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Crypto++ 7.0 released Jeffrey Walton 4/8/18
Chunking a base64 encoded file 4/5/18
Base 64 URL Decoding Wtih Base64Decoder? 4/5/18
Is there any other way to access this group than by having a Google account? 4/3/18
What is EndOfFile? 4/3/18
New wiki page: OpenMP Jeffrey Walton 4/1/18
New wiki page: Scrypt Jeffrey Walton 4/1/18
Disable Travis OS X and iOS tests until Travis infrastructure is fixed Jeffrey Walton 3/31/18
Scrypt is available Jeffrey Walton 3/31/18
Obtaining shared secret as scalar multiplication (continuing GooglePay theme) Миша Винник 3/29/18
KeyDerivationFunction interface Jeffrey Walton 3/29/18
Crypto++ for Google Pay schema Миша Винник 3/28/18
Wiki is down again Constantine Zakharchenko 3/27/18
cryptopp610 compilation issue in Visual Studio 2010 Jeemon Joy 3/27/18
This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Wiki problems (Was: continuing Google Pay theme) Jeffrey Walton 3/27/18
Static Crypto ++ library Ghost Ninja 3/27/18
Trouble verifying ECDSA signature 3/27/18
weird linktime error with cryptopp565 using VS2017 update 3 Andrew Marlow 3/26/18
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