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addQueryParameter encodes value Elisabeth Anderson 2/6/15
Re: [dispatch-scala] Http.shutdown() Needs to Be Called Explicitly? n8han 1/26/15
Http.shutdown() Needs to Be Called Explicitly? Ji ZHANG 1/25/15
Requests Not Honoring Timeout keyboardcat 1/5/15
Request for Terminology: object-functional twist on function currying Brian Maso 12/23/14
Dispatch oauth with Rdio API Daniel Cukier 12/8/14
Http.x Method steffen...@abas.de 12/5/14
Re: [dispatch-scala] [dispatch 0.11.2] Http vs. http n8han 11/21/14
[dispatch 0.11.2] Http vs. http Normen Müller 11/20/14
Posting from an InputStream Paul Butcher 11/4/14
retry for re-authentication Devon Miller 10/18/14
NetworkOnMainThreadException on Android Bassam 10/18/14
xml handler in its own module doug 10/5/14
Scaladoc for dispatch-core Chenye Zhu 8/10/14
Dispatch 0.11.2 released n8han 8/10/14
Socks proxy with Dispatch Tal 7/10/14
example: pickles for json extraction pelagic 6/29/14
building from src pelagic 6/22/14
as.String set character encoding pelagic 6/17/14
Content-Type issue in dispatch 0.11.1 n8han 5/28/14
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