Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Smoothie endstop and auto calibration troubles 12:51 AM
[Troubleshooting] PLA filament breaks whilst going through direct-drive Bowden extruder Sam Ettinger 6/26/16
Duet WiFi with TMC2660 drivers David Crocker 6/26/16
Slic3r 1.2.9 layer shifting issues warning! archimago2010 6/26/16
Going to upgrade for a smoothieboard and I want auto leveling - how ? Tom Stern 6/26/16
Help with arm lengths please Jay Alicea 6/25/16
Duet crashing mid print Derwent Ready 6/25/16
Thermal runaway false alarms Anne Archibald 6/25/16
Duet hardware development news David Crocker 6/25/16
Fixing crooked towers Anne Archibald 6/25/16
"Always-on" fans Anne Archibald 6/25/16
Is anyone interested in inexpensive parts for zero backlash magnetic ball and socket joints? Haydn Huntley 6/24/16
Getting back to Delta's after 2 years: firmware question Sky Galleries 6/24/16
Backlash in belt Balaji Ramani 6/24/16
Is there really any benefit using a RUMBA instead of RAMPS? RickM 6/23/16
Movement after shutting off power... Jim Mooney 6/23/16
Source for suitable 24V ATX PSU? Brian Gilbert 6/22/16
Conversion from Smoothie-based electronics to Duet WiFi David Martin 6/22/16
Compiling dc42 Firmware for Duet Rob 6/21/16
Kossel mini ignores Z offset in config.g DWC Dougal MacBurnie 6/21/16
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