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why java version in 10 times faster? Mike 11:45 AM
Couplet 0.1.0 – Unicode code points support for Clojure David Bürgin 11:14 AM
mysql and clojure Damien Mattei 9:44 AM
Clojure for big data Ray Miller 7:27 AM
Releasing scope-capture, a library for easing REPL-based debugging Val Waeselynck 5:19 AM
ANN: sputter, a Clojure implementation of the Ethereum VM Moe Aboulkheir 10/18/17
[ANN] ClojureTab-1.5 plugin for Protege ru 10/18/17
Nice screencast overview of Specter Alan Thompson 10/18/17
Re: An idea to improve foundations of documentation in clojure James Reeves 10/17/17
[ANN] Specter 1.0.4 Nathan Marz 10/17/17
Clojurecademy is Open Source now Ertuğrul Çetin 10/17/17
read-line is limited to 4095 chars 10/17/17
hello world question !!! Damien Mattei 10/16/17
New Course on Clojurecademy: Ertuğrul Çetin 10/16/17
Afraid of leaks with async chan JokkeB 10/16/17
clojure@googlegroups.com2nd Call for Contributions: BOB 2018 - Berlin, Feb 23, 2018 Michael Sperber 10/16/17
Static purity analysis. Christian Weilbach 10/15/17
is this a bug? tools.nrepl 0.2.13 in Alpine linux Neil Okamoto 10/14/17
[core.spec] Stricter map validations? Yuri Govorushchenko 10/14/17
[ANN] Automatically generate your specs and types Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 10/13/17
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