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I write this code, I need to release the resources of the 'new HexEncoder()' or 'new StringSink()' ? 6/25/16
Assert failure in Gzip for data longer than 257 bytes David Stevenson 6/23/16
Commit by Root (Commit d21248b995ec2ae0) Jeffrey Walton 6/21/16
Code generation tests on Linux and Unix compatibles Jeffrey Walton 6/20/16
New wiki page on Jeffrey Walton 6/19/16
Wiki is mildly misconfigured... Jeffrey Walton 6/19/16
Cmake and "No rule to make target 'static'. Stop" Jeffrey Walton 6/18/16
Cmake, MSVC and Visual Studio, and X86/X64 Jeffrey Walton 6/18/16
Git development branch cleanup Jeffrey Walton 6/17/16
Delete arm-neon branch Jeffrey Walton 6/17/16
Need MacPorts testers who use GCC Jeffrey Walton 6/17/16
GCC under MacPorts engages -DCRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM Jeffrey Walton 6/15/16
-Wa,--divide option for GNU Assembler Jeffrey Walton 6/15/16
Crypto++ and C++17 support Jeffrey Walton 6/15/16
Integer class hack due to Sun CC Jeffrey Walton 6/15/16
C++11 alignas and Visual Studio 2015 testing Jeffrey Walton 6/14/16
DES encryption and decryption Phanindra Palagummi 6/12/16
Compilation errors building cryptopp 563 on solaris 10 using ancient solarisStudio 12.3 compiler Andrew Marlow 6/8/16
Merge Atomics branch into Master Jeffrey Walton 6/6/16
cryptest.exe f[eature] option? Jeffrey Walton 6/4/16
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