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Re: Accessing RESTful services from CURL 7/6/14
sh doesn't like $(( 08 % 2 )) Adam Funk 7/5/14
locate lines with 8-bit character(s) in a text file Harry 7/5/14
About Unix, fork(), interrupts, and shells... Kenny McCormack 7/2/14
bash functions under 'set -e'; keeping script alive after errexit... Am Nym 7/1/14
Determining if there are any files in a directory Kenny McCormack 7/1/14
File truncation Frank P. Westlake 6/30/14
Why does bash do this? (filename completion w/OLDPWD) Kenny McCormack 6/29/14
Mail - Attachment and content in body of email - Not working 6/27/14
bash's 'failglob' option Kenny McCormack 6/27/14
Hi friends.. Suresh Varma 6/23/14
GNU Parallel 20140622 ('Brazil') released 6/22/14
POSIX programs Frank P. Westlake 6/21/14
Why .bashrc is executed iff none of .bash_profile (or similar) exist? Kenny McCormack 6/18/14
On the use of set builtin to extract args Sivaram Neelakantan 6/18/14
Print only unique lines of various files. David Kirkby 6/15/14
Al madinah international university opening apply for university colleges (September season) Marwa Kotb 6/14/14
The XY Problem Kenny McCormack 6/8/14
Search & Replace - Between Files. 6/7/14
A visual collaborative Unix Shell interface, codenamed "ShellHive" Omar Castro 6/6/14
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