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rationale for IAtom2 ? Jim 2:24 PM
[ANN] Integrated development environment for visual creation and simulation of spatial processes ru 10:56 AM
[ANN] jmh-clojure 0.2.0 - Seamless JMH benchmarking for Clojure 8:25 AM
Unexpected performace of transducers Jiacai Liu 7:56 AM
Anyone mourns the loss of: ? Didier 12/16/17
Map spec which can specify value spec for non keyword keys? Didier 12/16/17
[clojure.spec] Best practices for programmatically generating specs? Aaron Brooks 12/14/17
[:ann] Grimoire 0.5.19 Reid McKenzie 12/14/17
functional implementation of core.async primitives Divyansh Prakash 12/13/17
Sets/Vectors vs Maps/Keywords default value when used as functions Khalid Jebbari 12/13/17
Loading deps.edn Dynamically in Clojure 1.9 Asim Jalis 12/13/17
sorting a list based on the order of its items in another list Deyan Yotsov 12/12/17
IF, WHEN or SOME Stephen Feyrer 12/11/17
[ANN] clj-async-profiler — embeddable profiler with flame graphs, based on Java's async-profiler Alexander Yakushev 12/11/17
Immutable names of things? Didier 12/11/17
Symbols and Vars for specs? Didier 12/11/17
[ANN] Pinpointer: yet another spec error reporter OHTA Shogo 12/11/17
Clojure CLI tool fails to resolve weird transitive dependencies. Jonathan Fischer 12/11/17
Terminating 'clj' REPL session Alan Thompson 12/11/17
[ANN] Clojure 1.9.0 is now available! Alex Miller 12/10/17
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