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Non-Platinum Electrophoresis Electrodes That Don't Degrade Josiah Zayner 12:58 AM
Plasmid Sharing CoreyHowe 5/26/18
Kluyveromyces lactis - Anyone currently working with the yeast Andreas "Mega" Stuermer 5/26/18
The thought emporium and plants Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 5/23/18
Another cold case arrest based on genealogy Abizar Lakdawalla 5/21/18
"Theranos, CEO Holmes, and Former President Balwani Charged With Massive Fraud" Jonathan Cline 5/20/18
Apply by 20 May for Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2018, 10-13 Oct 2018 in Shenzhen, China Jenny Molloy 5/16/18
DIYbio in Buffalo, NY Jordan 5/16/18
Opentrons OT-2 release Koeng 5/15/18
London Biolab talk 21st May 6pm Thomas Meany 5/15/18
Current Research Being Performed at DIYbio Labs Christopher Monaco 5/10/18
HIRING: Genspace + BUGGS + BioCurious Daniel Grushkin 5/8/18
Illumina HiSeq 2000 obsolescence / salvage market : worth it? Ben Hunt 5/7/18
General mtDNA extraction difficulty Reginald Smith 5/4/18
Biohack The Planet 2018 - August 31 & September 1 - Oakland, CA Josiah Zayner 5/3/18
How Many People have sent samples to GED Match or something similar Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 5/3/18
Anybody seen NOVA Wonders episode Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 5/3/18
patents John Griessen 5/3/18
Biohacker snake-oil fraudster Aaron Traywick Jonathan Cline 5/3/18
HV Power Source Cory J. Geesaman 5/3/18
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