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FTAGH: 11.1V 4400mAh Li-Ion batteries (unused) Toby Wintermute 7/5/15
Ruxcon 2015 Final Call For Presentations 7/5/15
Original laser cutter test jobs ajfisher 7/5/15
Please note that the wireless is working! Geoff 7/5/15
Membership renewal George-Eric Amparis 7/5/15
What is going on with the Big CNC Mill? Geoff 7/4/15
honeycomb stuff for laser cutter ajfisher 7/3/15
Door system upgrades John Spencer 7/1/15
Community nursery sale all seedlings $1, big pots $2 Geoff 6/30/15
GCode to set PWM output on a pin? ajfisher 6/29/15
What is going on with the mini CNC Mill? Geoff 6/29/15
PCB design for bluetooth enabled button Nick Hallam 6/29/15
Link to CH341 Driver Michael Wheeler 6/29/15
webcam cv hack with video Matthew DeBlock 6/28/15
Borrow a 24V 100w+ power supply. Anton Todorov 6/27/15
Reminder: Turn off soldering irons when you are finished. John Spencer 6/24/15
Prusa I3 skipping steps Geordie Millar 6/23/15
Packages from the US. Jai 6/21/15
Where to buy thin conductive foam? Angus Gratton 6/20/15
Free (or cheap) circuit simulator software jme 6/20/15
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