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Time to rethink menus? Martin Koistinen 7/29/15
Django 1.6/1.8 support Tim Graham 7/29/15
Is there a direct link between published and draft plugins - and if not, why not? Philipp Zedler 7/27/15
let's talk about tests Jonas Obrist 7/22/15
Django CMS 3.1.2 Performance Issue Austin Hulak 7/9/15
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Plugin front-end editing suggestion Anton Naumenko 6/23/15
static_placeholder 404 not found in admin Jonathan Diaz 6/18/15
attempt to write a readonly database Carlos Obregón 6/17/15
How to push changes Django cms from local to prod. Chuck James 6/4/15
MySQL connector yakky 5/8/15
Running tests with a predictive ecosystem 5/4/15
CMS Filer Plugin Gallery Daniele Procida 5/3/15
Django CMS Meetup Ryan Stalbow 4/20/15
django CMS 3.1 Beta 1 yakky 4/18/15
The django CMS Network Daniele Procida 4/2/15
Browser support Damir Arbula 3/19/15
Core developer team notes, 12th March 2015 Daniele Procida 3/13/15
Django CMS 3.0.11 Released! Martin Koistinen 3/11/15
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