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ROS Rover? JesseJay 5/22/16
Powersliding Rover using ROS JesseJay 5/22/16
A+PRS - under budget...? Michael Shimniok 5/21/16
rogallo wing updates Ted Meyers 5/21/16
Just curious whether anybody is interested in this here ... Thomas Roell 5/16/16
A+PRS project JesseJay 5/10/16
Fwd: Re: [PPPRS] Questions about the $500 budget for a A+PRS JesseJay 5/8/16
My A+PRS project Ted Meyers 5/8/16
AVC registration is open!!!! Ted Meyers 5/4/16
Think this is legal for A+PRS Michael Stephens 4/30/16
Anyone used the Cypress "PSoC" ARMs? Jon Watte 4/23/16
Self Racing Cars Jon Watte 4/22/16
UWB Ranging with the DecaWave DWM1000 - Part II wholder 4/22/16
Farmers Reap New Tools From Their Own High-Tech Tinkering wholder 4/20/16
Off-board quadralature decoding ColinC 4/19/16
Scanning Lidar JesseJay 3/21/16
Some AVC rules up JesseJay 3/21/16
UWB Ranging with the DecaWave DWM1000 wholder 3/10/16
How to debug an autonomous vehicle Andy Grove 3/8/16
Sparkfun AVC 2016 - Power Racing Series Rich B (Roadrunner) 2/23/16
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