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Sed Question Doc Trins O'Grace 7/16/17
Nice trim/strip/chop in awk Ian Zimmerman 7/9/17
Compiling AWK Dwain 6/30/17
Awk on very large files with parallel 6/28/17
A list comparison tool. Markus Gnam 6/20/17
Using variable in awk's match function. Hongyi Zhao 6/7/17
An options parser for (T)AWK. Markus Gnam 6/6/17
How to tell if MPFR is active (GAWK)....? Kenny McCormack 6/6/17
finding repetitions Ed Morton 5/26/17
Should there be a FIELDWIDTHS wild-card? Ed Morton 5/23/17
FIELDWIDTHS again Bruce Horrocks 5/19/17
How to find script line for which warning message is issued pjfarley3 5/16/17
dynamic populating a multi-dimensional array of varying rank Ed Morton 5/15/17
Please help design a gawk CSV extension Manuel Collado 5/12/17
The use of $1 = $1 Marc de Bourget 5/9/17
Attn: Marc! New extension lib for fopen and friends in GAWK. Kenny McCormack 5/8/17
Build report for gawk 4.1.4 in the WIn10 WSL environment pjfarley3 5/6/17
Why sed? Doc Trins O'Grace 5/1/17
Characters that Need an Escape Doc Trins O'Grace 4/20/17
fseek and ftell abilities for GAWK Marc de Bourget 4/20/17
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