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cythonize under py3.6.4 Cannot convert 'basestring' object to bytes implicitly. This is not portable. David Vernon 3:08 AM
Iterating an N-dimensional array Hameer Abbasi 12:43 AM
Call external C library/functions using Cython Peiyao Li 12:41 AM
Memoryview 'DTYPE_t[:, :]' not conformable to memoryview 'DTYPE_t[:, :]' rens holmer 3/15/18
Cython 0.28 beta 1 is available! Stefan Behnel 3/13/18
cclass while keeping dynamic attributes iurly 3/12/18
floating cast different than float pointer cast? Valcortez 3/9/18
"Exporting" variable outside OpenMP thread - checking convergence within prange 3/9/18
General ndim programming Hameer Abbasi 3/3/18
Workaround for creating a numpy array of structs with pointer members t_tauri 3/2/18
IMO wraparound is better than what the doc says about it markolopa 3/1/18
CLASS.__module__ vs FUNCTION.__module__ Sébastien Boisgérault 2/26/18
Compiling Cython to EXE in Windows 2/25/18
IDE Debugging - Possible? Hameer Abbasi 2/24/18
Sending crtl+c to python process result in running full cpu-usage? Hongxin Song 2/24/18
Calling python function module in c++ kushal bhattacharya 2/21/18
Working with PEP484 type annotations and numpy Guilherme Caminha 2/14/18
Mapping C constants into Python namespace Toni Barth 2/10/18
Change of behavior of setuptools Jerome Kieffer 2/6/18
Using LAPACK library for matrix inversion Zahra Sheikh 2/5/18
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