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Article about carputer JesseJay 6/7/17
Another simple navigation algoritm ! RP6conrad 6/6/17
Do I have to leave my own group?? JesseJay 5/31/17
Lidar Ted Meyers 5/29/17
AVC Update Rich B (Roadrunner) 5/21/17
Simple Pure Pursuit navigation algorithm Ted Meyers 5/17/17
AVC Obstacles Ted Meyers 5/16/17
Let's kick this up a notch! (video/images wanted) Jon Watte 5/15/17
Autonomous Electric Go-Kart Build Ted Meyers 5/6/17
Onyx sighting Ted Meyers 5/6/17
Interesting RTK info and new product JesseJay 5/3/17
AVC Rules are Up! Ted Meyers 5/2/17
More AVC Info Ted Meyers 4/14/17
Openmv cam & Rover race (@diyrobocars) Michael Shimniok 4/4/17
AVC 2017, Oct 14-15 Minuteman 3/21/17
another interesting site Ted Meyers 3/19/17
Podcast on AI JesseJay 3/19/17
APM 2.6 and MPU6000 gyro - any custom firmware out there for this? JP B 3/12/17
New Nvidia TX2 JesseJay 3/9/17
AVC 2017 - any news or update? Rich B (Roadrunner) 3/9/17
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