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Welcome to the support group for Cookie Control by CIVIC.

Please note that this is now the sole method of obtaining free support for Cookie Control. Not because we don't want to help, but because we have paid jobs to do too! That said, we'll be monitoring the group closely and we're pretty good at answering questions quickly.

Please help everyone out by posting questions with as much detail as possible. And if you do solve a question yourself, do share!

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GDPR Compliant Version 8 Of Cookie Control Released Cookie Control Support 5/29/18
Code Examples Mark Steven 5/25/18
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Support for Cookie Control Mark Steven 5/22/12
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Necessary Cookies Inés 6/19/18
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Allow a category without consent Ralpharama 6/18/18
Significant drop in analytics since installing Cookie Control, is explicit consent really necessary? SGC digital 6/14/18
Civic 8.0 not working on IE 11.48 (sometimes) Mislav Tomljanović 6/13/18
About this tool translation Vanya Petkova 6/12/18
Joomla module not picking up site language Jan Misker 6/12/18
Pixel Caffeine and similar plugins - How to block before consent? Pol Cousineau 6/12/18
Possible functionality james hofton 6/12/18
Consent pop up not closing Alex Asigno 6/12/18
Features to increase consent Pol Cousineau 6/12/18
Remove consent overlay once saved Alex Asigno 6/12/18
Facebook Pixel code provided in example is not working TBRN 6/8/18
Unable to configure Joomla! module Nick Kitson 6/8/18
Wordpress plug-in and WPML support Tatu Kulmala 6/7/18
Anyone seen a huge impact on Google Analytics on the Wordpress Plugin? Alistair Mackay 6/7/18
Wordpress Cookie Control 8 display issues Webmaster Blackraven 6/6/18
Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager code is loaded too late - this is not recommended by Google Dragomir Denev 6/5/18
Show the bottom bar on every page load until the user accept or decline the cookies Istvan Kispal 6/4/18
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