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Next Saturday, 1st October: Filming/BBQ: Anniversary Dick Smith Electronics "Fun way Into Electronics" books andyg (@geekscape) 5:22 PM
Low cost robot platform Dale Gomes 9/24/16
Atmega256rfr2 XPro and contikiOS João 9/23/16
paid work for artist project travis john 9/22/16
Seeed Studio Special offer PCB 10 pcbs @ $10 Adric Landman 9/20/16
rPi3 compilation issue Brian Gilbert 9/19/16
Secret Door knock kerem sekerci 9/15/16
Heads up- lots of CCHS going to gmail spam folder Toby Wintermute 9/14/16
Model Engineering Expo 9/14/16
acrylic Tim Eastwood 9/13/16
Hacker, Maker, Technology and Futurism Festival open to the whole family.... Rick Giner 9/12/16
CCHS will be closing forever on Wednesday 14th September 2016 Greg Nash 9/10/16
Quadrature encoder troubleshooting Dylan 9/7/16
Another Ray Wu order tubular 9/6/16
the shed is open rbritt 9/5/16
Saturday 3rd Hacking Lauren Shearer 9/4/16
CCHS Annual General Meeting (plus SGM), Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 6:30 pm 5 Kent Lane Hawthorn Greg Nash 9/2/16
Weekend Hacking Session (Saturday, September 24) Adric Landman 8/31/16
Thanks for all who helped out at Mini Maker Day Adric Landman 8/29/16
Hello! Reflow soldering? Jeremiah Rose 8/28/16
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