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We moved from Google Groups to a self-hosted solution based on Discourse Frank Rousseau 7/16/14
Why CoffeeScript? Terrycloth 7/13/14
Thoughts on the desktop client, and learning from other projects Terrycloth 7/10/14
Hooks on Ben B 7/9/14
[Cozy Cloud] Error after an upgrade Nicolas Delebecque 6/30/14
June 2014: Some news about the Cozy Project Frank Rousseau 6/26/14 website improved Frank Rousseau 6/26/14
échec de l'installation sur Debian Jessie(8) Hum Jesaispas 6/18/14
Gear Secondo - Cozy Cloud raised 1 M$ To Change The World of Personal Data Frank Rousseau 6/11/14
Mailpile release is postponed: what should we do? Frank Rousseau 6/5/14
May 2014: Some news about the Cozy Project Frank Rousseau 6/2/14
Banque CMB Guillaume Boyer 6/2/14
Email Solution for Cozy Dave Cook 5/24/14
Cozy and Docker Frank Rousseau 5/21/14
Problème d'accès synchro webdav (android) Luther Vergerolle 5/15/14
Which hardware to you advise ? JP Morgan 5/10/14
[noob] Meilleur OS pour installation de cozycloud Rakse Haw 5/9/14
Install notes, contacts... elie al nahas 5/7/14
Some Noob Questions Leo Staley 5/5/14
Bookmarks: the future Ben B 5/5/14
Communication and Collaboration Between Users From Different Cozy Instances Terrycloth 5/4/14
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