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my ip is high risk? 8/21/15
10000 f#@& year 8/13/15
Cant insert the URL my Deviantart to my profile 8/12/15
Can anyone explain to me why i was banned? 8/7/15
Why the hell was I banned? 7/31/15
My IP address is flagged high risk please help me. pagan 7/8/15
mi ip is flagged as high-risk, help plz. chris fierro 7/7/15
SHA512 hash is wrong for some images 7/2/15
Re: [derpibooru-discuss] help on the phone jspenguin 6/29/15
Ban Repeal for months old ban 6/5/15
so you banned me... 5/30/15
Hi, I havn't been able to comment or upvote due to High risk IP on my main home IP adress 5/28/15
hi, mi ip has been flagged as high-risk, why did this happen? did i did something wrong? chris fierro 5/2/15
High risk fllagged TheGoldDJ1 4/26/15
Supposed Ban Evasion Ban 4/14/15
Ban defense (GERgta, banned for non-pony scat picture) GERgta 4/12/15
Banned 3/31/15
High Risk status on Derpibooru mobilemorph 3/28/15
IP is listed at high-risk. 2/11/15
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