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Computer Repair? Alicia 8:19 AM
Member-only Sessions Clarification Kamal Advani 6:03 AM
Surface mount soldering help 5:46 AM
Looking for Nixie tubes Anthony French 4/23/14
Laser Engraver directions hearing Lauren Shearer 4/23/14
REAL 3D printed houses? Alec Clews 4/23/14
Band saw is out of action Geoff 4/22/14
Startup Weekend Melbourne Women - Call for hackers April Staines 4/22/14
Masters Fundraising BBQ - Saturday April 26th (ANZAC weekend), hawthorn east - call for helpers tubular 4/22/14
Next step in PCB design / Fabrication (CnC, Etch, other?) Lauren Shearer 4/21/14
Can someone open up tonight blackboshy 4/20/14
VT100 replacement keys Jai 4/20/14
The side door is now working again :-) Geoff 4/20/14
Laser Cutter fault light - water pump noisy bearings Gavin Jackson 4/20/14
Re: [CCHS] Laser cutter issues Darren Freeman 4/20/14
Side door out of action Lauren Shearer 4/19/14
Printer not reaching temp Taylor Schmid 4/17/14
making your own filament 4/17/14
Opening times: This Saturday (Easter) ... after 10 am andyg (@geekscape) 4/16/14
Bluetooth Low Energy this Thursday Angus Gratton 4/16/14
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