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Gnu diff -r for specific file-type James 6:11 AM
convert ###[:alpha;] to ###\n[:alpha;] ? Bit Twister 6:11 AM
Checking if a variable is exported Martijn Dekker 10/23/16
GNU Parallel 20161022 ('Matthew') released [stable] 10/22/16
Command line browser (or browser-like utility) that does java/javascript? Kenny McCormack 10/16/16
“Do One Thing, And Do It Well” 10/15/16
set -x for embedded script James 10/13/16
Does 'newgrp' work at all (anymore) ? Kenny McCormack 10/12/16
Why nproc + 1? 10/9/16
Testing on the return codes of gawk's getline command. Hongyi Zhao 10/9/16
Shell Languages Versus Programming Languages 10/9/16
Comparing Binary Files 10/7/16
Does Anyone Still Use Backticks? 10/6/16
cp utility question James 10/5/16
csh echo to stderr Robert R. Bruner 10/4/16
Re: Simple script fools me? Ivan Shmakov 10/4/16
variable IFS JaceK 10/4/16
Flushing All iptables Tables 10/4/16
Why the gawk has asort and asorti instead of only supplying the asorti to users? Hongyi Zhao 10/3/16
List all directories without sub-directories James 10/2/16
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