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How to get GAWK to work with UTF-8 for Windows Marc de Bourget 3:47 AM
TAWK lives...? crackerjack 2/10/16
How to Awk examine file.txt in tree folder? 2/8/16
XML Gawk on MacOSX Desiderius 2/7/16
did gawk get faster in the last five years? timm 2/3/16
How to use GMP/MPFR in GAWK... Kenny McCormack 2/2/16
Calling API functions in GAWK like in TAWK Marc de Bourget 1/29/16
TAWK v6.4 Laurent Marc 1/28/16
Using shell variable in getline's redirction block. Hongyi Zhao 1/25/16
gawk bug address Janis Papanagnou 1/3/16
Convert FASTA file's line length more simply? Robert Mesibov 1/2/16
Lines between last START and next FINISH, exclusively Robert Mesibov 12/26/15
TAWK: floats limited to 14 digits Laurent Marc 12/25/15
$NF Harriet Bazley 12/16/15
Regular Expressions Doc Trins O'Grace 12/14/15
Semicolons or just OCD Doc Trins O'Grace 12/8/15
Identifying the Delimiter Doc Trins O'Grace 12/8/15
ubuntu 14.04 or Mint 17.x binary package for gawk 4.1.3? pjfarley3 12/4/15
awk pdf library Laurent Marc 11/27/15
analyse several files in one awk kaoutar ourouss 11/25/15
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