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Submit today on Cyber Security, Cyber Welfare and Digital Forensic 5th Intl Conference 12/8/16
Christmas Riddle, Open Ended 12/7/16
On a problem of float/1 for big nums Harry Stoteles 12/6/16
Pros and Cons of some array subscript syntax 12/5/16
March of the legal bots continues 12/5/16
the nonlogic of imperative programming languages 12/2/16
Farmer, Goat, Bag of Corn prolog problem..... JRed33 12/2/16
PROLOG is the !!! WORST !!! programming language Raul Juan Luces Lopez 12/1/16
comp.lang.prolog Frequently Asked Questions Markus Triska 12/1/16
CLP(*) stuff in CAS systems 11/29/16
ANN: Logtalk 3.9.0 released Paulo Moura 11/27/16
Anyone doing big data with prolog? polymorph self 11/27/16
Preview new hook sys_portrait_eq/2 11/26/16
PADL'17 Call for Participation 11/25/16
comp.lang.prolog Frequently Asked Questions Markus Triska 11/15/16
ISO error classification for multiple definition Anne Ogborn 11/13/16
The terminating period in Prolog j4n bur53 11/12/16
work.O.thez3NTalkinKR0W.O.krow 11/12/16
O-Prolog 11/11/16
~~~ #reifiabl ##<\b/>></b\><\i/>theZ3NKR00weht</i\><\b/><</b\>## ~~~ 11/8/16
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