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Building Crypto++ using MinGW under Windows 10 Daniel Karcz 8/1/17
Moving from cryptopp 4.2 to cryptopp 5.6.4 edwin schriek 8/1/17
Migrating from Crypto++ 5.2.1 to Crypto++ 5.6.5 8/1/17
Add OldRandomPool to Crypto++? (Was: Migrating from Crypto++ 5.2.1 to Crypto++ 5.6.5) Jeffrey Walton 8/1/17
Drop specialized MMX and ISSE support Jeffrey Walton 7/31/17
New wiki page: CPU Features and Defines Jeffrey Walton 7/31/17
CRC feature support changes Jeffrey Walton 7/30/17
Fwd: [oss-security] CVE-2017-11671: GCC generates incorrect code for RDRAND/RDSEED intrinsics Jeffrey Walton 7/27/17
Fixing "ERROR: failed to generate sha1rnds4 instruction" (and friends) Jeffrey Walton 7/24/17
Reusing CryptoPP::StringSource object and accumulating message to be hashed Nico 7/24/17
Windows and "error C2872: 'byte' : ambiguous symbol" Jeffrey Walton 7/23/17
New wiki page on Adding a Hash Jeffrey Walton 7/22/17
Merge byte change (::byte → CryptoPP::byte) Jeffrey Walton 7/20/17
New wiki page on std::byte Jeffrey Walton 7/17/17
PR 438: Use ::byte instead of byte Jeffrey Walton 7/16/17
proprietary RSA padding scheme in CryptoPP 5.x 7/15/17
CentOS 7 VM, Python, PHP and Mediawiki update Jeffrey Walton 6/24/17
How to cipher using PANAMA lk009 6/17/17
HKDF example Eloisa Guevara G. 6/8/17
VS2017 support Matthew Thomas 6/7/17
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