Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Slic3r not making solid top layers Vishnof Jones 1:11 AM
opinion on this delta Franco Ponticelli 10/9/15
Filament now $19 per 1KG Shai 10/9/15
Is anyone interested in inexpensive parts for zero backlash magnetic ball and socket joints? Haydn Huntley 10/9/15
3D Printed Stainless Direct Extruder + Magnetic Carriage Experiment Nick Foley 10/9/15
New design: boxed delta printer 'D-box' PRZ 10/9/15
wireprint - perfect for the deltabot GRB352 10/8/15
Help trying to dial in that last 5% print quality Tim Mullen 10/8/15
powerSTEP01 - System-in-package integrating microstepping controller and 10A power MOSFETs JohnnyInBrisbane 10/8/15
How to adjust for new bed leveling probe? Vishnof Jones 10/7/15
RADDS Servos GRB352 10/7/15
Lightweight version of tensioned ball-socket joints (see Tim Jacobsens youtube videos) Tyler Mast 10/7/15
reliable source for hobbed bolts Kurisu M 10/7/15
clock ekaggrat singh kalsi 10/7/15
Introducing the Tesseract Delta Ryan Carlyle 10/6/15
New MakerArm robotic 3d printer, laser engraver and more YN 10/6/15
Android GCodePrintr print control app Simspeed 10/5/15
Replicape Rev B controller board released on Kickstarter Jetguy 10/5/15
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