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Bash script to modify certain contents of yum.repos file Pradeep Patra 8:35 PM
daemonize script Mike Sanders 12:16 PM
grep -q '[^[:alnum:]]' Mike Sanders 2/20/18
IFS Kenny McCormack 2/18/18
man page sections snafu... Mike Sanders 2/16/18
bash and ~ expansion: cmd line vs. .profile Kenny McCormack 2/14/18
Need help with a specific "find" command Kenny McCormack 2/12/18
Test for a legal variable name - bash 4 Chris Elvidge 2/9/18
if (( $# )) question fred flintstone 2/8/18
getting pics off of remote devices, converted and stored on local machine fred flintstone 2/7/18 Mike Sanders 2/7/18
How to embed a single quote in a makefile recipe? Kenny McCormack 2/5/18
download big files from NCBI GEO database parallelly : Error 404 not found Kishore Reddy 2/4/18
"${-#*i}" != "$-" Hongyi Zhao 1/28/18
Any funky scripts to share? Mike Sanders 1/27/18
command line heroes podcast from redhat Mike Sanders 1/24/18
egrep min,max sequence not working Steffen Koepf 1/10/18
Can one connect a named pipe to a remote filesystem using ssh? carolus 1/10/18
using direction operators properly and creating a month-long timer fred flintstone 1/4/18
${} translation ruben safir 1/4/18
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