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New JRover board JesseJay 1/14/18
DIY Robocars Midwest JesseJay 1/14/18
Bosch BNO055 Intelligent 9-Axis Absolute Orientation Sensor wholder 1/1/18
Autonomous rover with no programming JesseJay 12/7/17
More docs and example code for the VL53L0X LIDAR sensor wholder 11/21/17
Sparkfun has 11% off sensors JesseJay 11/12/17
Videos of my Logistics Rover from AVC 2017 JesseJay 10/23/17
Chassis Ted Meyers 10/22/17
AVC videos JesseJay 10/20/17
AVC Ted Meyers 10/17/17
Race day coming up! Jon Watte 10/16/17
Magnetic Quadrature using Multipole Magnets wholder 10/10/17
AVC update JesseJay 9/14/17
VL53L0x naive usage Jean-Daniel Nicoud 9/10/17
Firgelli LAC Ted Meyers 8/31/17
Openmv cam & Rover race (@diyrobocars) Michael Shimniok 8/13/17
What's a good sensored 4082 brushless motor? Jon Watte 8/13/17
Sparkfun AVC JesseJay 8/6/17
New short range radar JesseJay 8/1/17
Article about carputer JesseJay 6/7/17
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