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Designing a read_line() with history - semantics? luser- -droog 3:13 AM
changing <CR><LF> to <FS><CR> Harry 11/29/16
finding out if there are any iptables rules set of the machine via a script 11/25/16
df in bytes 11/25/16
big brother forbid me to run sh script Harry 11/23/16
finding lines in source code longer than 80 chars Russ P. 11/21/16
Time interval length Ian Zimmerman 11/15/16
Rsync problem Tom Friedetzky 11/14/16
Emptying a text file in bash 11/9/16
Any current Un*x systems without 'pgrep -P'? Martijn Dekker 11/7/16
Gnu diff -r for specific file-type James 11/7/16
Locking a file to avoiding it been read/written when it's just being created. Hongyi Zhao 11/6/16
xargs usage James 11/5/16
“Do One Thing, And Do It Well” 11/4/16
Gnu make question (-j) James 11/2/16
getopts "leftovers"? JaceK 10/30/16
creating a new variable out of another variable's value mike r 10/28/16
termcap ti0 te0 ? hymie! 10/28/16
Checking if a variable is exported Martijn Dekker 10/26/16
cat the directory? JaceK 10/25/16
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