Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Going from ramps/marlin to smoothieboard and smoothieware. Almost done but some lingering questions... joe k 7:21 PM
Diagnosing layer shifting Anne Archibald 11:50 AM
What happened to Johann Rocholl? Scott Briggs 11:48 AM
3D Printer Fire Safety Ian Lee, Sr. 11:01 AM
Linear Rails Joel Beskow 8/29/16
Weird sound on extruder motor Pedro Cella 8/29/16
New Testing Branch of RC's Autocalbration firmware RichieC 8/29/16
Anyone using Microsoft's Windows 10 3D printing app? Matt Larson 8/28/16
I started a Discord server for 3D Printing real time chat Brian Gilbert 8/28/16
Duet WiFi now in production David Crocker 8/27/16
1KG PLA for $11 Shai 8/25/16
Kossel mini Build log Walter Brokowski 8/25/16
Testing out a new print surface, Filaprint Lykle Schepers 8/24/16
Fast survey on filaments 8/24/16
Kossel 250 will not extrude jef m 8/24/16
Rostock Mini frame DXF scale Dimitris Zervas 8/23/16
Wiring SSR with heat bed Richard 8/20/16
Nema 14 extruder Javier Prieto 8/20/16
Good bed designs (NOT surface) Anne Archibald 8/19/16
Motor mount temo 8/18/16
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