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Welcome to clojure-australia! Leonardo Borges 1/28/14
Last two meetups of the Year! Leonardo Borges 10/11/17
On Building a Cloud, and Choosing Lisp: Because Nobody Told Me I Couldn't Leonardo Borges 10/11/17
Next #cljsyd meetup - Tuesday, September 26 Leonardo Borges 9/13/17
Next #cljsyd meetup - Tuesday, July 25 Leonardo Borges 7/20/17
Next #cljsyd meetup - Tuesday, June 27 Leonardo Borges 6/19/17
Next meetup this Tuesday! Leonardo Borges 5/18/17
YOW! LambdaJam and YOW! Night Leonardo Borges 4/12/17
Next #cljsyd meetup - Tuesday, September 26 Leonardo Borges 3/21/17
YOW! LambdaJam 2017 Leonardo Borges 2/25/17
[SYD] Need talks or ideas for the meetup next week Leonardo Borges 2/21/17
[SYD] Happy new year and first meetup of 2017 Leonardo Borges 2/9/17
[SYD] YOW! Conference 2016 Leonardo Borges 11/10/16
[Job] ROKT Clojure team hiring in Sydney Sam Roberton 10/11/16
[Job] Clojure Software Engineer at aviia Leonardo Borges 10/5/16
[SYD] Next #cljsyd scheduled - Thursday, October 29 Leonardo Borges 8/16/16
Local lads getting some love... Steve Buikhuizen 7/30/16
Senior Clojure Engineering Position - Sydney 7/20/16
Parallel Programming, Fork Join, and Reducers by Daniel Higginbotham (with slides) John Chew 4/19/16
Clojure web stack Bayan Khalili 4/17/16
Speaking Data: Simple, Functional Programming with Clojure Leonardo Borges 4/10/16
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