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Cyclic Garbage collection? Chris Barker 10:00 AM
Creating a shared_ptr from a unique_ptr with custom deleter 9:59 AM
Compiler directives vs options Jeroen Demeyer 5:44 AM
Issue: Line continuation does not bypass through comments in cdef: block Antony Lee 7/26/16
A few improvement ideas Antony Lee 7/25/16
Linting Cython Nelson Liu 7/25/16
Idea for HTML annotation Wolfgang Ulmer 7/24/16
Can't use fused type local variable if function arguments have no fused type lin yenchen 7/24/16
Extension type inheritance Nicolai Mikal Sætran 7/23/16
Regression in cythonize? Björn Dahlgren 7/19/16
Compiler crash when using an enum imported from another pxd Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 7/19/16
PEP 520 -- Preserving Class Attribute Definition Order Stefan Behnel 7/18/16
PEP 487 -- Simpler customisation of class creation Stefan Behnel 7/18/16
cpdef enums can't be shared Guillaume Horel 7/18/16
Possible bug with scoping Alexander Whatley 7/18/16
cython bug tracker is down slonik 7/17/16
Error compiling Cython file: EnumType problem slonik 7/17/16
Cython 0.24.1 released Stefan Behnel 7/15/16
Cannot convert char** to const char** Alexander Whatley 7/14/16
Possibility of using MPICH mpic++ for compilation? Alexander Whatley 7/14/16
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