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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Please add as a Local group in RTP, NC to the Local page of Mike Lisanke 10/3/15
Winnipeg, MB meetup group Vani Umadat 10/3/15
DIYbio Hall of Fame Kevin Chen 10/2/15
Re: Nathan McCorkle 10/2/15
automated liquid delivery to a petri dish Carlos Castellanos 10/1/15
Fwd: A long needed resource Nathan McCorkle 10/1/15
new mailing list for DIYbio educational outreach Patrik D'haeseleer 9/30/15
perfect biohacker can Pieter 9/30/15
We/Make'15 festival BCN Lorène Garcia 9/29/15
Hoefer DNA Fluorometer TKO-100 tear down and schematic Graham Wideman 9/29/15
SV40 LT temperature sensitive plasmid, is it available? Eoghainin O hAinmhire 9/28/15
Anyone at iGEM? Sebastian 9/27/15
Seeking manual for Hoefer Fluorometer Graham Wideman 9/23/15
Seeking manual for an older model thermocycler Zeb Haradon 9/23/15
Support OpenSNP on Patreon! Cathal (Phone) 9/23/15
Storing Photobacterium Phosporeum SMJW 9/22/15
Is science more important than economics? social econ 9/21/15
Re: [New post] Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V for DNA Nathan McCorkle 9/20/15
How to start with DIY bio? Oliver Hankeln 9/20/15
Re: [CCL] The Bold Italic: Go Ahead—Eat Genetically Modified Food. It’s Not Bad For You. Nathan McCorkle 9/16/15
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