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grepping for invalid UTF-8 characters Adam Funk 6/30/16
deleting duplicates Sivaram Neelakantan 6/29/16
GNU cp question: star or no star? Kenny McCormack 6/23/16
"$@" and ${1+"$@"} James 6/21/16
R sync and quotes in bash script 6/20/16
transpose a file using awk over the groups and ids Cris.S 6/14/16
insert text between tags François Patte 6/1/16 Sri patcha 5/27/16
make problem Sapna Mishra 5/26/16
derived variable names and their values John Doe 5/25/16
GNU Parallel 20160522 ('TTIPleaks') released 5/22/16
grep -R (skip symlinks) James 5/18/16
"evilmake all" not working.... Sapna Mishra 5/16/16
${$var} in bash James 5/11/16
give all lines but ignore the space 5/10/16
The joy of shell scripting is ... John Doe 5/1/16
+ behavior Popping mad 4/28/16
delete from pattern to pattern if it contains match 4/24/16
libstdc problem Sapna Mishra 4/23/16
bash profile works with ssh login, fails locally Brendan 4/21/16
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