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[ANN] data-scope - tools for interactively inspecting and visualizing data James Sofra 6:27 PM
First time using DataScript Alan Thompson 5:38 PM
[ANN] Clojure 1.9.0-alpha13 Alex Miller 11:41 AM
Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice Alan Thompson 11:14 AM
Saving / Loading a Datascript DB Wukong Sun 5:15 AM
[ANN] new Clojars infrastructure that needs testing Daniel Compton 9/25/16
parallel sequence side-effect processor Mars0i 9/25/16
Correcting a docstring mistake in clojure.core/filter Alan Thompson 9/25/16
definterface odd error Jeff Murphy 9/25/16
Clojure support for Visual Studio Code Andrey Lisin 9/25/16
[ANN] clojure-future-spec, a backport of clojure.spec for 1.8 Nikita Prokopov 9/25/16
In clojure.spec, how to declare all valid keys in a map David Goldfarb 9/25/16
Random xxxx-init.clj files created in root of project. Nathan Smutz 9/24/16
Parsing namespaced XML with Matching Socks 9/24/16
clojure.spec question Philos Kim 9/24/16
Is there a way to alpha 11 or higher, but disable a single spec? Boris V. Schmid 9/23/16
Keywords with colon on the backside? 9/23/16
Adding JDBC drivers to Clojars Eddie 9/23/16
WAT: JavaScript & Ruby Alan Thompson 9/23/16
Clojure docstring style cskksc 9/22/16
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