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Does the phrase " Russell's paradox " should be replaced with another phrase? vldm10 5:41 PM
The Theoretical Void in the Relational Database Space - Transactions Derek Asirvadem 2/27/15
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The Theoretical Void in the relational Database Space - Normalisation Derek Asirvadem 2/26/15
On Normalisation & the State of Normalisation Derek Asirvadem 2/25/15
Theory adrift: creative use of databases Nicola 2/23/15
Role of functional dependencies in database design Nicola 2/23/15
SQL Bashing - the Sport of Champions! Derek Asirvadem 2/18/15
Why are [Database] Mathematicians Crippled ? Derek Asirvadem 2/18/15
Circular References are Prohibited in Codd's Relational Model Derek Asirvadem 2/18/15
Hierarchical Model and its Relevance in the Relational Model Derek Asirvadem 2/16/15
EAV - again Eric 2/9/15
The hard life of a noSQL coder Jan Hidders 2/5/15
The Null Problem is a Non-issue Derek Asirvadem 2/1/15
A Topological Relational Algebra in Lisp Norbert_Paul 1/30/15
What is a database? Eric 1/14/15
[LIU Comp Sci] Need tutoring on Relational Calculus ruben safir 1/2/15
relational algrabra division? ruben safir 12/21/14
turning attibute values into relations? ruben safir 12/12/14
n-ary operations ruben safir 12/11/14
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