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Missing Ray Ban glasses Mathew Norman 11:28 AM
Lost: 3 yellow plastic boxes Angus Gratton 4/30/15
Torrenting at Hackerspace Mathew Norman 4/30/15
USB 5v power supply Ryan Ralph 4/29/15
Acquiring tools, material and bits and bops in Melbourne Chinmay Pendharkar 4/29/15
Does the hackerspace or any member have a vaccum pump? Mathew Norman 4/27/15
Unknown Deposit Bob Powers 4/27/15
LaserTag: Hacking the Wowwee Light Strike guns andyg (@geekscape) 4/27/15
Food safe 3d printing? Angus Gratton 4/24/15
How should we spend $500.00 Rob Gannon 4/24/15
Morellitech Darren Freeman 4/23/15
Laser cutter workgroup Gil Poznanski 4/22/15
bulk buy rbritt 4/22/15
Please be mindful when you use the space Geoff 4/20/15
ABC article Ryan Ralph 4/19/15
Reminder: Wiki week starts tomorrow night Angus Gratton 4/16/15
Desk magnifier lamp taken out of use Angus Gratton 4/16/15
Help: is this millable? Brett Sutton 4/15/15
Retro-microprocessor projects andyg (@geekscape) 4/15/15
neopixels, LED wearables. advice and buying in bulk. Luke Bacci 4/15/15
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