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Tronixlabs order this week. John Spencer 12:23 AM
Bookclub Bob Powers 7/13/14
CCHS MakerBot Cupcake 3D printer (aka FrankenCake) out-of-order andyg (@geekscape) 7/13/14
What vids do we want to see on the new CCHS TVs tubular 7/11/14
Augmented Android now with Google Glass! 0 7/11/14
Eastern Suburbs Hackers Group andyg (@geekscape) 7/11/14
Beaglebone issue not booting from SD Chris Fryer 7/11/14
how to use USBasp progammer, without command line 7/10/14
Screwdriver with "triangular" head andyg (@geekscape) 7/10/14
Node.js on the Arduino Yún | code, circuits, & construction Alec Clews 7/9/14
Mentor needed for handicapped hacker Izzy 7/9/14
Source of Acrylic ajfisher 7/8/14
Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, On July 9-10 Geoff 7/8/14
CCHS Prusa 3D printer is now fix! Geoff 7/8/14
Laptop Linux Upgrades Alec Clews 7/8/14
Laser cutter height capability tubular 7/7/14
3D Printer Component Questions James Denier 7/7/14
air filter to remove 3d printer fumes 7/6/14
Intel Dev Boards James Denier 7/6/14
Eastern Suburbs Hackers Group meet up soon. Chris Fryer 7/5/14
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