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Cardboard Robot Kit and Workshop Zach 8/25/15
drone technology and how it is used in agriculture August 29th at 7:00 pm in the Reynolds Alumni Center Bill Pabst 8/20/15
The CGW Cardboard Robot Fighting Championship Zach 8/17/15
Yep. .yep, dan604 8/6/15
If you show me yours, I'll tell you about mine... dan604 7/1/15
Possible downtown location Jacob Hansson 6/30/15
Brad, A laser project? dan604 6/12/15
Re: Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Daniel 5/24/15
Show and Tell Night! dan604 5/7/15
High altitude balloon tracker research Ryan 5/2/15
High Altitude Balloon Launch Sunday 4/26 @ 9am Zach 4/27/15
Do you have one of these? You should! I want one... dan604 4/22/15
Another Robotic Mower Matthew Little 4/16/15
Re: [DragonTwo] Launch Window Opens This Weekend dan604 4/10/15
Cool Quad using Pem fuel cells Bogdan Pyzh 4/6/15
Show and Tell night, dan604 4/2/15
Need to borrow an ICSP to update firmware Ryan 3/26/15
Wall bot Matthew Little 3/25/15
Quadcopter TX upgrades David Vogler 3/16/15
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