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Reading from C++ stream Allen B. Riddell 8:22 AM
Re: Bringing Cython and PyPy closer together Stefan Behnel 3:24 AM
Cython 0.20 don't speedup with boundscheck(False) Franco Nicolas Bellomo 3/28/15
New Cython API for BLAS and LAPACK merged in SciPy :) Sturla Molden 3/28/15
Cython: Runtime and tutorial books Barrett Brister 3/27/15
Accessing Python long type? Jeroen Demeyer 3/27/15
"yield from" in async.coroutine is hanging async loop - any help appreciated kesipyc 3/26/15
globals() in Cython Jeroen Demeyer 3/26/15
How to deal with Multiple dtype in cython AMAN singh 3/25/15
In 0.22, overwriting base cdef method with except * and then calling base directly makes gcc fail Valcortez 3/25/15
c++ reference is accessed via pointer dereference in 0.22 Stephan 3/25/15
public api in a sub package gary thompson 3/25/15
Linking time is too slow Hai Nguyen 3/24/15
Inconsistent requirement for namespace in .pxd files causing compile errors Curtis M. Faith 3/24/15
Python calling Cython calling C++ calling embedded Python Curtis M. Faith 3/24/15
cython --annotate with compile-time environment variable Pierre Augier 3/24/15
Optimizing iteration on zip objects Antony Lee 3/24/15
installing cython with python3.2 afylot 3/23/15
Cython Memoryviews of Arrays of Structs bugged? Leo 3/23/15
Optimizing generated file size Abhishek Agrawal 3/23/15
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