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Remote telemetry Jon Watte 2/4/16
Intro & post-mortem of my 2015 performance Andy Grove 1/30/16
New LIDAR Chip from ST wholder 1/19/16
New 9-Axis Fusion Module from Microchip wholder 1/13/16
Some AVC2015 source code Thomas Roell 12/17/15
Another controller Jon Watte 11/16/15
AVC international Minuteman 11/1/15
Fixing compass problem with BNO-055 wholder 10/27/15
Autonomous Drifting DeLorean wholder 10/26/15
Off-board quadralature decoding ColinC 10/15/15
Max21100 gone so soon? ColinC 10/5/15
Strange bug in arduino Ted Meyers 9/13/15
Nice little $5 auxiliary processor board ColinC 9/9/15
GPS question ... Jon Russell 7/18/15
AVC recap video posted Minuteman 7/13/15
GPS, finally Minuteman 7/10/15
Post mortem wholder 7/5/15
Hey ColinC 7/5/15
Bosch BNO055 Intelligent 9-Axis Absolute Orientation Sensor wholder 7/1/15
JRover Maxx on board videos from AVC JesseJay 6/29/15
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