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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Room temperature competent cells Koeng 8/26/16
Building a Biohackspace in Munich at TECHFEST Hackathon - Free travel and free tickets Jérôme Lutz 8/26/16
DIYbio in Heidelberg, Germany ukitel 8/23/16
Thermocyclers and Pipettes for sale Avery 8/23/16
Does NEB send to private individuals? Towa 8/22/16
Agarose gel DNA dye Sina Amoor Pour 8/22/16
Eppendorf 5415 centrifuge: How to remove the rotor? jarlemag 8/20/16
DIYbio events for the week of August 21 balduino 8/19/16
CS201 Guess paper VU Nawab Riaz Ali 8/19/16
What are you working on? Michael Flynn 8/19/16
Spare pOpen Taq plasmids anyone? Open BioLab Graz 8/16/16
Help Fix an Invitrogen Blue Light Transilluminator 8/16/16
Non-Platinum Electrophoresis Electrodes That Don't Degrade Josiah Zayner 8/14/16
DIYbio events for the week of August 14 balduino 8/14/16
UK: Where to Buy / Order Custom Primers / Oligos as a Private Individual? Michael S 8/14/16
Stab cultures Koeng 8/12/16
Biosurveillance workshop Berlin Aug 18 & 19 Heather 8/12/16
low cost bacterial non-salty electroporator proposal John Griessen 8/12/16
Perth (Australia) Group Benedict 8/12/16
Re: [DIYbio] Re: Hi, I am from Taipei, Taiwan. tashou 8/12/16
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