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``who am i'' gives onthing on Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (stretch). Hongyi Zhao 5:05 PM
Kad kahwin | Malaysia wedding invitation cards | Sweet kad worksai kumar 9/13/17
expect emulator? James 9/11/17
SOLUTIONS MANUAL Digital Communications 4th ED by Simon Haykin 9/8/17
Monitoring a huge file James 9/8/17
About shells and groups Harold Johanssen 9/8/17
xargs, parallel shipped within moreutils, xjobs, and gun parallel. Hongyi Zhao 8/30/17
C-shell: How to capture output and error James 8/26/17
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MONEY CONVERSION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Staci DENLEY 8/25/17
/usr/bin/find can't find specified subdirectories in script 8/25/17
Bash "non-conforming vendor retraction"? Kaz Kylheku 8/22/17
detect tab from builtin bash read Sinbad s 8/17/17
su: must be run from a terminal Hongyi Zhao 8/15/17
Command working at the CLI but not in a acript Harold Johanssen 8/15/17
test suite Ian Zimmerman 8/15/17
Rsync in background James 8/11/17
awk script to separate "duplicated" records Harry 8/5/17
(Linux) cron job shell? Kenny McCormack 8/4/17
Learning Bash Shell Scripting kaushal 7/25/17
mv file and race conditions. Hongyi Zhao 7/24/17
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