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Welcome to the support group for Cookie Control by CIVIC.

Please note that this is now the sole method of obtaining free support for Cookie Control. Not because we don't want to help, but because we have paid jobs to do too! That said, we'll be monitoring the group closely and we're pretty good at answering questions quickly.

Please help everyone out by posting questions with as much detail as possible. And if you do solve a question yourself, do share!

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GDPR Compliant Version 8 Of Cookie Control Released Cookie Control Support 4/18/18
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cookieControl-8.0.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'append' of null Matt Worthington 4/19/18
Cookie Control Div blocks all links that sit under it Kev M 4/18/18
Cookie notice prevents any links from being clickable Matt Worthington 4/17/18
Uncaught ReferenceError: CookieControl is not defined Iain Mars 4/17/18
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Can someone in support get back to me please. Marco B 4/13/18
Plugin deactivating responsive menu Vic Travers 4/12/18
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Version 8 Wordpress Plugin Error Carl Gottlieb 4/2/18
When I run a WAVE scan of my pages, it highlights an issue with the CookieControl code Neil Newman 3/20/18
New paid control, can't get it to work Phil Hollows 3/9/18
Different display on Mobile & Desktop Nicky Thomas 3/8/18
Drupal module & GA code on SSL Charles S 3/7/18
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