Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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How to transfect DNA oligos into cells? Yongming Wang 1/21/17
Generation of transient cells containing the GeCKOv2 library 1/21/17
Cpf1 gRNA expression plasmid Gus McFarlane 1/20/17
Experience with gesicles? Sílvia Barrabés 1/20/17
How do you think the NBT new comments on the NgAgo? wangzainiunai 1/20/17
what is the slicing acceptor sequence used in KO first design xijun song 1/18/17
NgAgo Davide Seruggia 1/17/17
Nextera tagmentation library preparation for GeCKO v2 bioinformatics Devin King 1/17/17
Using wild-type Cas9 with AAVS1-T1 and AAVS1-T2 gRNAs Neuropath 1/16/17
GecKOv2 screen: amount of primers in PCR-II Alice 1/16/17
Comparison of CRISPRi systems Johannes C. Hellmuth 1/16/17
Antibiotic selection after knock in Maria Gockert 1/13/17
In vitro Cas9 digestion / cleavage assay fail 1/13/17
Regarding custom library for genes of interest burnedpooh 1/12/17
PCR of GeCKO gDNA for deep sequencing 1/12/17
PCR1 product Omar aa 1/12/17
Non-integrative Lentiviral plasmid with Cas9 Sílvia Barrabés 1/12/17
Human_GeCKOv2_Library_A and B Mohsen Honarpisheh 1/11/17
GeCKO Human Duplicate Guides for Gene Dario Strbenac 1/11/17
Source for gfp Donor plasmid Sumana 1/10/17
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