Monger, a Clojure MongoDB driver

Welcome to the Monger mailing list

This is a mailing list dedicated to Monger, an idiomatic Clojure wrapper around MongoDB Java driver. It offers powerful expressive query DSL, strives to support
every MongoDB 2.0+ feature and is well maintained.

The project is hosted on GitHub.

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Using "reference" db... Édipo Luis Féderle 7/18/14
"Shared" reference do db.... Édipo Luis Féderle 7/17/14
does monger support BigIntegers? Jim Snavely 7/14/14
ANN Monger 2.0.0 is released Michael Klishin 6/15/14
Handling ObjectIds in Reference Array with JSON Bradley Locke 6/15/14
How do I check if a connection already exists Aneesh P U 6/14/14
No value supplied for key Flavio Oliveira 5/28/14
ANN Monger 2.0 RC1 is released Michael Klishin 5/13/14
ANN Monger 1.8.0 is released Michael Klishin 5/10/14
ANN Major breaking public API changes coming to several ClojureWerkz projects Michael Klishin 4/26/14
integers deserialized as Doubles from JSON collection Val Waeselynck 4/20/14
Long stream ends prematurely - after one batch Brian Marick 3/4/14
how do I test to see if I have user-permissions problem? 2/25/14
Insert and ObjectId Henrique Nunes 2/19/14
I created an index but I still get "too much data for sort() with no index" 2/14/14
Getting timestamp from ObjectId Henrique Nunes 2/4/14
Handling duplicate key (and other errors) on insert Justin Heyes-Jones 1/26/14
ANN Monger 1.7.0 is released Michael Klishin 1/11/14
MongoDB Operator question Sean Corfield (Clojure) 1/11/14
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