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Compiler error on Python 3.x when using Docstrings defined in .pxi files Kevin Sheppard 12:04 AM
looking for a cython solution for pure python code in two modules markolopa 2/11/16
Python 3 __text_signature__ Min RK 2/11/16
Save a few spurious clang warnings in the generated code Antony Lee 2/8/16
Accidentaly missing return type declaration in extern void C function Vladimir Bashkardin 2/5/16
Problem with Cython, extern "C" and unresolved external symbol Walter White 2/5/16
Unexpected explicit cast in generated code Nikolaus Rath 2/4/16
cpdef Special Methods of Extension Types Jonatan Bording 2/4/16
Cython and c++ Daniel Burchardt 2/3/16
inlining C code in .pyx files Alexander Kain 2/3/16
Possible ref counting bug (<refcnt 0 at ...>) Valcortez 2/2/16
Generate system include directives? Nikolaus Rath 2/1/16
Inclusion of semaphore.h in generated code Nikolaus Rath 2/1/16
cython, waf and development mode 1/29/16
operator & is called earlier than constructor 1/26/16
Cython3 losed define DLIMPROT in xx.h file Bingo 1/26/16
Suggestion: allow conditional distutils directives Antony Lee 1/25/16
Bug with Typed Memoryview and unicode string type? Marvin 1/24/16
Could we generate .pxd files from .pyx files? Matthew Honnibal 1/24/16
What is the C++ operator& function in Python syntax? Isaac Ge 1/22/16
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