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Capture two char Country codes other than CN and KR with match function. Hongyi Zhao 12/2/16
Again: using single quote within comments in script. Hongyi Zhao 11/25/16
Using system() to execute complex shell commands within awk's code, want to simplify the code with in system(). Hongyi Zhao 11/24/16
Nor forcing locale's usage, MPRF behaviors diffrently ? Olivier Poulteki 11/22/16
Using locale other than english in WIndows gawk chano 11/22/16
strange behaviour with Windows10 and UTF8 MadSharker 11/22/16
How to use only one time of awk invoking to do this thing: $ echo abcde | awk '{ system("rev<<<"$0) }' | awk '{a=$0}'? Hongyi Zhao 11/22/16
How to read /? literally from ARGV[1] Marc de Bourget 11/20/16
fseek and ftell abilities for GAWK Marc de Bourget 11/20/16
Multiple commands after if control statement, should I group them or not? Hongyi Zhao 11/19/16
percent encoding URLs 11/17/16
Using awk to calculate the total number of lines for a huge file is less effective than wc. Hongyi Zhao 11/12/16
Question: parsing nested records 11/8/16
How to match the character ` with regex in gawk? Hongyi Zhao 11/7/16
Strange way to delete a file. Marc de Bourget 11/2/16
awk ' BEGIN{ a[1]=1; delete a ; a=1 } ' Hongyi Zhao 11/2/16
About the control statement 'do statement while (condition)' in gawk. Hongyi Zhao 10/30/16
CSV FPAT issue with GAWK Marc de Bourget 10/25/16
Re: Why the gawk has asort and asorti instead of only supplying the asorti to users? Kenny McCormack 10/25/16
Intermixing GAWK print statements with calls to system()? Kenny McCormack 10/25/16
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