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Testing on a empty variable with or without double quotes the varible gives different results. Hongyi Zhao 1:27 AM
script & data in same file paris2venice 12:38 AM
``sudo -E'' cann't preserve variables which I've exported. Hongyi Zhao 5/24/17
find and time-ordered list James 5/24/17
bash script error handling Thomas Heller 5/18/17
How to word split on newline only Kenny McCormack 5/16/17
Construct a file from diff output James 5/11/17
catch all commands in bash_history as they happen Harry Putnam 5/7/17
Capturing output of parallel make James 5/3/17
[ksh] trap issue Janis Papanagnou 4/27/17
re-number - awk? 4/23/17
printf #!/bin/bash James 4/22/17
Why does this work? Kenny McCormack 4/18/17
Press <ENTER> to continue... James 4/15/17
recursive chmod Jean-Yves Baudais 4/14/17
message throttling? Sivaram Neelakantan 4/11/17
Well this group is trashed... is there another one? Tobiah 4/10/17
su: must be run from a terminal Hongyi Zhao 4/7/17
parsing csv files in gawk Sivaram Neelakantan 4/6/17
Listing directories only without slash James 4/6/17
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