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printf #!/bin/bash James 4/22/17
re-number - awk? 4/21/17
Why does this work? Kenny McCormack 4/18/17
Press <ENTER> to continue... James 4/15/17
recursive chmod Jean-Yves Baudais 4/14/17
message throttling? Sivaram Neelakantan 4/11/17
Well this group is trashed... is there another one? Tobiah 4/10/17
su: must be run from a terminal Hongyi Zhao 4/7/17
parsing csv files in gawk Sivaram Neelakantan 4/6/17
Listing directories only without slash James 4/6/17
Re: Welcome to Shelbyville, Tennessee... Steve Carroll 4/1/17
Marek: Mint stinks Jonas Eklundh 4/1/17
Jeff Relf: KDE bugs Jonas Eklundh 4/1/17
Re: Can you make living with Linux? TickleMe Elmo 4/1/17
Re: struct padding question TickleMe Elmo 4/1/17
Onion Knight: GNU/Linux stupid design decisions Steve Carroll 4/1/17
Marek: LibreOffice has completely confused Sand man Steve Carroll 4/1/17
Re: this is so obnoxious TickleMe Elmo 4/1/17
Re: THE CHECKMATE IS Steve Carroll 4/1/17
Re: NOTICE HOW I ALONE Steve Carroll 4/1/17
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