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awk inexplicably splitting paragraphs on newlines Ed Morton 6/20/16
How to select an awk record when one field does not match the end of another field Larry W. Virden 6/19/16
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AWK array only with index without value Marc de Bourget 6/15/16
PATCH for mawk: random number in BSD Masaki Waga 6/15/16
debugger 6/14/16
Recursive function not work when if conditions >= 1024, 1000 is no problem, why ? Homer Li 6/10/16
Calculating number of dues and from to date var 6/7/16
Simulate Delphi's FieldByName function Marc de Bourget 6/6/16
Neolithic ak 6/3/16
Second beta release of gawk 4.1.4 Aharon Robbins 5/30/16
Create Windows EXE files from GAWK scripts Marc de Bourget 5/27/16
Embed script & data in a single file Mike Sanders 5/24/16
Numeric and string comparisons Harriet Bazley 5/22/16
gawk LMDB (Lightning Memory-mapped Database) extension library Andrew Schorr 5/17/16
OT: GUI input for under Windows/CMD/BAT Mike Sanders 5/17/16
Examining the della Porta Cipher Mike Sanders 5/9/16
Examining the Haversine formula Mike Sanders 5/7/16
awk commandline calculator unix/win Mike Sanders 5/6/16
gawk - interpretation of hexadecimal values in strings Janis Papanagnou 4/30/16
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