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obfuscate 'connect $USER/$PASSWORD' inside a heredoc Harry 9:48 AM
DNS Resolve issues 4/22/18
ANN: TXR 192 released. Kaz Kylheku 4/19/18
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augtool usage 4/18/18
Copying file from large file to unique folder Ank 4/15/18
why does this always pass? T 4/11/18
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How to copying the file using cp command and avoid "same file error" 4/4/18
Searching for a string in a file Renato Ramos 4/2/18
sed - add a marker after n ( numbers and comma) Harry 3/28/18
Alternatives to Unix 'ssh' client? Kenny McCormack 3/26/18
Reading the properties file using shell script 3/26/18
tcsh: ? John McCue 3/23/18
Compare two functions inline with Bash process sub + here doc. Kaz Kylheku 3/23/18
fetchmail MDA (long) Mike Sanders 3/18/18
quip - cowsay/fortune ripoff Mike Sanders 3/15/18
Re: Script to compare time stamp on two files and if different report to terminals. Helmut Waitzmann 3/14/18
How to parse the lsblk output and check the values 3/11/18
how to check a string not emtpy and a pattern is not matched in bash? canada808 3/9/18
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