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add a temporary path Janis Rough 10:25 AM
alias to enter text into prompt tod davis 7:23 AM
type identify a function Marek Novotny 5:37 AM
How to set the appropriate field separator for a csv file which has comma as certain field's content? Hongyi Zhao 5:28 AM
escaping quotes and double quotes in bash alias alb 1/12/17
testing input old...@get-off-my.lawn 1/11/17
Soft link based customized conf files management, how about this idea? Hongyi Zhao 1/9/17
Want to running cmd only once in my bash code snippets. Hongyi Zhao 1/6/17
Topic Database System Mike Sanders 1/5/17
Time interval length Ian Zimmerman 1/4/17
Expansion of ${var+something "$var"} if $var is empty Andre Majorel 1/2/17
remote job not finishing Russ P. 12/18/16
Find the total number of specific processes, e.g., curl, issued from within a script. Hongyi Zhao 12/17/16
finding out if there are any iptables rules set of the machine via a script 12/8/16
Upper limit on argument length used by xargs. Hongyi Zhao 12/5/16
ksh globbing (bash extended globbing) Janis Papanagnou 12/4/16
Designing a read_line() with history - semantics? luser- -droog 12/3/16
changing <CR><LF> to <FS><CR> Harry 11/29/16
df in bytes 11/25/16
big brother forbid me to run sh script Harry 11/23/16
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