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Workshop: Building a self-driving 1/16 scale model car: Every 3rd Wednesday evening andyg (@geekscape) 9/18/17
Can someone 3D print something for me? Holger 9/14/17
Visit Mark Pearson 9/13/17
The next BuzzConf Night features presentations from CCHS community members Rick Giner 9/11/17
Need new nozzle Holger 9/3/17
Parking 9/1/17
12mm lead screws for X and Y? Holger 8/30/17
Automatic Feed 8/24/17
Help us build a Vacuum Former, Looking for for a new project? Adric Landman 8/23/17
Black laser cutter shout out rbritt 8/23/17
Bunning BBQ Sunday 1st of October Adric Landman 8/22/17
Give Away - Wide Format Inkjet Printers Alistair Ferrier 8/20/17
Could I visit CCHS tonight and look around Matt Pattison 8/10/17
Best place to buy LEDs Matt Pattison 8/10/17
Advice about MakerSpaces/HackerSpaces Matt Pattison 8/9/17
Bug in my Op Amp Circuit: please help.. Marco Bresciani 8/8/17
Machine Learning in Medicine, Highlights from Tech XLR8 London Rick Giner 8/6/17
Soldering at Tuesday, the 1. Aug for newcomers? 7/27/17
office chair with lift lever aj 7/25/17
blue laser rbritt 7/18/17
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