Discussion and debate for the CoffeeScript programming language.

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Looking for feedback on my first programming language: CaffeineScript (BETA) - streamlining JavaScript by improving CoffeeScript Shane Delamore 1/5/18
Announcing CoffeeScrit 2.0 Asif Saifuddin 9/20/17
You're Invited! Join us for Coffee and Code on January 14th jackhq 1/5/17
Optional "destructured function arguments"? Alexander Ewering 11/5/16
newby question: checking for null MichaelS 6/17/16
CoffeeScript and REST API integration? Oliver Dean 6/13/16
A post on CS to ES6 migration Owen Densmore 6/1/16
Successive arguments of function Petar Aleksic 11/15/15
Coffee Script compiled to javascript usage ABC 10/9/15
Args for spawn command Maneesh M P 9/13/15
How to Check Value of Input field? Jeff Barnaby 8/31/15
how work atom source code through coffeescript Juan Omar Huanca Balboa 6/12/15
Strange behavior in list comprehensions. J Schneider 5/12/15
bug in switch statement? J Schneider 4/21/15
Installing CoffeeScript for all users on Windows 7 Mike Cargal 4/20/15
CoffeeShop Version One - Now hosted on GitHub 3/23/15
Help finding 1.9.0 @foo parrameter's breaking change Owen Densmore 3/21/15
Using ? to check for existence of regex match in Object Victor Hooi 3/13/15
sqlite3 Derek Frost 2/11/15
Has anybody gotten yield to work in 1.9? Barry Kaplan 2/2/15
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