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    Note that the majority of the people on this list own or manage a coworking space. We're professional colleagues, not a target market, so chat with us instead of marketing to us.

    Please introduce yourself by name, announce your space, and share your website link, but also tell us what is unique about their space, why they decided to start a coworking space, who some of their awesome founding members are and what they do. And then of course ask questions, ask for help, bounce ideas off of us, and help others.This is all meant to be very supportive guidance, and most people take it as such and post again with an awesome introduction.

  4. Other miscellaneous - Then there are other odd messages here and there, like a message from someone at a new coworking space asking if this is the right place to post messages, duplicate messages, messages asking if the first one got through (especially if the first one is still in the moderation queue), and requests to unsubscribe, etc. Those are all addressed directly depending on the message.

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