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Possible to prompt for input in GAWK? Kenny McCormack 1:40 PM
XML extension for MacOSX Desiderius 2/26/15
Is there a strftime() format for day-of-the-week? Kenny McCormack 2/22/15
How to replace control Character by gawk moonhkt 2/17/15
word matching in two different fields nag 2/4/15
Gawk multidimensional arrays grief trudge 1/28/15
global var `abc' and the function name `abc' are for your pleasure both Digi 1/27/15
awk regex doesn't work when match ip address simon xia 1/27/15
GAWK API Question #3 Kenny McCormack 1/25/15
GAWK Inet - catching error (bad host/port) Kenny McCormack 1/24/15
Changing $1 Steve Graham 1/23/15
sed join lines 1/20/15
GAWK API Question #2 Kenny McCormack 1/20/15
GAWK API Question #1 Kenny McCormack 1/15/15
printf quirk Bruce Horrocks 1/2/15
Error in VIM's AWK syntax file! Kenny McCormack 12/29/14
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Odd expression? Janis Papanagnou 12/27/14
GAWK: Parenthesezation needed? Kenny McCormack 12/27/14
Ackermann function(s) in GAWK (fun!) Kenny McCormack 12/20/14
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