Dependency Check

Dependency-check is a utility that identifies project dependencies and checks if there are any known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities. Currently Java, .NET, and Python projects are supported. This tool can be part of a solution to the OWASP Top 10 2013 A9 - Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities.

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OWASP dependency-check 1.3.3 released! Jeremy Long 12/15/15
OWASP dependency-check 1.3.1 Released! Jeremy Long 9/21/15
dependency-check 1.3.0 released! Jeremy Long 8/5/15
dependency-check 1.2.11 released! Jeremy Long 5/13/15
dependency-check 1.2.10 released! Jeremy Long 4/13/15
dependency-check 1.2.9 released Jeremy Long 3/7/15
dependency-check 1.2.8 released! Jeremy Long 12/28/14
dependency-check 1.2.7 released! Jeremy Long 12/9/14
dependency-check 1.2.6 released! Jeremy Long 11/17/14
dependency-check 1.2.5 released Jeremy Long 9/17/14
dependency-check 1.2.3 released Jeremy Long 6/28/14
dependency-check 1.2.1 released Jeremy Long 5/10/14
dependency-check 1.2.0 released Jeremy Long 4/29/14
dependency-check-1.1.4 released Jeremy Long 3/31/14
dependency-check 1.1.3 released Jeremy Long 3/11/14
dependency-check 1.1.2 released Jeremy Long 3/4/14
dependency-check 1.0.8 released Jeremy Long 2/10/14
dependency-check 1.1.1 released Jeremy Long 1/30/14
dependency-check v1.0.7 released Jeremy Long 1/12/14
dependency-check version 1.0.2 released Jeremy Long 9/3/13
dependency-check 1.0.1 Jeremy Long 8/10/13
Where's the local cache for the maven plugin? 2/6/16
Error: Ruby Bundle Audit Analyzer Travis Schack 2/3/16
Error related to Dependency Check Kalyan K 12/28/15
Unable to download the NVD CVE data AND No Documents exist error vinay kumar Singu 12/25/15
Is there a way to "add" a rule? Jim Sellers 11/23/15
Using Dependency-check maven for projects build using Maven 2.X Sai Prashanth Naidu 11/22/15
Pls Help Issue Using Owasp dependency check Maven Plugin 1.3.1 :Apache Maven 2.2.1 Barath Subramaniam 11/22/15
Analyser Defaults (Maven) Anthony Whitford 11/22/15
OWASP dependency-check Question Jeremy Long 10/12/15
Dependency-Check Plugin for SonarQube v1.0.1 Released Steve Springett 10/11/15
Matching mechanism Raoul Gheletus 10/9/15
support for other languages Lukas Kahwe Smith 10/3/15
Gradle dependencyCheck: Only check dependencies that are used in the app (skip test "scope")? Bram 9/30/15
Runtime Performance Observations Anthony Whitford 9/9/15
error during analysis Tim Webster 8/29/15
Version of freetype.dll ??? Sherrill Neese 8/24/15
Gradle plugin configuration Vít Šesták 8/17/15
$cpeSort / $enc.html($mavenlink.value) cannot be resolved Jim Sellers 8/7/15
Proper setup for a corporate parent pom? Jim Sellers 7/30/15
Running the dependency-check twice Dr Paul 7/29/15
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