Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Zesty Nimble: lightweight direct drive extruder 12:55 AM
Bulldog Extruder Joel Beskow 12:35 AM
3D Printer Fire Safety Ian Lee, Sr. 7/30/16
Magnetic Ball Joint Safety Ian Lee, Sr. 7/30/16
Benchmark test or objects? Haydn Huntley 7/30/16
Metal hotend + Delta + Bowden = Unavoidable stringy prints? Joel Beskow 7/30/16
Marlin Thermocouple question Rupin Chheda 7/30/16
DIY LOCOOP Y? Joe Tom Collins 7/30/16
Tall Deltabots short bowden tubes / Project DeltaBuddy GRB352 7/30/16
300mm diameter build area - 1000mm Vertical be ok? r0n_dL 7/29/16
Added two thermistors and one is not reporting the correct temp. Nick Franklin 7/28/16
Auto Level breaks my printer zane aziz 7/28/16
Sparse Extrusion Ian Lee, Sr. 7/28/16
Diagnosing layer shifting Anne Archibald 7/28/16
Beep the speaker After every compile Regin Rodriguez 7/28/16
Kossel mini movement problems m2 7/27/16
Print freezing with Pilot626's Firmware Abram Thau 7/27/16
Nut on Duet Pedro Cella 7/27/16
Using IO Expander to drive additional extruders? Nick Franklin 7/27/16
Whats the most common Kossel extrusion size, 20mm x 20mm????? shane hooper 7/27/16
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