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A flock example given by the manpage. Hongyi Zhao 10:18 PM
Why 'set' and 'env' show different numbers of variables? Henryk Nowicki 6:35 AM
(SCP) /dev/fd/63: not a regular file Kenny McCormack 2:07 AM
getopts from within function Henryk Nowicki 2/11/16
bash array assignment Nicholas Geovanis 2/10/16
Locking the file when writing to it. Hongyi Zhao 2/8/16
bash array file globbing question Nicholas Geovanis 2/7/16
what does csh search fpefpe 2/7/16
Don't let awk truncating white spaces when print lines. Hongyi Zhao 1/30/16
EOF ruben 1/29/16
FTP Recursive Rename? 1/29/16
Is it possiable to define alias for complex compound commands within bash? Hongyi Zhao 1/29/16
Function trace in bash vs. POSIX 1/27/16
GNU Parallel 20160122 ('Bowie') released 1/23/16
Reverse search UNIX command. Shrawan Bhagwat 1/21/16
Remove certain files only James 1/21/16
Shell script for finding the free posting capable news servers. Hongyi Zhao 1/20/16
Preserve bash history command lines eternally. Hongyi Zhao 1/19/16
Find an unused local port and ranomly pick one from them each time. Hongyi Zhao 1/16/16
naivelib - a posix shell library Trek 1/16/16
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