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Successful test results with recent additions. Still need Windows Phone, WIndows Store and MinGW Jeffrey Walton 5/18/17
Block ciphers, modes and 256-bit and 512-bit polynomials? Jeffrey Walton 5/15/17
Question about verification tests failing mike 5/15/17
Threefish is available without Tweaks Jeffrey Walton 5/15/17
New wiki page on Kalyna Jeffrey Walton 5/13/17
Add Filename, Filetime and Comment support to Gzip? Jeffrey Walton 5/12/17
SHA256 release build failing Farukh Sharipov 5/12/17
RFC 1950/Inflator feedback needed Jeffrey Walton 5/10/17
Kalyna block cipher available Jeffrey Walton 5/10/17
I need help compressing and decompressing large files using sources and gzip Aarón CdC 5/10/17
Can someone help me how can I add AESX to Crypto++ library? Mehmet TUFEKCI 5/9/17
Is it possible to add a new algorithm to cryptopp benchmarks? Mehmet TUFEKCI 5/7/17
Calling NIST validated FIPS Crypto++ v5.3 from .NET C# Farukh Sharipov 5/4/17
Block Ciphers and variable block sizes Jeffrey Walton 5/2/17
Hashing passwords 5/1/17
NULL, 0, NULLPTR and nullptr Jeffrey Walton 4/30/17
Crypto++ on Omnet++ Abderrahim HAJJI SOUALFI 4/28/17
Using Cryptopp's Shamir's Secret Sharing to securely divide in memory byte blobs and then disperse the shares over network. Whou Lee 4/28/17
Coredump in cryptest.exe on Solaris 10 Anton Gorev 4/27/17
Typo error. Sergey Petrov 4/27/17
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