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Wifi Controlled Mains Socket Geoff 11/30/15
New $5 Pi zero's tubular 11/27/15
Prusa heater Michael Wheeler 11/25/15
mbedtls memory footprint bharanee rathna 11/21/15
What do you carry with you every day? Your EDC 11/19/15
Convert the Melbourne Central cone into a VLF antenna to detect SID (Sudden Ionosphere Disturbances) Timothy Devine 11/19/15
Mendel Prusa 3D printer requires a replacement part (to be 3D, printed) andyg (@geekscape) 11/18/15
2x Star Wars Gold Class Tickets Fund Raising Raffle Adric Landman 11/17/15
Kicad module and library generation resources bharanee rathna 11/13/15
Magnets ARE duds! George-Eric Amparis 11/12/15
Anyone wants LED displays? George-Eric Amparis 11/10/15
CSIRO Lab 22 Tours Greg Nash 11/10/15
Commitee Update Nov 2015 Greg Nash 11/10/15
Fwd: Super Sunday Recreation Count is on again this November! Ben Horan 11/7/15
Maker projects - 4 levels of tech art Matthew DeBlock 11/5/15
Will anyone be opening the space tomorrow at any time? (thurs 5th) Tim Eastwood 11/4/15
Unearthed Melbourne - IoT Hackathon for the mining sector Mikey Kailis 10/31/15
Care of equipment / tools ... and reporting breakage / issues andyg (@geekscape) 10/30/15
Mini Make Day Photos Jen Strover 10/29/15
CCHS at Mini Make Day at the Dock John Spencer 10/27/15
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