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csh echo to stderr Robert R. Bruner 9/27/16
List all directories without sub-directories James 9/25/16
Is there a "successor" operator in bash? Alan Mackenzie 9/24/16
Gnu-make question James 9/23/16
Permuting the positional parameters, easy or tough? Jens Schweikhardt 9/23/16
line parsing question JaceK 9/17/16
Run X commands in parallel (ksh) 9/15/16
egrep and tab James 9/15/16
script in $PATH hangs but not when using bash -x script-name 9/13/16
Want to kill the script B, which is initially started from script A, when using CTRL + C to kill script A. Hongyi Zhao 9/7/16
+ behavior Popping mad 9/7/16
Ubuntu Partition Sapna Mishra 9/6/16
libstdc problem Sapna Mishra 9/6/16
Searching for strings in a file 9/5/16
determining whether running remotely Russ P. 9/5/16
sed inline question Goetz Schultz 9/5/16
Fetching a string after a specified string with bash 9/5/16
Count the number of slashes James 9/5/16
KSH how to get script name when sourced? Yonghang 8/26/16
regex question 8/23/16
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