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how to pass port number to clojureRepl task at cli? Phil Groce 2/16/14
clojureRepl hangs other Gradle tasks when build.gradle is changed Phil Groce 2/16/14
Odd error in gradle during compilation: Exception in thread "main" Could not locate clojure/edn__init.class or clojure/edn.clj on classpath: Stephen Agneta 1/31/14
Provided dependencies Matt Bossenbroek 1/23/14
Codox with Clojuresque Matt Bossenbroek 1/8/14
[ANN] clojuresque 1.7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer 12/29/13
[ANN] clojuresque 1.6.0 released Meikel Brandmeyer 12/25/13
v1.6 in spe Meikel Brandmeyer 11/27/13
Refactoring Meikel Brandmeyer 10/3/13
Repl task Meikel Brandmeyer 10/1/13
Finally some time... Meikel Brandmeyer 9/30/13
clojureTest does not add build/resources/test to classpath Howard Lewis Ship 7/22/13
ANN: clojuresque/nrepl 1.0.1 released Meikel Brandmeyer 4/4/13
nrepl server Dave Ray 2/10/13
looking for the best polyglot setup for a groovy project calling clojure code john 2/6/13
just curious how clojuresque works john 1/31/13
compileClojure task hangs Dave Ray 12/16/12
Setting PermGen space when running tests Howard Lewis Ship 12/13/12
Re: Hi Clojuresque Meikel Brandmeyer 12/11/12
going from leiningen to gradle+clojuresque rundis 8/30/12
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