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Laser Cutter Connectivity Troubleshooting Conor Maher 4/23/18
Free/expensive STM32 devboards with ublox gps chips from near space Michael Wheeler 4/23/18
Adafruit Google AIY voice kit for Rasp Pi 3 - us$16 tubular 4/22/18
MicroPython Meetup - ANZAC day reschedule Matt Trentini 4/17/18
Visiting Sat 21 April Brendan Halliday 4/16/18
Bessie z-axis probe connectors tubular 4/16/18
Black 2mm acrylic tubular 4/16/18
Looking for automatic roller door opener champions tubular 4/16/18
Some help required with 3d printer course Brett Sutton 4/15/18
Re: 3d Printer course Brett Sutton 4/14/18
Position Vacant 4/10/18
RAW IR/NEC IR code to Prontohex Shival Wolf 4/10/18
New floodlight tubular 4/9/18
3d printer course Brett Sutton 4/8/18
CCHS name change Brett Sutton 4/3/18
Large hot glue gun rbritt 4/2/18
Yes we are IN the space rbritt 4/2/18
Bunnings Hawthorn BBQ - Thursday March 29th tubular 3/27/18
black laser is no rbritt 3/27/18
laser cutters - are both working. 3/27/18
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