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This listserv is dedicated to the discussion of computational sociology and institutionalizing computational social science into the discipline. Use for announcements, org-strategizing, collaboration, etc etc.

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2 Post-doc positions in Computational Social Science Markus Strohmaier 2/17/15
Fwd: [OB-LIST] Google Postdoc specializing in Social Network Theory Brian Keegan 2/14/15
CFP Computational Social Science Summit: Collaborative Futures laura.noren 2/13/15
Fwd: We are hiring (INTERNAL) Brian Keegan 2/13/15
Fwd: [berkmanfriends] Data & Society job openings Brian Keegan 2/4/15
Fwd: [berkmanfriends] Job: Director, Pew Research Labs Brian Keegan 1/13/15
Fwd: [msgs] Laboratory for Social Machines - Summer Program Brian Keegan 1/12/15
Fwd: CHI 2015 Workshop on Extending HCI Principles to Other Culture and Countries Brian Keegan 1/7/15
Fwd: [berkmanfriends] R-Shief launches new tools to analyze social movements & social media Brian Keegan 11/17/14
Fwd: [CfP]: 6th Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet 2015) Brian Keegan 9/29/14
Fwd: ICA CAT Announcements and Calls- Correction Brian Keegan 9/19/14
Fwd: [Wiki-research-l] Open Call for Individual Engagement Grant Proposals Brian Keegan 9/2/14
Fwd: [POLMETH] Job posting -- Data Scientist at Columbia Law School Brian Keegan 7/30/14
Fwd: Postdoc at Stanford Alex Hanna 7/30/14
Fwd: Data Science research position opening at IBM Brian Keegan 7/24/14
Fwd: pilot to bring researchers and coders together Brian Keegan 6/24/14
ASA Datathon: Big Cities, Big Data -- Sign-up by August 1! Alex Hanna 6/24/14
Fwd: Call for Participation: HCOMP 2014 Doctoral Consortium Brian Keegan 6/20/14
Fwd: [cooperation] Measuring Cosmopolitanism on Twitter & Wikipedia Brian Keegan 6/15/14
Fwd: [Wiki-research-l] Computational Social Science Workshop, Lucca, Italy, 09/2014 Brian Keegan 5/22/14
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