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Assignment in pattern -- $0 recomputation Josef Frank 5/20/15
Gawk 4.1.3 released none Aharon Robbins 5/20/15
gawk rounding issue Janis Papanagnou 5/17/15
off by one glen herrmannsfeldt 5/16/15
Question about GNU awk's 'inplace' feature Janis Papanagnou 5/12/15
Gawk 4.1.2 released Aharon Robbins 5/12/15
difficulty with gawk sub() Anton Treuenfels 5/6/15
O/T: Building ffcall on OSX 64 bit? (Fails) Kenny McCormack 5/2/15
new awk book - gawk 4 y0ga10 y0ga10 5/1/15
Second beta release towards gawk 4.1.2 Aharon Robbins 4/27/15
Extra lines Steve Graham 4/26/15
RS value that would never occur in a binary file Hermann Peifer 4/10/15
GAWK Issue/question/curiosity #2: (can a function return an array?) Kenny McCormack 4/10/15
Version checking in GAWK extension lib (ext_version variable) Kenny McCormack 4/9/15
GAWK Issue/question/curiosity #3: (calling built-in funcs indirectly) Kenny McCormack 4/8/15
Another GAWK issue (interaction between background process and cmd|getline) Kenny McCormack 4/8/15
for loop in awk rakeshori 4/8/15
beta release of gawk 4.1.2 available none Aharon Robbins 4/7/15
search a value from a file into another file 4/5/15
[announcement] ngetopt.awk Joep van Delft 4/1/15
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