Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Bad print A. J. M. 4:54 PM
Presentation Alligator Board... a new RepRap Electronics 3DArtists Alligator 4:52 PM
Ramps and external custom buttons? 20Forti 3:50 PM
Is Smoothie a good platform to build on for an ARM based board? Wing Wong 3:39 PM
Printing problem Walter Brokowski 1:55 PM
Polystrooder Tri HotEnd BH 12:30 PM
Square Delta! Ryan Carlyle 11:52 AM
400mm Boro/Alum/Kapton Heat Bed... Brad Norman 11:50 AM
Magnetic Effector for E3DV6 and PG35L Derek Reeves 10:45 AM
Anvil Creation Center BH 9:26 AM
Mount for smoothieboard + pi + camera Flo Ri Han 8:58 AM
Balls for magnetic joint - expensive Raivo 7:54 AM Flying SkyDelta Daniel - 3:55 AM
Suggestions on motors to use for big delta? profeti 3/5/15
Different tower distance Antonio beta 3/5/15
Griffen Delta Build. Asa DeBuck 3/5/15
Azteeg X5 Smoothie Firmware & Deltas Ryan Fritts 3/5/15
Is anyone interested in inexpensive parts for zero backlash magnetic ball and socket joints? Haydn Huntley 3/5/15
Let's get some Smoothies! Imantz 3/4/15
Repetier: Slow and Jerky moves (Cannot speed up) Brian Thompson 3/4/15
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