Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Cheap gDNA extraction 2:14 AM
Overlapping gRNA vipin rawat 1:47 AM
library transformation. Xavi Dolcet 1:29 AM
indel % meaning YAm 3/1/15
Double nickase design tool. Claudia Piovan 3/1/15
Puromycin selection problems with PX459 and PX462 Fei Ann Ran 3/1/15
Is there any bioinformatics tool we can develop in CRISPR/Cas9 area? Junyan Wu 2/26/15
Is there any purifed Cas9 protein commercially available? YYY 2/26/15
Low survival after GFP single cell sort Hanna Kok 2/26/15
Targeted region 2/26/15
Standalone version of CRISPR design tool Hyeon Lee 2/25/15
Functional sgRNA validation for the generation of genetically modified mice PR 2/25/15
Transfection reagent for viral particle production; invitrogen, fegne or Genecpoeia? yoon Lim 2/25/15
GeCKO Cas9 infection he xiaoya 2/25/15
Offtarget CHO cell line Hadi Bayat 2/25/15
Bowtie Indexes for GeCKO v1 and v2 libraries Jon Mortison 2/24/15
AAV CRISPR in vivo in mouse brain Jivan Khlghatyan 2/24/15
Non-targetingsgRNAs Meghana Kulkarni 2/24/15
Ordering oligos for gRNAs that target bottom strand David Tischfield 2/23/15
surveyor assay problem Richard 2/23/15
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