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Please help design a gawk CSV extension Manuel Collado 4/23/17
Characters that Need an Escape Doc Trins O'Grace 4/20/17
fseek and ftell abilities for GAWK Marc de Bourget 4/20/17
Caesar's Revenge (hybrid cipher: ceasar shift/homophonic) Mike Sanders 4/9/17
Re: parsing csv files in gawk Ed Morton 4/6/17
Waffle Generator Mike Sanders 3/25/17
function to convert an array to a string (arr2str()) Ed Morton 3/25/17
Generating Phonetic Passwords Mike Sanders 3/23/17
Cryptogram Engine Mike Sanders 3/20/17
TAWK lives...? crackerjack 3/12/17
Commentary on CSV extension thread Kenny McCormack 3/10/17
AOK: a tiny object system in AWK timm 3/5/17
[OT] add carriage return to text files dale 3/4/17
GNU awk mktime() UTC Janis Papanagnou 3/4/17
--pretty-print vs original: two behaviours Digi 2/25/17
Awk-prolog (a tiny language written in awk) 2/24/17
unpatsplit() 2/22/17
fast method for concatenating strings in array or $0? Josef Frank 2/16/17
Non-blocking TCPIP server in GAWK Kenny McCormack 2/5/17
Dealing the file encode with ``Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode text'' with gawk. Hongyi Zhao 2/4/17
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