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CCHS name change Brett Sutton 3/17/18
Review of 3D Printer course Brett Sutton (via Google Drive) 3/16/18
3D Printer Course - Invitation to collaborate Brett Sutton (via Google Drive) 3/16/18
Acrylic restocked tubular 3/13/18
Bunnings Hawthorn BBQ - Thursday March 29th tubular 3/13/18
Free/expensive STM32 devboards with ublox gps chips from near space Michael Wheeler 3/9/18
Small Job on offer in Morrabbin Shane Rogers 3/9/18
Hackaday World Create Day - Sat 17 March, 11-4pm at CCHS tubular 3/8/18
A monday scan rbritt 3/5/18
GM / Holden Manufacturing Auctions Adric Landman 2/27/18
PCB making techniques session - tomorrow Tues 27/2 at 8pm tubular 2/25/18
About Monday passed and CamBam Text Homework rbritt 2/19/18
Samsung CLX-3305FX multi function printer in the back room tubular 2/19/18
3D Printer course starts THIS monday - 3 places left. Brett Sutton 2/16/18
Tinkercad Circuts April Staines 2/13/18
3d printer course post - 3rd times a charm. Brett Sutton 2/12/18
Bessie the Large CNC - Training for CCHS members this Monday night 12/2/18 tubular 2/11/18
Fwd: Are any of your members interested in open source sensor monitoring and display? Secretary CCHS 2/10/18
210x210 heated build plate 2/5/18
Shiny new workholding vice tubular 2/1/18
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