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RE: CCA 2016 (Computability and Complexity in Analysis) First call for papers Kreinovich, Vladik 11/22/15
Why is excluded middle called "excluded middle"? Martin Escardo 11/20/15
CCC 2014; postproceedings; call for submission spreen 11/8/15
Workshop on Categorical Logic, Dec 3–4, Stockholm Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine 11/7/15
Logic Colloquium 2016: first announcement Nicola Gambino 11/5/15
MAP 2016 : Call for Participation Assia M 10/2/15
apartness of Dedekind reals Michael Shulman 9/2/15
Jobs at the University of Leeds Nicola Gambino 8/4/15
Fwd: 20th LPAR - Call for Papers Robin Havea 6/18/15
FW: Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference 2015 - Oxford Kreinovich, Vladik 6/2/15
Continuity, Computability, Constructivity 2015; second call for submission spreen 5/21/15
happy birthday to Vladimir Orevkov Kreinovich, Vladik 4/24/15
Visiting Assistant Professorship Bob 4/21/15
RE: Mints memorial conference: information urgently needed Kreinovich, Vladik 4/16/15
Lectureship in Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds Nicola Gambino 4/13/15
Continuity, Computability, Constructivity 2015; call for submission spreen 4/10/15
special interest group in logic and computations Kreinovich, Vladik 3/26/15
FW: conference in memory of Grigory "Grisha" Mints Kreinovich, Vladik 3/25/15
Fwd: Kreisel Kreinovich, Vladik 3/1/15
St. Petersburg Days of Logic and Computability devoted to the memory of Grigory Mints Kreinovich, Vladik 2/7/15
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