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mv file and race conditions. Hongyi Zhao 6:12 PM
Learning Bash Shell Scripting kaushal 7/21/17
delete all trailing blank lines at end of file. Hongyi Zhao 7/19/17
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How do I convert a filename to absolute in bash? Alan Mackenzie 7/15/17
Argument list too long? Tuxedo 7/14/17
help with a bash script François Patte 7/11/17
improvements to my little script? luser- -droog 7/2/17
bash: How to inhibit "job termination" messages in a shell script Kenny McCormack 7/1/17
su: must be run from a terminal Hongyi Zhao 6/27/17
Line comments for multiline command. Hongyi Zhao 6/26/17
diffing files' content with 'waving' expressions alb 6/22/17
Safe mas-sub-directory removal? Tuxedo 6/19/17
When add a .sh script into the $HOME/.profile.d/, I can't login on my Debian pc. Hongyi Zhao 6/19/17
echo "X!X" Hongyi Zhao 6/16/17
Obtain the subnets belong to the same AS. Hongyi Zhao 6/7/17
What is wrong with this function Harry Putnam 6/3/17
Gnu make question (@CC@) James 6/2/17
pwd=`pwd` James 5/31/17
Regexp for domain-name match, including support for IDN. Hongyi Zhao 5/31/17
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