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Distro maintainers: pkgconfig nad DataDir patch? Jeffrey Walton 6/8/15
SourceForge admits adding malware to the packages they host Zooko Wilcox-OHearn 6/4/15
Preferred location of Crypto++ sources if migration occurs? Jeffrey Walton 6/3/15
Crypto++ package recompilation for Ubuntu Ilya Bizyaev 6/1/15
Creating an ECDSA signature: can 'r' and/or 's' be zero? Dinis Paes 5/31/15
Cannot link; GCC 5... Ilya Bizyaev 5/28/15
link error lnk1104: cannot open file .....\cryptlib.lib Arun Kumar 5/22/15
c# qt5 c++ Output a different value Brian 5/12/15
Key derivation from password Ilya Bizyaev 5/9/15
System.AccessViolationException Atton Mathews 5/2/15
I need an example of RSA, DES, MD5 or SHA1 Thomas William 5/2/15
.lib file Randy 5/2/15
Safe file encryption Ilya Bizyaev 5/2/15
findind y from x on an elliptic curve JF Jobidon 4/28/15
Security Vulnerability in Crypto++ Jean-Pierre Münch 4/27/15
Compiler performance Gabriel Hackebeil 4/26/15
A Rather Strange Crash Atton Mathews 4/24/15
Possible bug of invalid assembly code Siyuan Ren 4/21/15
git 4/21/15
Crypro++ ECIES compatybility with openSSL David Xanatos 4/18/15
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