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Mailing list for the project to build a customer service feedback mobile "app" for Cuyahoga County. See Help build a mobile app/site for Cuyahoga County on the Cleveland Civic Hacking Meetup for background.

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Meeting tonight, 6pm Jeff Schuler 2/10/12
Re: [Cuya-TAP-County-App] Digest for - 25 Messages in 9 Topics Beth 2/7/12
Review, What's next, Launch party! Jeff Schuler 2/1/12
header logo getting cut-off Jeff Schuler 1/28/12
Tomorrow, 3pm at Gypsy Beans Jeff Schuler 1/27/12
Re: Gomez Compatibility Test James Simpson 1/27/12
Tomorrow demo & next meeting Jeff Schuler 1/25/12
Update and follow-up Jeff Schuler 1/27/12
Group conference call tonight, 6pm Jeff Schuler 1/27/12
Updates Jeff Schuler 1/26/12
Alias and Bios Beth 1/23/12
Update - jQuery Mobile Stuart O. Smith, Jr. 1/23/12
link to detecting devices fndtn357 1/20/12
Wiki-Mania on the Cuyahoga County TAP Site ! skorasaurus 1/20/12
unavailable to make it tonight fndtn357 1/20/12
Reminder: Meeting tonight Jeff Schuler 1/19/12
Polished Survey Questions AdamHarvey 1/18/12
Meeting follow-up Jeff Schuler 1/16/12
update - from our Saturday meeting fndtn357 1/14/12
TAP-cuyahoga_2012_01_14 ( skorasaurus 1/14/12
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