Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Making the gRNA longer to improve nucleofection JP 12:35 AM
Functional sgRNA validation for the generation of genetically modified mice PR 5/5/15
Truncated sgRNAs Miguel Reina 5/5/15
HDR knock-in using Lenti CRISPR Artur Padzik 5/5/15
Transfection/electroporation of Cas9 mRNA and guideRNA Tom 5/5/15
Chromatin immunoprecipitation of dCas9 fusions 5/5/15
Co-transfection of Crispr/cas and dsDNA Liea G 5/5/15
Invitation to Genome Engineering 3.0 Workshop Genome Engineering 3.0 5/5/15
Cloning gRNA into pLSC5 Michael Green 5/5/15
Split Cas9/ pLSC5 5/5/15
Evaluate cleavage efficiency in heterozygous cells. Kiran Nistala 5/5/15
massive cell death after transfection Phil Abbosh 5/4/15
Problem with Surveyor: iPSC vs HEK293T Colette G 5/4/15
Why does it say 500bp when it only takes 250? Cody Kime 5/3/15
Is CRISPR Cas 9 system available for viruses ? Lok Raj Joshi 5/3/15
mouse version of CRISPR/Cas9 Synergistic Activation Mediator (SAM) library Hi Eoon 5/2/15
Deep sequencing question frank 5/2/15
SAM Library amplification primer Ram Ajore 5/1/15
gRNA library and analyze Flyingfrog Tseng 5/1/15
Confirming CRISPR cuts Joel Berletch 5/1/15
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