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Missing AlignedAllocate/AlignedDeallocate iOS/ARM64 (was: Crypto++ on iOS) Jeffrey Walton 12/12/16
cryptopp-565 core dumps on solaris 11 with sun compiler in unit tests and benchmarks Andrew Marlow 12/12/16
Update DefaultEncryptor, DefaultEncryptorWithMAC and friends Jeffrey Walton 12/11/16
Deterministic DSA and ECDSA Signatures available Jeffrey Walton 12/11/16
Integer operators for bitwise AND, OR and XOR? Jeffrey Walton 12/6/16
Intel SHA extensions available Jeffrey Walton 12/1/16
Poly1305 available Jeffrey Walton 11/27/16
Why no default feedbackSize for CFB mode? 11/18/16
NASM for Windows ARM builds? Jeffrey Walton 11/17/16
HTTPS Redirection now in effect for Website and Wiki Jeffrey Walton 11/5/16
Crypto 64 bit library produced unresolved external symbols linking errors(LNK2019) for Windows application Lakshmi Chowdam 11/3/16
Fwd: Security issue found in Crypto++ Jeffrey Walton 10/31/16
Crypto++ signature verification failure of X.509 certificate with rsassaPss and sha384 Chris Rhoads 10/31/16
Website updates Jeffrey Walton 10/31/16
Timeless MediaWiki theme Jeffrey Walton 10/30/16
Where should I report security-related issues? Zhaomo Yang 10/29/16
Updating Web Servr and Wiki software Jeffrey Walton 10/29/16
OT: Distrusting New WoSign and StartCom Certificates Jeffrey Walton 10/25/16
PR 326: add DISABLE_CXXFLAGS_OPTIMIZATIONS option Jeffrey Walton 10/25/16
Multiple definitions Abderrahim HAJJI SOUALFI 10/20/16
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