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DC power supplies in parallel Toby Wintermute 5:06 PM
LCD clock projector update Antoinette 10/18/17
3D printers at cchs rbritt 10/17/17
Big Boi the 3d printer Luke Ditria 10/16/17
IT auction Luke Ditria 10/11/17
Free Electronics Tools Roboticist Mark 10/9/17
Biennial Synchrotron Open day - This Sunday October 8th 2017 tubular 10/9/17
CCHS 'submarine mode' lighting tubular 10/9/17
Lasers update tubular 10/9/17
Help us build a Vacuum Former, Looking for for a new project? Adric Landman 10/8/17
Arduinos, Insertable Technology, Voice Assistants, Deep Learning & Maker Culture. Rick Giner 10/7/17
Welding bay tubular 10/4/17
Can someone 3d print something for me gg hadid 10/3/17
Laser cutter use and supplies (and a hello) Louise van der Werff 10/2/17
Anyone need a CNC Machine ? Roboticist Mark 10/2/17
CCHS cash box consolidation ("Kitty") tubular 10/1/17
Bunning BBQ Sunday 1st of October Adric Landman 10/1/17
Workshop: Building a self-driving 1/16 scale model car: Every 3rd Wednesday evening andyg (@geekscape) 9/18/17
Can someone 3D print something for me? Holger 9/14/17
Visit Mark Pearson 9/13/17
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