Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Genome Engineering Workshop 2018 - Registration is now open! Rhiannon Macrae 4/19/18
Commercial ssODN or dsDNA for HDR template? Katherine Cummins 10:16 AM
CRISPR design and analysis NOT working ? Pablo Antón García 8:38 AM
Survey about gene editing, NGS and gene editing quantification Tess Joensson 5:08 AM
HiSeq sequencing of library PCR material clustering question Dimitri T 4/24/18
Antibodies for lentiMPHv2 Gunjan Kumar 4/24/18
Issues with puromycin selection following transfection of MDA-MB-231 cells with px459 v2 4/24/18
What is PAM proximal and PAM distal? KH 4/23/18
No sgRNA on zebrafish genes, weird. chuanyu guo 4/23/18
cas9 antibody for WB and IF 4/23/18
Off-target analysis 4/19/18
designing gRNA atefe 4/19/18
LentiGuide plasmid with Hygromycin resistance for screening 4/18/18
inducible cas9 transfected into primary cell ruisi wang 4/17/18
xCas9 design Peter Hohenstein 4/17/18
Cas13 sgRNA design Aaron 4/17/18
GECKO V2 one step PCR exact pooling moment Daniel Constantin 4/17/18
CRISPR-X-files 4/16/18
some problems about Lentivirus production 4/16/18
PRC primers for NGS after screening 4/15/18
1 Step PCR for NGS, No bands 4/15/18
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