Discussion and debate for the CoffeeScript programming language.

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Why "if key OF dict" instead of "if key IN dict"? 6/27/14
How to do function*() ? Mark Hahn 6/22/14
JavaScript/CoffeeScript Flat File Site Owen Densmore 6/22/14
Review copies available for 'Building an Application with CoffeeScript [Video]' Velinda Kamat 6/21/14
CoffeeShop - A new online shell for CoffeeScript [plug] Carl Smith 6/21/14
General ES6 Plans? Travis Kaufman 6/16/14
The single most confusing thing about CoffeeScript:"for" loops and reversed argument order! 6/11/14
v2.0 and backwards compatibility (or the lack thereof) 6/2/14
New CoffeeScript book in print: CoffeeScript in Action Patrick Lee 5/12/14
Some improvement.. Werner 5/12/14
Referencing my coffescript Werner 5/12/14
Newbie Q: Unable to get output in html file on windows 5/9/14
Priest, the holy converter Denis Gorbachev 5/7/14
literate coffeescript vs markdown syntax 4/25/14
CoffeeScript, the Great Parts Owen Densmore 4/17/14
FrameWork for CoffeeScript ? Yvon Thoraval 4/11/14
Transparent, bidirectional transpiler: Edit existing JS with CoffeeScript-like whitespace 4/5/14
CoffeeScript expert needed (telecommute job opportunity) 4/4/14
Calling one object method inside array, inside a class Fernando Segura Gòmez 4/2/14
IE 6 market share below 1% 4/2/14
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