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cimport breaks in the presence of non-python return types Claudio Freire 12/2/16
pyximport breaks on namespace packages Antony Lee 11/30/16
how to assign struct member values from a python dict Giovanni Torres 11/29/16
Different specializations for input and output fused type Joshua Wilson 11/26/16
Pass std::ostream to C++ function via Cython. Sandra Hicks 11/25/16
wrapping C++ functions that return objects with no default constructor 11/25/16
_import_array error after upgrading Cython Timo Betcke 11/25/16
Error: Recompile with -fpic, but is already in compiler options! Sandra Hicks 11/25/16 for C++ Extension wrapping third party library Sandra Hicks 11/22/16
Cython 0.25.2 Robert Bradshaw 11/21/16
Compilation error with Cdef functions/classes cannot take arbitrary decorators. 11/20/16
Abstract class in Cython Jerry Qi 11/18/16
Help with compiling in Mac Pedro Camargo 11/14/16
Re: [cython-users] embedding many cython modules in C++ project Gabriel Jacobo 11/11/16
.pxd issue for correctly sizing a buffer array Phil Wiggins 11/10/16
New package to help with C++11 things like move semantics. Kevin Thornton 11/9/16
Problems building under mac CyclingNinja 11/3/16
Pass Structure of arrays from cython (python) to C Abdullah Khalifah Muhammad 11/3/16
Cython exerts wanted 10/31/16
Re: [cython-users] Cannot convert 'Rfd *' to Python object Darsh Ranjan 10/31/16
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