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[ANN] Leiningen 2.7.0 Jean Niklas L'orange 3:06 AM
Two suggestions re: core.spec, `ns`, and clojure 1.9alpha11 Brian Marick 8/24/16
Parsing namespaced XML with Matching Socks 8/24/16
Job Opportunity | Application Developer (General)-Expert| St Louis, MO 6 months Revanth Kumar 8/24/16
ANN: konserve 0.4.0 - A clojuresque key-value/document store protocol with core.async. Christian Weilbach 8/24/16
0-arity of transducer in transduce Mathias De Wachter 8/24/16
[ANN] data.avl 0.0.16 – bugfix to one-sided subrange Michał Marczyk 8/23/16
[ANN] data.avl 0.0.15 – BUGFIX to subrange Michał Marczyk 8/23/16
ref strange behavior Sergei Koledov 8/23/16
[ANN] data.avl 0.0.14 – BUGFIX to splits, faster map/set reductions Michał Marczyk 8/23/16
Generate a million file from a template Abhi 8/23/16
Parinfer on iOS Wes Morgan 8/22/16
[ANN] Shrubbery 0.4.0, a stubbing, spying, and mocking library for Clojure protocols Brian Guthrie 8/22/16
taking my clojure game to a higher level chia kang ren 8/21/16
Add :examples option to s/fdef for documentation and testing? Peter Marklund 8/21/16
[ANN] Clojure 1.9.0-alpha11 Alex Miller 8/20/16
Multiple key-value pairs in assoc-in (old issue) Łukasz Kożuchowski 8/19/16
[ANN] pjstadig/reducible-stream 0.1.0 Paul Stadig 8/19/16
ANN: ClojureScript 1.9.225, cljs.spec fixes David Nolen 8/19/16
[JOB] Software Engineer at Red Pineapple Media in Berlin Brave Clojure Jobs 8/19/16
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