Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas Systems

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HDR to insert a fluorescent reporter Lucy Brooks 1:32 AM
Require a Donor plasmid for the EMX1 or hROSA26 locus! Fahd Qadir 8/25/16
Library amplification for deep sequencing Jiabiao Hu 8/25/16
lentiCpf1 Aaron 8/25/16
Score 0 for all nickase pairs Benjamin Swedlund 8/25/16
GeCKOv2 CRISPR Library Deep Sequencing Daniele Simoneschi 8/25/16
Is the knockout gRNA library compatible with Cas9 from other sources? Wu Kerui 8/25/16
In vitro transcribed sgRNA on agarose gel - can anyone help me identify these bands? 8/24/16
Big problem for mouse GeCKO v2 Library Deep Sequencing Caiyong Ye 8/24/16
NgAgo Davide Seruggia 8/24/16
ZFN vs CRISPR experience? Neil Stoker 8/23/16
cancer cell line and crisper nour al zayed 8/21/16
Illumina Sequencing of GeCKO Library Riley Cook 8/19/16
multiple isoforms problem Jixin Ding 8/19/16
SpCas9-KRAB vs shRNA Trent Ferguson 8/18/16
dead eSpCas9 Trent Ferguson 8/18/16
Multiple expression of sgRNAs in one lentiviral plasmid Hendrik de Buhr 8/18/16
Transfection of Cas9 mRNA+ sgRNA +ssODN with Nucleofector is the best strategy for tagging in cell ? Ceci T 8/17/16
Questions for CRISPR by fresh user Songbo Qiu 8/17/16
protocol for selecting colonies in pX459 transfected cells 8/16/16
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