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Re: Abridged summary of - 3 updates in 1 topic Chad Q 3/5/18
recommendation for any good read/book to understand agile methodology Pratik Bandarkar 3/4/18
K8s e DEIS Workflow (problema a atender pedidos vindos atraves de um endereco externo *CNAME records) Claudio Teixeira 12/22/17
AWS port settings can not connect to Cassandra node public ip address connection failed Henry Hottelet 12/14/17
What is the best approach in deploying a ruby based application with nginx Maneesh M P 12/10/17
Case Study Hemant Wanjari 11/28/17
Python Scripting in Devops neha r 9/21/17
CD Summit & Jenkins Days Fall Line Up Jared@DevOps 9/19/17
The DevOps Checklist - a simple list for measuring your transformation journey Steve Pereira 9/19/17
Outthentic – quick way to develop user scenarios Alexey Melezhik 2/10/17
[ANN] DevOpsDays Berlin on November 16th and 17th Ingmar Krusch 11/2/16
different examples for AppSpecific file in AWS code deploy 9/26/16
platform change (Oracle-Dba to Dev-Ops) venu gopal krishna 9/13/16
Running ansible playbook in AWS EC2 instance using Jenkins Job from a local PC using ssh-agent Raj Boruah 8/11/16
Bitbucket mastinder 4/22/16
About DevOps certification Pavan Tuptewar 4/22/16
DevOps in CS education Manuel Pais 3/3/16
DevOps Days Lisbon later this year? Manuel Pais 2/19/16
Announcing DevOpsDays Austin 2016 - now with hackathon! Ernest Mueller 2/18/16
DevOpsDay LA - Jan 22 at Pasadena Convention Center Ilan Rabinovitch 1/10/16
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