Clojure User Group Bonn

Welcome to the Clojure User Group in Bonn, Germany.

This forum hosts discussions and links around the group.

The group meets every 2nd Tuesday in a month at 7pm, the first meet-up was July 9th 2013.
We usually me at
doctronic GmbH & Co. KG
Fränkische Straße 6 (NEW since June 16, 2016)
53229 Bonn

Follow the group on Twitter @Clojure_UG_Bonn.
We use the GitHub cugb repo to share materials.
The group is sponsored by doctronic.

This forums purpose is to agree on event agendas, organizational stuff and general directions.

If you want to join the group as active member please notify or use @friemens on Twitter.

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