Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Genome Engineering 5.0 Workshop Registration is Open! Rhiannon Macrae 5/7/17
Protocol for qPCR-based indel detection Davide Seruggia 5:49 PM
Small Molecules to enhance HDR Steven Hansberry 5:46 PM
Question about NGS barcoding (people experienced with NGS, please help answer.) Jacky 3:06 PM
CRISPR mit guide design tool temporarily down Rhiannon Macrae 2:07 PM
Length of sequence on Optimised CRISPR Design Tony Sorial 2:04 PM
Server Error Jasper Chen 2:04 PM
gel extraction for library sequencing 11:17 AM
knockout of several members of a protein family YAm 10:17 AM
fail to detect the knockout by WB after transfection Eric 10/20/17
What are the pros and cons of the various CRISPR delivery methods? 10/20/17
Re: Endura transformation of Addgene GeCKO library Julia Joung 10/18/17
lwaCas13a Aaron 10/18/17
Sequencing Primers 10/17/17
Lenti plasmid handling Chris McDermott-Roe 10/16/17
Library Amplification protocol 10/16/17
clones: mutation detected in gDNA but in cDNA WT Kinga Kosim 10/16/17
multiple SAM sgRNA Aaron 10/14/17
Gecko Library Sequencing Primer for 1st round PCR Sung 10/13/17
Custom sgRNAs for Cas9 mouse Anand Gururajan 10/13/17
Looking for a special genome editing nulease Fengping Dong 10/13/17
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