Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Uberclock communcations Walter Brokowski 11:15 AM
Free printed parts for Mini Kossel Johann 10:45 AM
What's your favorite U-joint design? Ryan Carlyle 8:21 AM
Deltaprintr Open Source files now available! Shai 12:58 AM
Metal carts for 40x40mm extrusion Cerberus printer ? Dimitri Modderman 5/26/15
OpenSCAD Delta Simulator PRZ 5/26/15
Kossel frame calculator ( Johann 5/26/15
Visual mini Kossel calculator Jay Couture 5/26/15
Delta Calculator Jose Starsky Naya Lara 5/25/15
RepRapPro's new delta printer kit David Crocker 5/24/15
Linux users Walter Brokowski 5/24/15
Smoothieware reaching critical mass? Arthur Emerson 5/24/15
New Testing Branch of RC's Autocalbration firmware RichieC 5/24/15
Movement correct when homing, reverses afterwards David S 5/23/15
motor speed normal one way slow coming back Gary burke 5/23/15
Effector based upon design of Haydn Huntley Ultibrain 5/23/15
Is anyone interested in inexpensive parts for zero backlash magnetic ball and socket joints? Haydn Huntley 5/23/15
Newbie Print Settings Help Ryan Fritts 5/22/15
desining a big DElta Jose Starsky Naya Lara 5/22/15
Would acrylic carts work for a 40x40mm extrusion Cerberus ? Dimitri Modderman 5/22/15
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