Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Has anyone succeeded to make gene modification in mouse with the commercial Cas9 from Trilink or PNA 程罡 10:18 AM
Cpf1 gRNA Aaron 6:52 AM
Cas9 with variant PAM sequences Cor 4:52 AM
Concentrating PCR ampliconsfrom GeCKO experiment Deathcrafter 2000 1:46 AM
PCR2 with GECKO vs2 Deathcrafter 2000 1:42 AM
How long for puromycin selection for PX459 in Hek293FT cells? Jerry Xu 10/12/15
modification on lentiCRISPR V2 huhaha 10/12/15
Multiplex gRNA into PX459 KC 10/12/15
Combining GeCKO libA and B Deathcrafter 2000 10/12/15
Should I sequence Gecko lentivirus? Deathcrafter 2000 10/12/15
Deep Sequencing after Lenti-Screen Shawn Johnson 10/12/15
cpf1 Aaron 10/11/15
Surveyor vs T7E1 vs EGxxFP Joe Miano 10/11/15
Targeting more than one locus with loxP sites Joe Miano 10/11/15
Cloning a gRNA into pL-CRISPR.EFS.GFP using the Nature Protocol (doi:10.1038) Daniele Simoneschi 10/10/15
Does eGFP sgRNA targeting in Zhang Cas9-P2A-eGFP constitutive mice lead to loss of Cas9 protein? Shelly Mintz 10/9/15
Life Science Information POrtal Mohammed Iftekhar 10/9/15
Can we use CRISPR for virus gene editing ? Lok Raj Joshi 10/9/15
size of homologous arm for a 150 bp insertion? daydream 10/9/15
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