Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Print Quality Question Patrick Bowers 12:04 PM
E3D HOT END heatblock upgrade kit Jack Smith 10:18 AM
Only Y dimensions wrong. Brian K 1:13 AM
Accel and Jerk values Robert Bilbrey 1/21/17
Looking to control/dim LEDs on Duet Wifi Bill Marquette 1/21/17
Tweaks to Reduce Effector Ringing Brandon H 1/21/17
Smoothieware documentation opinions Arthur Wolf 1/21/17
overheating problem please help Shreyank Patel 1/20/17
Parts Sourcing Nota Pipsqueak 1/20/17
Tensioner for Kossel 25000 frame Brandon H 1/20/17
More bowden length or steeper arches? Andreas Desmedt 1/19/17
Anyone interested in a used Kossel Mini (modified) - $450 OBO Steven Rois 1/19/17
Monoprice's $150 Delta Mini? Craig Gardner 1/19/17
Best mounting arrangement for magnetic arms and balls David Crocker 1/18/17
Print fan design Joel Beskow 1/17/17
Heat Bed Temps Incorrect Display - Faulty Thermistor or Control Board? Danny Thompson 1/17/17
BI V2.5 frame and parts for sale Paul Champagne 1/17/17
Updated Woodstock printer (Wood framed Rostock-based) John Pickens 1/15/17
If you had it to do again what rod joints would you use? Wire 1/14/17
Effector tilting away from a single tower Jameson York 1/14/17
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