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Fwd: New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for Cryptopp Jeffrey Walton 3/17/17
OS Protected Storage classes? Jeffrey Walton 3/17/17
Problem building and using Crypto++ on Windows (Visual Studio) seekM 3/15/17
Directly saving/loading public/private keys from files fbenhamo 3/15/17
AuthenticatedDecryptionFilter, THROW_EXCEPTION, and the wiki AE example fbenhamo 3/15/17
Striping the library on iOS 3/13/17
Running on iOS 3/13/17
RDRAND and RDSEED benchmark data Jeffrey Walton 3/11/17
RNG Benchmarks and rework of RDRAND/RDSEED Jeffrey Walton 3/9/17
Updated benchmark output Jeffrey Walton 3/8/17
NULL, 0, NULLPTR and nullptr Jeffrey Walton 3/2/17
GCC-7/C++17 Ready Jeffrey Walton 3/1/17
Add nullptr support (Issue 383) Jeffrey Walton 3/1/17
Remove NULL_CHANNEL (Issue 382) Jeffrey Walton 3/1/17
Test namespace within CryptoPP namespace Jeffrey Walton 2/21/17
Crypto++ 5.6.5 Released Jeffrey Walton 2/8/17
VerifierFilter -> SignatureVerificationFilter Jeffrey Walton 2/7/17
SP 800-90A Hash_DRBG available Jeffrey Walton 2/7/17
PR 368: Support for AES-256-CBC with W3C padding scheme Jeffrey Walton 2/6/17
MinGW Maty Blanc 2/2/17
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