5 Daniele Procida 2/1/18
django cms is nice pycoder li 1/26/18
django-sekizai, django-classy-tags unmaintained Jonas Obrist 1/21/18
django CMS 3.5 Release Candidate 1 Daniele Procida 1/11/18
Activity Reports Angelo Dini 12/13/17
rss reader for Django cms 12/13/17
Move "redirect to" and "manual url" from advanced to standard settings czpython 12/11/17
AMP in django CMS pages jm rivas 10/20/17
django CMS 3.4.5 released Daniele Procida 10/17/17
User logout problem with django-cas-ng Fabrice Pardo 10/3/17
What is the standard travis/codecov configuration? Fabrice Pardo 9/26/17
Using an HTML editor instead of CKEditor Brian Rutledge 9/11/17
Weird behavior with publish signal 9/6/17
Publish workflow for all apps benzkji 9/5/17
Is it possible to save changes before changing from page basic settings to advanced settings in the popup-window? C. Waidi 8/24/17
Feature request: Template edition in wysiwyg with keditor Frédéric Roland 8/23/17
Aldryn Newsblog and Django 1.10 (or 1.11 LTS) Support Aubrey Taylor 8/15/17
Plugins can be hidden when changing Page Template czpython 8/9/17
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