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More docs and example code for the VL53L0X LIDAR sensor wholder 5:35 AM
I2C question Ted Meyers 8/20/16
My AVC Rover Lineup JesseJay 8/13/16
My Classic AVC Bot Maxx JesseJay 8/10/16
Another way of localizing on instrumented tracks Jon Watte 8/6/16
syren 25 Ted Meyers 8/6/16
LIDAR on a chip ... Jon Russell 8/5/16
My Second Rover for AVC and request for help JesseJay 7/25/16
JRover Razor Wire JesseJay 7/20/16
APM 2.6 and MPU6000 gyro - any custom firmware out there for this? JP B 7/18/16
New ST VL53L0X LIDAR IC Now Available at Mouser wholder 7/17/16
New Blogpost with details of JRover Razor Wire JesseJay 7/7/16
AVC Classic course Ted Meyers 7/5/16
A+PRS updates JesseJay 6/24/16
Autonomus vehicle track day Ted Meyers 6/2/16
ROS Rover? JesseJay 5/22/16
Powersliding Rover using ROS JesseJay 5/22/16
A+PRS - under budget...? Michael Shimniok 5/21/16
rogallo wing updates Ted Meyers 5/21/16
Just curious whether anybody is interested in this here ... Thomas Roell 5/16/16
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