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blue laser rbritt 7/18/17
New development in Extruder-Hot-End ? Bogdan Bednarczyk 7/13/17
Wednesday evening session (2017-07-12): Visit by a couple of muru-D team members andyg (@geekscape) 7/10/17
Getting started with AI and Machine Learning, & Playing with Drones Rick Giner 7/8/17
CCHS Book Club is on Goodreads :D Jen Strover 7/7/17
BuzzConf Call for Presenters Rick Giner 6/23/17
Best place to buy LEDs Matt Pattison 6/23/17
Instructables maker space competition Luke Ditria 6/23/17
Reverse memory-stick VFAT Clifford Heath 6/16/17
3D Printing in a liquid medium Adric Landman 6/11/17
fuses aj 6/11/17
Converting to DXF for Laser Cutting Jen Strover 6/7/17
The Future of Smartphones, VR in Psychology, and HTC Vive demos from Academy Xi Rick Giner 6/6/17
Re: [CCHS] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Skyler 101 6/5/17
Booroondara Grants close next Monday tubular 6/4/17
Aldi non-contact thermometer Clifford Heath 6/1/17
Jaycar Cheltenham sale tomorrow tubular 6/1/17
Thermal Camera recommendations tubular 5/29/17
Cad software Brett Sutton 5/28/17
CCHS Book Club - March 2017 Jen Strover 5/27/17
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