CNC Build Club

Welcome! The CNC Build Club is a group of people working on CNC machines. We're currently based out of Pumping Station: One in Chicago and meet there every Thursday night at 7pm.

How to use this group:
  1. Introduce yourself! (we're friendly)
  2. Join or start a project! (all experience levels welcome)
  3. Come to the Thursday night meetings and build stuff!

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Laser cutter authorization? Tracy Taylor 1/14/16
Midwest Reprap Festival | 2016 MRRF Drew Fustini 12/25/15
fyi: MachnieKit (LinuxCNC) meetup in Madison Drew Fustini 10/27/15
Need help with Atmel Flip..any Gurus? Donald J 10/22/15
Yonioc Router Bits Steve Pilon 10/1/15
Combined end stop and bumper Steve Pilon 9/11/15
New member Mark Nagy 9/2/15
Testing a Rumba controller Burton Kent 8/5/15
40W Chinese Laser Cutter Help Tasha Bekan 7/16/15
Hello all. Daniel Cigler 7/10/15
New to the group Nate Scheidler 7/8/15
Mach 3-2nd parallel port-pins 2-9 as inputs Steve Pilon 5/1/15
New Member Intro (best choice for 3d printer build?) Scott Drane 4/22/15
Understanding timing belts/pulleys Justin Nutt 4/17/15
Delta 3D printer assistance Leon Grossman 3/21/15
X-Carve 3D Carver Bart Dring 3/4/15
Authorization shop bot cnc router J Fay 2/18/15
FYI: Bring-A-Hack meetup at PS1 on Feb 25 Drew Fustini 2/18/15
Larger size CNC projects Mark Carroll 2/14/15
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