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[ANN] map-regexps, regexps for map seqs instead of text Oskar Kvist 4:31 PM
[CFP] JavaOne - Clojure submissions welcomed and recommended Ghadi Shayban 11:56 AM
[ANN][book] Clojure Reactive Programming Leonardo Borges 9:51 AM
[ANN] Reagent + Sente (+ Heroku) = Rente Henrik Mohr 9:41 AM
[GSoC] Typed Overtone proposal Christopher Medrela 8:33 AM
Clojure Culture Question on TDD Daniel Hinojosa 2:07 AM
Any Lispers in South Devon, UK? Stephen Wakely 12:57 AM
[GSoC] Dynalint Proposal Babar Naveed Memon 12:37 AM
[JOB] Clojure/Clojurescript Web Developer Alexander Hudek 3/25/15
Packaging JNI extensions Jason Felice 3/25/15
is ok use a blocking get <!! at the end of sequence of async calls coco 3/25/15
[GSoC] Typed Transient Proposal Sean Laguna 3/25/15
nested transducers Karsten Schmidt 3/25/15
Current state of automatic generation of externs file for CLJS Advanced Compilation? james borden 3/25/15
Curious behavior of syntax quote? Subhash Gopalakrishnan 3/25/15
good reading sources Babar Naveed Memon 3/25/15
Use reduce or something appropriate instead of loop / recur Sven Richter 3/24/15
map-in Steve Ashton 3/24/15
Best way to test multiple implementations of a protocol? Leif 3/24/15
Kwargs vs explicit parameter map for APIs? Colin Fleming 3/24/15
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