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vive Clintin Stober 7/21/16
Show and Tell Matthew Little 7/7/16
EVENT POSTPONED: Foamboard Airplane Class Zach 7/4/16
Last Call for T-Shirt Orders (MIDNIGHT DEALINE) Zach 6/9/16
What’s Up with CGW: June 2016 Edition Zach 6/1/16
Fwd: ROBOMO June Meeting Reminder Matthew Little 6/1/16
Possible display or demonstration at the building Grand Opening? John Dupuy 5/24/16
Fieser's Foundry Jim Fieser 5/15/16
Auction Stuff... CLaFarge 5/2/16
Sarah Catlin will be by at 7pm this Thurday, re: the Building Grand Opening John Dupuy 4/5/16
What’s Up with CGW: April 2016 Edition Zach 4/1/16
i got a question Clintin Stober 4/1/16
Quadrotors etc Jacob Hansson 3/15/16
Sorry missed Show and Tell again, Next Month! dan604 3/5/16
Looking for someone to laser cut a catan board. Stephen Massman 2/26/16
Turn your 3D printer into a Laser Cutter, Engraver and Mill for free....... Also give me feedback on my $259 Printer on Kickstarter. Nate Rogers 2/23/16
REMINDER: Hackerspace Warming Party Today @ 3pm Zach 2/20/16
Beast! Sliptonic 2/16/16
Hackerspace Warming Party Sunday, February 21st Zach 2/15/16
more Cardboard Robots Jamie Diamond 1/13/16
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