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Activity Reports Angelo Dini 3/14/17
Security releases for django CMS 3.3 and 3.4 Daniele Procida 4/26/17
The handling of inherited placeholders in edit mode David Bertrand 4/5/17
How to enter less-common HTML entities in Text plugin? Brian Rutledge 3/8/17
Using an HTML editor instead of CKEditor Brian Rutledge 3/7/17
Django CMS Developer Needed (Good Salary) 2/22/17
Django 1.11 LTS Support Nick Catalano 2/22/17
Dynamic model choice field on a django cms plugin 2/21/17
Structure vs. Content mode - front-end editing needs better UX Peter Bittner 2/16/17
Forward-porting from release/ into develop Daniele Procida 2/11/17
page view permissions problems GCA Black 2/6/17
basic q: does django-cms provide any templates, view, etc. to deal with page permissions? GCA Black 2/6/17
user login and registration problems GCA Black 2/5/17
Advanced settings in the Application Menu Wen Liang 2/3/17
Add change password link to frontend menu -- Tim Graham czpython 2/2/17
django CMS 3.4.2 released Daniele Procida 1/25/17
Raw text placeholder plugin Михаил Туманов 1/24/17
Add more style elements Michael Schlegel 1/12/17
django CMS 3.4.2 release candidate 1 Daniele Procida 1/11/17
untranslated placeholders benzkji 1/10/17
Performance limits for large number of sites? (tenants/saas offering) Robert Singer 1/4/17
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