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Russ olsen's Clojure Book Sayth Renshaw 1/16/18
Officially support Vert.x Feuer Au 1/16/18
2nd Call for Participation: BOB 2018 (February 23, Berlin) Michael Sperber 1/16/18
Question: how to spec optional keyword arguments ? Khalid Jebbari 1/16/18
:npm-deps and transitive dependencies Lucas Wiener 1/16/18
Simulations in Clojure/Clojurescript Michael Nardell 1/15/18
[ANN] Git Deps for Clojure! Alex Miller 1/15/18
How to check Clojure spec's for macros? Dylon Edwards 1/15/18
Best way to include dev-only functions? Jonathon McKitrick 1/15/18
Swirrl are hiring, and yes we use clojure! :-) Rick Moynihan 1/15/18
Spec - is there any way to tell which keys are not described by a spec? Lucas Wiener 1/14/18
Is str's behavior changed? Alice 1/14/18
lein repl broken under 1.9? Andrew Dabrowski 1/13/18
ANN: Pink 0.4.0 / Score 0.4.0 Steven Yi 1/10/18
Port graphs: What would Rich Hickey do? Ben Kovitz 1/10/18
parkour: What is parkour's alternative for Mapper.setup and Mapper.cleanup ? Tawus 1/8/18
Lazy sequences (once again?) Edward Knyshov 1/8/18
Clojure spec generate and instrument in cascade Azzabi Ahmed 1/7/18
[JOB] Telia Norge needs people interested in working with Clojure and ClojureScript (Oslo, Norway) Jakub Holý 1/7/18
New blog post: about Clojure's syntax Val Waeselynck 1/6/18
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