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RESULT: comp.sources.misc will be removed The Big-8 Management Board 7/13/06
RFD: remove comp.sources.misc moderated (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS) Jim Riley 7/6/06
RFD: remove comp.sources.misc Jim Riley 6/26/06
dear comp.sources.misc readers 9/1/05
Here is the smoking gun 5/18/05
Last rites declaration of Ioannes Paulus PP. II (Karol Wojtyla) Ioannes Paulus PP. II 4/4/05
Call for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney I Fraigun 4/19/04
Statement on Spam and 4/8/04
Jessica, we offer bullet-proof complaint-resistant web hosting. Guaranteed! U. U. Stemple-LeVitre 1/7/03
Art and all that Jazz: it might furiously mould heavy and sows our fresh, fat goldsmiths in a structure Jessica Felix 4/23/02
[hipJoe] A.A.vs.N.A. Det. Elisabeth MacCuin 1/21/02
Bush Sucks, Vote GREEN Lincoln Chafee 8/5/00
Free Spam Program, Does it Work?? Bruce Maher 9/25/95
The Key To Organizing Your Health Records Your Lifetime Health Planner 5/24/95
v47i144: cbreak - Single character input package, v1.0, Part01/02 Rudi Vankemmel 4/16/95
v47i143: rfinger - reimplementation of Berkeley finger, Part01/01 John DiMarco 4/16/95
v47i141: conflict - utility for displaying pathname conflicts, Part01/02 T.E.Dickey 4/16/95
v47i140: dmsh - General Purpose UNIX Menu Engine, Part01/01 Pete Schmitt 4/16/95
v47i125: satan - Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks, Part01/15 Wietse Venema 4/13/95
v47i121: inertial_cut - Inertial Cut Algorithm for Color Quantization, Part01/02 4/12/95
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