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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Status/purpose of Ilya Levantis 7:15 AM
LECIS - Standard for lab automation Markos 6:40 AM
Political work: DIYbio vs. "alternative 'medicine'" Open BioLab Graz 5:59 AM
Perth (Australia) Group Benedict 2/10/16
Amino bio Koeng 2/10/16
brewing parts for bioreactors? John Griessen 2/9/16
Total noob Gabriel Jaramillo 2/9/16
Mosquito Jonathan Cline 2/9/16
What's wrong with open source PCRs Ujjwal Thaakar 2/8/16
Deleting comments is a fallacy Nathan McCorkle 2/8/16
Trying to save Freeside Atlanta's bio lab Nathan Burnham 2/8/16
Anyone have a method of synthesizing thermococcus gammatolerans? Finn Daffron 2/8/16
Re: [DIYbio] Abridged summary of - 6 updates in 4 topics RobbG 2/8/16 masoud hasany 2/8/16
Downloading JoVE videos? Patrik D'haeseleer 2/7/16
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Kalem Tysick 2/6/16
mini-symposium on Gene Editing, Art and Ethics in Irvine.... and no biohackers are there? Marc Dusseiller 2/4/16
Paper Request: Springer/ Nico B. 2/2/16
Interactive BioHacker Chat, Graduate School a good idea? Tonight, Monday Feb. 1st at 6PM PST Josiah Zayner 2/2/16
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