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[Ann] Tempura, a Clj+Cljs i18n translations lib with support for React Peter Taoussanis 2:00 AM
Bug in clojure.core/take lazy seq? Zalan Barczal 1:48 AM
ANN superv.async 0.2.1 - Erlang-inspired error handling for core.async Christian Weilbach 10/24/16
need help on `pprint/write` code with better readability Jiyin Yiyong 10/24/16
Slides for my talk at EuroClojure 2016 Dragan Djuric 10/23/16
conditional support for spec in libraries Cal Loomis 10/23/16
Java like static typing for Clojure? Didier 10/23/16
[ANN] rete4frames, v. 5.3.0 - CLIPS-like expert system shell ru 10/20/16
Clojure with Tensorflow, Torch etc (call for participation, brainstorming etc) kovasb 10/20/16
clojure.spec.test/instrument causes clojure.spec/exercise-fn to use generators which fail the args spec!? J.-F. Rompre 10/20/16
[ANN] Milestones, the smart project planning assistant, is now online with NLP and GANTT! Rafik NACCACHE 10/19/16
protocols and namespaces confusion (with an example from core.matrix) Paul Gowder 10/19/16
ANN: ClojureScript 1.9.293 David Nolen 10/19/16
clojure.spec: Relationships Between Specs Mark Bastian 10/19/16
interop method confusion? hiskennyness 10/19/16
[ANN] Nightlight, an embedded editor for Clojure Zach Oakes 10/19/16
[ANN] lein-docker-compose - inject docker-compose port mappings into environ's `env` Russell 10/19/16
ANN: IN/Clojure 2016 - India's first Clojure conference Baishampayan Ghose 10/19/16
Possible ClojureScript compiler issue... John Szakmeister 10/19/16
Guidelines/Recommendations for namespaces and qualified keywords Josh Tilles 10/18/16
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