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Welcome to the Connected Company email discussion group. Thomas Van der Wal are working on a book, and this email discussion is a private forum for us to share our ideas and drafts in their early stages. It's also a forum for a continuing conversation about best practices in 21st-century business design, strategy and leadership. 


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Re: Connected Company: What is the meanning of "pod"? Dave Gray 4/14/13
Dave Gray: Visions For a Connected Company Praveen 12/10/12
Connected Company about to enter second printing. Dave Gray 10/18/12
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Kicking off public discussion today on LinkedIn. Join us! Dave Gray 9/4/12
Kindle version of The Connected Company is live and available for download! Dave Gray 9/2/12
And perhaps a tweet? Dave Gray 8/31/12
Testimonials Jay Cross 6/11/12
Could use your help -- ramping up marketing for the "Connected Company" book Dave Gray 6/5/12
The Connected Company available for pre-order! Dave Gray 5/12/12
Congrats on the per-order release of "The Connected Company" Praveen 5/1/12
Learning and purpose. Dave Gray 4/30/12
Book subtitle Dave Gray 4/13/12
One more subtitle idea Dave Gray 4/12/12
Fwd: FYI: New infographic on trust Dave Gray 4/5/12
First draft of The Connected Company book Dave Gray 4/5/12
New Book Peter 4/3/12
Blurb for connected company book Dave Gray 3/29/12
Starting Connected Megan Bowe 3/29/12
Change chapter for your review and comments Dave Gray 3/27/12
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