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Adventures in HTTP servers with GAWK Kenny McCormack 9/27/15
Networking question MadSharker 9/27/15
awk multiple line sort Piotrzot 9/26/15
Trimming leading and trailing blanks (reg exp question) Kenny McCormack 9/25/15
regular expression compilation glen herrmannsfeldt 9/19/15
why does referencing NF or different fields change $0 after recompilation? Ed Morton 9/17/15
Best way to implement sgn() function in (G)awk? Kenny McCormack 9/13/15
gawk 4.1.3 gensub() warning? Ed Morton 9/5/15
cannot create XML puller jh 9/3/15
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what's the best way to use mktime() with time zones? Ed Morton 8/31/15
Adding column using awk in a CSV file rauf 8/29/15
Maintaining tabular data Kenny McCormack 8/24/15
Problem with substr() after match() with non-ASCII characters Janis Papanagnou 8/22/15
pass or fail var 8/18/15
grep2awk: zsh/zle command transformation function Joep van Delft 8/17/15
A small patch/fix for GAWK's networking... Kenny McCormack 8/11/15
Source code for the programs in Effective Awk Programming Kenny McCormack 8/3/15
POSIX standards nitpick re: the GAWK extension API Kenny McCormack 8/2/15
sundown for gawk Daniel Ajoy 7/13/15
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