Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Genome Engineering 5.0 Workshop Registration is Open! Rhiannon Macrae 5/7/17
Submit sequence for CRISPR design failed. Boi Chan 8/23/17
hg38 update to CRISPR design tool? Saulius Lukauskas 8/23/17
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Design tool relaunch and plans for BETA design Benjamin Holmes 8/23/17
INDELs outside of sgRNA target site 8/23/17
SAM Cell lines Moli Joshi 8/23/17
SAM system Hung Hồ 8/23/17
which sequencing company is good and cheap for screening ? 8/22/17
Are there any tips in Clonal isolation of cell lines in 96 well plate? 8/22/17
HDR donor question Eric 8/22/17
Spinfection Question for the actual screening protocol Dimitri T 8/21/17
Minimum distance between 2 gRNAs on same strand to achieve cutting? Olli 8/19/17
can I transfect the lentiCRISPR v2 with VSV-G and pCMV-dR8.9 packaging plasmid in 293 K cells? 8/18/17
T7E1 Assay Trouble Varsha Bhargava 8/17/17
screening for a gene KO Deborah Marsh 8/17/17
PCR after genomic DNA extraction prior to Surveyor assay Felix 8/16/17
Cloning guides into pY026 or pY027 8/15/17
IHC with Cas9 antibody Vanessa Y 8/14/17
Vector of CRISPR-Cas9 for protoplast transformation Michy 8/10/17
Cloning into PX458 plasmid Cosmas Giallourakis 8/9/17
Low Barcoded Reads 8/9/17
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