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parallel cython on mac os Sierra (possibly gcc issue) Peter 1:08 AM
Initialization of Python attributes of extension types Jeroen Demeyer 1:07 AM
Universal string conversion to bytes in python2/3 Ian Bell 1:02 AM
Generation of annotation in disabled? Ian Bell 12/17/17
How do you cast an "int" to an "int*" array in a .pyx file? 12/15/17
Problems when debugging Cython code 12/14/17
C attributes cannot be added in implementation part of extension type defined in a pxd Zahra Sheikh 12/14/17
Looking for source code of "spam.c" file used in "Interfacing with External C Code" documentation 12/11/17
Hybrid structs with PyObject * Sjoerd de Vries 12/7/17
Cython C API for C++ extensions with classes, no __pyx_capi__? Ashwin V 12/2/17
uint8_t to np.ndarray 11/29/17
Numpy deprecated API warning Alex L 11/28/17
Re: [cython-users] Using gsl to invert a matrix 11/24/17 optimization? Brock Mendel 11/24/17
Re: [cython-users] Can only create cython.array from pointer or array Stefan Behnel 11/23/17
"unknown type name" when wrapping a self-contained header George Young 11/22/17
Unable to Integrate Cython and Pyinstaller 11/20/17
@cython.cfunc compat with nogil declaration? Brock Mendel 11/19/17
Problem during the binding of a Pascal library with a C struct Vincent Le Saux 11/18/17
Partial memoryviews considered harmful Sjoerd de Vries 11/12/17
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