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AltiVec, Power8 and Asserts Jeffrey Walton 9/3/17
Crypto++ static library crashed in X64 of Visyal Studio 2017 Kevin C 8/31/17
Storing public key and signature in a database 8/28/17
Enable 16-byte alignment full-time for i386 and x86_64? Jeffrey Walton 8/28/17
New wiki pages Jeffrey Walton 8/26/17
Website back up Jeffrey Walton 8/25/17
CMake in the AppVeyor and Travis testing rotation Jeffrey Walton 8/23/17
-march=native has been removed by default Jeffrey Walton 8/23/17 is no longer downloading. Gary Schneir 8/23/17
VIA Padlock RNG available Jeffrey Walton 8/20/17
Fwd: New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for Cryptopp Jeffrey Walton 8/18/17
Building for iOS is not working Yahel Bouaziz 8/17/17
CPU feature detection code for Apple ARMv8/ARM64 gadgets? Jeffrey Walton 8/17/17
Cut-over to split sources for SIMD implementations Jeffrey Walton 8/17/17
SHACLA2 using Intel SHA instructions Jeffrey Walton 8/16/17
ARMv8 AES encryption, 4x blocks Jeffrey Walton 8/15/17
Linking problem in xcode 8/14/17
Travis iOS testing Jeffrey Walton 8/14/17
SHA::Transform fix checked in Jeffrey Walton 8/13/17
Remove Td table caching and compressed tables from AES Jeffrey Walton 8/13/17
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