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PyQT executable generated using Cython & cl crashes vayal 5:48 AM
is it possible to pass a python function as c function pointer? Jiajun Huang 1/16/17
GSOC 2017: NumFOCUS will be an umbrella organization Max Linke 1/16/17
when does `__cinit__` been called? Jiajun Huang 1/15/17
Remove metadata from generated cpp 1/15/17
Calling parent cppclass constructors Kiyoshi Masui 1/14/17
Cython 0.25.2 released Robert Bradshaw 1/14/17
Trying and failing to Cythonize a decorated staticmethod Vinay Sajip 1/6/17
Summing over matrix columns in parallel using prange Andrew Hearin 1/5/17
cygdb and cdef David Froger 1/4/17
Exception handling in cython cdef declarations Venkat Raghav Rajagopalan (Raghav RV) 12/28/16
Casting the exception return code raises compile error Venkat Raghav Rajagopalan (Raghav RV) 12/28/16
Setting cdef variables from PyObject properties en masse Serdar Yegulalp 12/27/16
Any more room for optimization? Raphael C 12/27/16
How to process a 2d array efficiently Raphael C 12/27/16
Cython (default) include directories jmd_dk 12/27/16
wrapping function-like macros with generic types 12/25/16
How to make in exe application from C codes generated by Cython using cl compiler on windows 7 jay dee 12/24/16
How to make 2d array fast in cython Raphael C 12/23/16
Cython and Python's __anottations__ dictionary Pedro Algarvio 12/23/16
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