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Troelstra's Paradox and Markov's Principle Mark van Atten 12/16/16
Eliminating countable choice in a general way (for instance in the aIVT) frank waaldijk 11/27/16
The approximate intermediate value theorem Michael Shulman 11/24/16
Third Nordic Logic Summer School (NLS) 2017, First Announcement Erik Palmgren 11/18/16
revised exended French version of "Algèbre commutative. Méthodes constructives" Henri Lombardi 11/12/16
Call for Papers: Fifth Workshop on Formal Topology (5WFTop) Milly Maietti 11/5/16
Gleason's Theorem sasander 10/25/16
12-month post-doc in Padova Milly Maietti 10/17/16
Five stages of accepting constructive mathematics Andrej Bauer 10/12/16
Fw: future collaboration with interval folks Kreinovich, Vladik 9/27/16
Two Intermediate notions of disjunction Martín Escardó 9/12/16
Per Martin-Löf in Padova in September Giovanni 8/26/16
Special case of countable choice Martín Hötzel Escardó 7/29/16
position in Mathematical Logic, Universita' di Genova Giuseppe Rosolini 6/16/16
Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations: Deadline Approaching Andrew Swan 6/12/16
In what sense is Tychonoff constructive Andrej Bauer 5/12/16
LC2016: deadline for early registration Nicola Gambino 5/11/16
LC2016: deadlines approaching Nicola Gambino 4/14/16
Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations Andrew Swan 4/7/16
Lectureship in Mathematical Logic, University of Leeds Nicola Gambino 4/5/16
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