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The module and ml command will not be available when log into gnome. Hongyi Zhao 11/18/17
Split line on tabs Bit Twister 11/13/17
Hard-link question James 11/12/17
zfs zpool replace does not see my new disk. Yendor 11/11/17
[ a \< b ] and [ a \> b ] Hongyi Zhao 11/11/17
Problem with bash and signal trapping Kenny McCormack 11/10/17
About smtp mail id moonhkt 11/8/17
String searching Renato Ramos 11/2/17
PS1 environment (in bash) James 11/2/17
Convert a time value from one timezone to another in a portable way Ian Zimmerman 11/1/17
Cann't obtain the script's directory from within sript itself by uisng the . command. Hongyi Zhao 10/30/17
Creating a form to issue ssh commands Renato Ramos 10/28/17
how to insert a \ with sed? François Patte 10/23/17
'Tricky' formatting issue (awk, cut, sed, perl etc) Paul D 10/21/17
Execute a command with specific var=value setting. Hongyi Zhao 10/19/17
subshell commands wrongly return 0 Laurent Schneider 10/17/17
UPPERCASE to Capitalized 10/5/17
procmail reciepes ruben safir 10/5/17
Remove XML comments using Regex. Hongyi Zhao 10/1/17
GNU make define MAKEFLAGS James 9/28/17
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