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Strange error when posting a document - a technical issue? Paul Stubbe 3/3/15
Dezi index format change Peter Karman 7/23/14
Moo port Peter Karman 7/22/14
Incremental META information Paul Stubbe 6/13/14
poll: name dezi cli tool Peter Karman 4/28/14
true or defined bug requires updating dependencies Peter Karman 3/2/14
Ruby client 1.1.0 released Peter Karman 3/1/14
0.2.12 released Peter Karman 2/27/14
Non-Intuïtive Results during the demo with the Dezi-UI Example with Reuters data Paul Stubbe 10/29/13
incremental index 9/4/13
Search Term Cloud Paul Stubbe 4/8/13
multiple indexes Paul Stubbe 3/6/13
[ANNOUNCE] 0.2.10 release Peter Karman 2/12/13
[ANNOUNCE] releases Peter Karman 2/6/13
[RFC] Ruby client Peter Karman 1/14/13
RFC: dezi-for-wordpress Peter Karman 10/22/12
[ANNOUNCE] version 0.2.4 released Peter Karman 10/17/12
[ANNOUNCE] Dezi 0.2.2 released Peter Karman 9/13/12
Dezi 0.1.8 released Peter Karman 9/3/12
[ANNOUNCE] dezi php client 0.1.1 available Peter Karman 8/24/12
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