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Counterclockwise's Plugin Shortcuts for OS X JPatrick Davenport 5:53 PM
Looking for library to annotate structures with grammar descriptions Brian Marick 4:02 PM
idiomatic data transformation Joe Graham 2:56 PM
component: dynamic configuration Pierre-Yves Ritschard 2:52 PM
http-kit and context root? Colin Yates 10:26 AM
[ANN] Nginx-Clojure v0.4.0 Release! Xfeep 10:05 AM
awful performance on Windows 7 compared to anything else Colin Yates 9:37 AM
[ANN] Yagni 0.1.2 released! W. David Jarvis 9:11 AM
zipmap different ordering in 1.7 Jo Geraerts 6:17 AM
java method overloading and clojure interop Jo Geraerts 6:04 AM
[ANN] clj-refactor.el 1.1.0 is released Magnar Sveen 4:39 AM
[ANN] Ultra 0.3.4 released W. David Jarvis 7/6/15
[ANN] Buddy 0.6.0: Security library for clojure. Andrey Antukh 7/6/15
Joda Time version conflict? "Initializing JollyDayHoliday for SUTime" 7/6/15
New Functional Programming Job Opportunities Sean Murphy 7/6/15
Clojure OSGI (Java 9?) support library ready for review Ralph Ritoch 7/6/15
core.async status? Martin Raison 7/5/15
[ANN] Introducing Yagni, a Leiningen plugin for finding unused code W. David Jarvis 7/5/15
Clojure on AWS Lambda? Kyle Sexton 7/5/15
[ANN] Catacumba 0.3.2: Asynchronous web toolkit for Clojure. Andrey Antukh 7/5/15
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