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I2c multiple stepper controller/driver for Arduino or Rasbery? Bogdan Bednarczyk 6:30 AM
3d printer course post - 3rd times a charm. Brett Sutton 1/18/18
Yarra trams free community advertising Luke Ditria 1/18/18
Fans Roman Valls 1/18/18
Bunnings BBQ Sunday 14th January 2018 Request for Volunteers. Adric Landman 1/17/18
Lasers rbritt 1/17/18
Bunnings BBQ Brett Sutton 1/8/18
Fwd: Ardunio Secretary CCHS 1/1/18
Welding bay tubular 12/21/17
Is there interest in a Design to 3d print 101 course? Brett Sutton 12/20/17
Research Technician - Internet of Things Jen Strover 12/19/17
60mm steel pipes anyone? Roman Valls 12/17/17
Re: [CCHS] Digest for - 4 updates in 3 topics Brett Sutton 12/17/17
Anybody tomorrow 9th at CCHS? Roman Valls 12/15/17
HQ audio recording Martin N. 12/14/17
We are open early tonite rbritt 12/10/17
Monday rbritt 12/3/17
New member(s) for tomorrow Sunday Roman Valls 12/2/17
CCHS Annual General Election John Spencer 11/28/17
Machine Learning survey for Victorian Government andyg (@geekscape) 11/26/17
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