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Undefined reference to BufferedTransformation 1/18/18
PR 566, Add interface to TweetNaCl library Jeffrey Walton 1/17/18
Initial testing of NaCl functions Jeffrey Walton 1/15/18
cryptopp-565 unclean build with VS2015 cryptopp/wait.h Andrew Marlow 1/13/18
AIX compilation with g++ Bob Wilkinson 1/12/18
Plans for the next release? Linmao Song 1/7/18
Benchmarks after Meltdown, Spectre and CPU Microcode Updates Jeffrey Walton 1/6/18
Reduce C++03 testing, shift upt to C++11 and 14 Jeffrey Walton 1/6/18
Test - OK to ignore Jeffrey Walton 1/4/18
How to generate AES key if I can't use std::byte since I can't use C++17? 1/4/18
SHA256 examples? What is HashWordType? Jefferson Carpenter 1/2/18
New Coverity Scan available Jeffrey Walton 12/26/17
Dirty compiles and Clang warnings Jeffrey Walton 12/25/17
Any MediaWiki Plugin/Skin/Extension requests? Jeffrey Walton 12/22/17
Upgrading VM to PHP 7.1 Jeffrey Walton 12/21/17
Any plans for Visual Studio 2017? Andrew Marlow 12/21/17
Need to compile cryptopp on windows MSVC without the .asm files Samir Muradov 12/18/17
Blind Signatures Cory Geesaman 12/17/17
Having trouble compiling cryptopp with vs 2013 for x86_64 Freddy Martinez 12/17/17
Trouble linking against libcryptopp.a in Cygwin/MingW64 12/14/17
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