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Volunteer Role Descriptions Redux Greg Nash 5:19 PM
Call for nominations 0 10/4/15
Debian Mirror Michael Wheeler 10/2/15
Lenovo laptop charger tronixstuff 10/1/15
Proposal to review CCHS Commitee structure for upcoming AGM Greg Nash 10/1/15
FYI: US$99 FPGA/MicroBlaze dev board (Arduino/ChipKit/Pmod-compatible) russm 9/30/15
CCHS Elections! John Spencer 9/30/15
Opening Tonite Monday! rbritt 9/27/15
bricked samsung note 3 sm-n9005, Help! peter zwag 9/26/15
Parallax Hackable Electronic Badge Clae 9/26/15
Fwd: Super Sunday Recreation Count is on again this November! Ben Horan 9/25/15
Bespoke Series 1 Ep 3 Remaking The World? (CCHS is featured 16:30mins into the program) Geoff 9/24/15
MAX7219 and ESP8266 Michael Wheeler 9/23/15
Anyone interested in Project Fernvale? Angus Gratton 9/21/15
Mouser and Digikey orders Jai 9/21/15
post-it notes Holger 9/20/15
Battlebots! Tim Eastwood 9/20/15
Advice on getting started with CNC routing/laser cutting Joshua Spry 9/20/15
SHOWTIME Melb uni rbritt 9/18/15
Saturday opening 9:30am tomorrow Cefiar 9/18/15
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