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Elasticsearch 6.x support aman shah 3/5/18
Best Elasticsearch Training Course Online | Enroll Today for free demo Nicole kristen 2/27/18
How or where do I pass options through to clj-http 10/9/17
Issue when creating index... Djey 9/9/17
how to debug elasticsearch from the source code MOHIT SHARMA 15MCA1087 8/23/17
Issues with installing elasticsearch Robert 2/16/17
Connection problems while running tests locally with Docker 1/9/17
failed to get node info using native transport 刘凯祥 1/3/17
http bulk performance tuning Fabien Wernli 9/13/16
How to? bulk record creation clojurewerkz.elastisch.native.bulk/bulk-with-index-and-type Dave Tenny 9/6/16
search requests with _source false - don't work as expected Dave Tenny 8/19/16
scroll-seq hard codes a "1m" scroll duration, this should probably be parameterized so it can be overridden. Dave Tenny 8/18/16
clojurewerkz.elastisch.native.document/search, :aggregations, and scrolling (and/or scroll-seq) Dave Tenny 7/21/16
Debugging request made to elastic search Sébastien Arnaud 6/28/16
breaking changes in current master tip [June 20-2016] Dave Tenny 6/20/16
native api appears to be missing a get-template call Dave Tenny 6/3/16
clojurewerkz.elastisch.native.document/scroll-seq uses deprecated search-type "scan" Dave Tenny 6/2/16
clojurewerkz.elastisch.native.document/search, _source question (and maybe a couple more) Dave Tenny 6/1/16
Error handling with native vs REST API (and order of application of connection opts) Steve Davis 4/14/16
Trouble with nested aggregations Josh Hemann 2/8/16
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