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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Sourdough from Candida? ­­Alex P 5:46 AM
Genome Compiler - Updated Coloning Wizard technologiclee 11/24/15
Multiplexed crispr genome editing Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 11/24/15
low-cost, accurate incubator and other DIYbio work in Phoenix, AZ stacey k 11/23/15
DNA synthesis at 10 cents per letter technologiclee 11/23/15
Article in Guardian Roninlaw 11/22/15
Local group in Turkey A, Hayriye 11/22/15
Is synbio vanillin really more sustainable than pure-syn sources? Nathan McCorkle 11/22/15
Designer Proteins Nick R 11/21/15
Conductivity measurements with Bipolar Pulse Markos 11/21/15
Plant Kozaks from a Cloning Perspective Sebastian 11/21/15
Personal opinions about Biohacking Kay 11/20/15
Neuro Hacking Assembly at 32C3 mlp 11/19/15
Looking to collaborate, to create an open source bio lab in Wales UK Stuart Sumner-Smith 11/18/15
IndieBio's Applications for $250k funding package per startup open now! Biotech Ryan 11/17/15
Gibson vs SLiCE (single part recommendations) Koeng 11/17/15
Tillandsia usneoides tissue culture and transforamtion Nico B. 11/17/15
Bio hackers in New Delhi Ujjwal Thaakar 11/17/15
Synthetic biology in Rhodobacter: what a great fun BraveScience 11/17/15
experiences on contributing to DIY bio communities as a social scientist / non-STEM person? Bue Thastum 11/16/15
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