Community Device Labs

What is this Google Group for?

Anyone starting a community device lab is going to face a common set of challenges. For example:
And many, many more questions. 

This group was set up so that we can share what is working and what isn’t working. So the people building labs in different communities across the globe can seek assistance from other people tackling similar problems.

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USB Charging Solutions Jason Grigsby 10/16/14
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Open Device Lab at Droplabs in Los Angeles, California Christefano 8/3/13
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Puerto Rico ODL ... the bumpy road thus far... Jorge Morales (Puerto Rico ODL) 5/23/13
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What's going on in Bangkok 2/21/13
Standard things to solve when opening/running a device lab marc thiele 2/18/13
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ODL Launch Andrea Crevola 1/21/13
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