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My diy GPS-rover RP6conrad 12/23/16
Facebook Group JesseJay 12/13/16
Motors Ted Meyers 12/11/16
yet another VL53L0X board Gil S 12/11/16
RTK Gps JesseJay 12/2/16
Powersliding Rover using ROS JesseJay 11/29/16
Relay Switching Noise Ted Meyers 11/29/16
New VL53L0X Breakout from Adafruit wholder 11/23/16
More docs and example code for the VL53L0X LIDAR sensor wholder 11/19/16
Demise of 3D Robotics Minuteman 10/18/16
AVC Videos JesseJay 10/2/16
2016 AVC results Ted Meyers 9/21/16
So, how was the class AVC course this year? wholder 9/19/16
Good luck this weekend boys and girls .. Jon Russell 9/17/16
Sparkfun AVC JesseJay 9/14/16
Jumping on the CAN bus ColinC 9/12/16
An interesting arduino point to consider Ted Meyers 9/7/16
Wifi and bluetooth and dual core, for $6.95 Jon Watte 9/6/16
Motor noise interfering with ultrasonic sensors Andy Grove 9/4/16
I2C question Ted Meyers 8/26/16
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