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Using sed to replace the first "." after the first space 10/7/15
Bash code idiom to pipe stdout to current shell 10/5/15
Sort files by mod time: find * -type f -print0 | xargs -0 ls -lt 10/2/15
Printing to a new line Amrin Maria Khan 9/29/15
Gnu make (parallel/serial) question James 9/28/15
[rc] read a line? Ian Zimmerman 9/28/15
not a tty Harry 9/24/15
execution attribute of some scripts will lost after rebooting os. Hongyi Zhao 9/23/15
GNU Parallel 20150822 ('Aylan Kurdi') released [stable] 9/21/15
Very Simple Question!! 9/20/15
Another simple question 9/20/15
Escape regexp metacharacters Ian Zimmerman 9/20/15
SOLUTIONS MANUAL: Control Systems Engineering 7th Edition by Norman S. Nise 9/18/15
Problem with History searching in Posix and KSH Stewart McKenna 9/15/15
Strange results obtained from `pgrep emacs`. Hongyi Zhao 9/15/15
awk vs shell script Ed Morton 9/10/15
Using makefiles for dependency resolution Anonymous Shadow 9/9/15
regexp for match ipv4 addresses. Hongyi Zhao 9/9/15
regexp for domain name matching. Hongyi Zhao 9/8/15
About the meaning of numerical values appended on the manfile. Hongyi Zhao 9/3/15
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