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Show CCHS: My Lightweight Direct Drive 3D Printing Extruder Brian Gilbert 7/26/16
monday opening, 3D printing Nite rbritt 7/25/16
internet at space Tim Eastwood 7/22/16
Ray Wu (WS2812B's etc) order tubular 7/21/16
Re: Commercial List [WAS Re: [CCHS] Introducing evive: ...] Bob Powers 7/20/16
Sausage Sizzle @ Bunnings Collingwood Sunday 14th August Adric Landman 7/20/16
Introducing evive: the best all-in-one embedded toolkit for learning, prototyping & debugging Abhishek Sharma 7/19/16
ETI / EA / Silicon Chip aj 7/15/16
Strange microcontroller UART Issue Bob Powers 7/7/16
3D Printing Needed Rob Gannon 7/5/16
Space opening question James Denier 7/3/16
Intro to Robotics Workshop Sjaak 6/29/16
hydraulic bottle jack Tim Eastwood 6/21/16
Neither Rob or I can make it to the space this evening. Brian Gilbert 6/20/16
25th June - tool fixing day Tim Eastwood 6/13/16
Laser and LED lights in costumes Luke Bacci 6/7/16
ESP8266 with 5V level Tim Eastwood 5/26/16
tonite's CNC nite rbritt 5/22/16
check for this. Brett Sutton 5/19/16
Red USB stick near laser cutter ajfisher 5/18/16
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