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Calling functions from within maps Hector Lucero 3:25 AM
[ANN] A complete draft of "Elements of Clojure" is available Zach Tellman 3/17/18
[ANN] debux 0.4.3 is out. Philos Kim 3/17/18
How to define sets for data validation for single entry in clojure for example Checking C. C allowed value for Banking 3/16/18
Best Book for Clojure 3/16/18
What if ^:const could inline everything before macroexpanssion? Didier 3/15/18
[JOB] Remote Clojure Dev 2 month quick project 20-40 hours per week Arturo Carrillo 3/15/18
[JOB] Telia Norge needs people interested in working with Clojure and ClojureScript (Oslo, Norway) Jakub Holý 3/15/18
Any better client then telnet for connecting to a socket repl server? Didier 3/14/18
Macro argument evaluation, and function return value evaluation? Didier 3/13/18
StackOverflow Job Survey results are out Alan Thompson 3/13/18
How to call a function read from an EDN file? Christopher Lee 3/13/18
How to validate date (YYYYMMDD) using clojure 3/12/18
[ANN] depstar: a clj-based uberjarrer Ghadi Shayban 3/12/18
Comparing and selecting web API libraries Jonathon McKitrick 3/12/18
[ANN] anomalies-tools 0.1.2 alex 3/11/18
reducible Java Streams (including parallel) Jim 3/11/18
[ANN] Korma 0.5.0-RC1 is now available David Jarvis 3/8/18
How to restrict the number of test with stest/check Burt 3/7/18
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