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Migrating from Hierarchial DB model to RDBMS OR ? Giri Reknar 4/28/16
Is this group dead? Nicola 4/8/16
The Null Problem is a Non-issue Derek Ignatius Asirvadem 3/15/16
What exactly are "Constraint programming" & "constraint databases" about ? Erwin 2/2/16
Atomic Structures vldm10 1/27/16
Quest for Codd's papers Nicola 1/20/16
Relational Databases Lack Relationships Eric 1/8/16
A new way for the foundation of set theory vldm10 12/24/15
Comments on Norbert's topological extension of relational algebra Nicola 12/23/15
Generalized relations Vadim Tropashko 12/21/15
Love or hate, or? domains with cardinality two Nicola 12/2/15
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Database record format that encourages optimal retrieve(read, search, etc) & store(write, sort, etc) 11/6/15
Tarski school influence on Database Theory Tegiri Nenashi 10/24/15
Conceptual model based on set theory vldm10 9/11/15
The original version vldm10 6/25/15
An anecdote about Codd on the "back side" of Wikipedia Nicola 6/24/15
What is an algorithm? vldm10 6/23/15
The anatomy of plagiarism that was made by authors of "Anchor Modeling" vldm10 5/27/15
Queries and abstraction - longish Joe Thurbon 5/9/15
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