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Intermixing GAWK print statements with calls to system()? Kenny McCormack 5:26 PM
CSV FPAT issue with GAWK Marc de Bourget 4:03 PM
Construct equivalent compound condition statement with while. Hongyi Zhao 10/21/16
Re: Why the gawk has asort and asorti instead of only supplying the asorti to users? Kenny McCormack 10/20/16
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Special Offers 10/19/16
Possible error in GAWK's join.awk sample script? Kenny McCormack 10/17/16
Problem building "master" version... Kenny McCormack 10/15/16
About the control statement 'do statement while (condition)' in gawk. Hongyi Zhao 10/14/16
Assignable reg exps in GAWK? Kenny McCormack 10/14/16
Can I combine two sub() commands into one? Hongyi Zhao 10/14/16
Testing on the return codes of gawk's getline command. Hongyi Zhao 10/9/16
Using process substitution with gawk getline. Hongyi Zhao 10/8/16
parsing XML with awk Ed Morton 10/8/16
gawk 4.0.1 vs. 4.1.1 "rshift" and "and" 10/5/16
Why does this print $0 instead of raising an error Marc de Bourget 10/4/16
how to search in a file and replace in awk remotely? Aurélien DESBRIÈRES 10/2/16
Random numbers in GAWK Kenny McCormack 9/24/16
Looking for old mawk distributions Aharon Robbins 9/21/16
question about large number math pop 9/20/16
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