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Convert between timezones (was: How to re-write this bash script in Python?) Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn 7/31/15 Nick Thiemann 7/29/15
basic regexp with {0} John Doe 7/28/15
add a fixed prefix to input Ian Zimmerman 7/28/15
Stephen Bourne: Early days of Unix and design of sh Sven Mascheck 7/24/15
How to every read three lines into html table from var? 7/23/15
brace expansion John Doe 7/13/15
for loop inside heredoc? Harry 7/7/15
function in separate process John Doe 7/6/15
apostrophes and asterisk John Doe 7/5/15
ignoring newline when searching text (perl) alb 7/1/15
BASH quirk with {} Kenny McCormack 6/30/15
problem with pipe and background process Lorenz 6/29/15
Testing if a directory is empty Martijn Dekker 6/28/15
paster but ignore first line of dest file 6/26/15
GNU Parallel 20150622 ('Løkke') released 6/22/15
echo "!!!! Please make sure that you put INPUT.fdf, *.psf and POSCAR files here" Hongyi Zhao 6/15/15
[[ "" -lt 5 ]] Hongyi Zhao 6/14/15
comparing strings with < and > John Doe 6/13/15
KSH: unsetting CDPATH ineffective 6/11/15
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