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Welcome to clojure-australia! Leonardo Borges 1/28/14
[syd] New year, new venue! Leonardo Borges 2/7/16
YOW! Lambda Jam 2016 Call for Presentations + Ticket Sales Open Craig Smith 1/27/16
Clojure/Java Engineering Opportunity (Sydney) 1/19/16
[SYD] End of year #cljsyd survey Leonardo Borges 12/16/15
[SYD] Have you heard the news? - Thursday, November 26 Leonardo Borges 11/22/15
[SYD] Next #cljsyd scheduled - Thursday, October 29 Leonardo Borges 11/19/15
YOW! Conference 2015 - World Expert Speakers & Workshops Craig Smith 11/15/15
[JOB] Clojure opportunity @ ROKT (North Sydney) Claudio Natoli 9/29/15
[SYD] Added talk for September - Bringing the ideas of ClojureScript and core.async back to JavaScript Julian Gamble 8/31/15
[SYD] No meetup tomorrow. September meetup scheduled Leonardo Borges 8/25/15
[SYD] Next meetup Leonardo Borges 8/20/15
[SYD] Next #cljsyd meetup - May 28th (Thursday!) Julian Gamble 7/29/15
[MEL] Clojure job opportunity Thomas Crowley 6/23/15
[SYD] Next #cljsyd meetup - June 25th (Thursday!) Julian Gamble 6/21/15
[SYD] Emacs presentation next clj-syd -- suggestions? Sam Roberton 6/7/15
YOW! Night with ClojureScript Expert Kevin Lynagh & Fred George Craig Smith 6/1/15
[SYD] Ticket for Kevin Lynagh's React.js and ClojureScript workshop Leonardo Borges 5/28/15
Kevin Lynagh - Learn with an Expert - React.js & ClojureScript Craig Smith 5/15/15
[SYD] CFP for the next clj-syd, 30th of October Leonardo Borges 5/11/15
Clojure job opportunities in Sydney 4/28/15
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