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Any word on the ETA of GAWK 4.1.4? Kenny McCormack 8/23/16
mawk 2.0 beta 8/18/16
FREE to use 8/17/16
ANN: 'AWK global variables space' and 'Stamp format' libraries cj2ke 8/12/16
parsing XML with awk Ed Morton 8/12/16
Second beta release of gawk 4.1.4 Aharon Robbins 8/12/16
gawkapi.h Kenny McCormack 8/8/16
Re: mawk - the one bug that does need to be fixed... Kenny McCormack 8/7/16
understanding time format conversions Bryan 8/6/16
. (dot) as concatenation operator? Kenny McCormack 8/4/16
No escape needed for period with gensub Robert Mesibov 8/4/16
Using GAWK to print large powers of two - is GMP/MPFR needed or not? Kenny McCormack 8/3/16
Disallowed line-breaks Janis Papanagnou 7/26/16
Merging 2 files records Niko11 7/25/16
Fast vs Slow regexps Daniel Ajoy 7/21/16
Being gobsmacked... Kenny McCormack 7/20/16
ANN: Cygnal (Alpha) Kaz Kylheku 7/18/16
Definitions regarding the eternal 'gawkextlib debate'. Kenny McCormack 7/15/16
Windows (almost) "native" Gawk obtained without recompiling. Kaz Kylheku 7/13/16
. Nicholas Randall Forystek 7/12/16
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