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[ANN] zpst 0.1.6 -- see source and actual arguments in your stack trace Kim Kinnear 5:47 PM
[ANN] lein-tools-deps 0.4.1 - Use deps.edn with Leiningen Rick Moynihan 6/19/18
java command with deps.edn ru 6/18/18
[ANN] find-deps - quickly find and add dependencies to your deps.edn file Luke Burton 6/17/18
Bazel as Clojure build tool Kiril Videlov 6/17/18
[ANN] lacinia-gen - a library to generate GraphQL responses Oliver Hine 6/16/18
ANN: ClojureScript 1.10.312, Improved Externs Inference & Webpack Guide David Nolen 6/15/18
Topological sort Nick Day 6/15/18
detecting running as script Mark Volkmann 6/13/18
ClojuTRE & SmallFP Goes Helsinki, 13-14.9. Tommi Reiman 6/12/18
Best Book for Clojure 6/12/18
[ANN] depify - generate deps.edn from project.clj Luke Burton 6/11/18
Job Announcement: Data Architect /Solutions Architect/Senior Developer- Fulltime- Philadelphia Ripu Gupta 6/11/18
[ANN] Cronut: Scheduled Execution via Quartz and Integrant Derek Troy-West 6/11/18
[ANN] Datomic Ions: Your App on Datomic Cloud Alex Miller 6/7/18
[ANN] com.walmartlabs/lacinia 0.27.0, com.walmartlabs/lacinia-pedestal 0.8.0 Howard M. Lewis Ship 6/6/18
Clojure on Kubernetes quickstart, patterns, libraries, ideas... Jason Whitlark 6/4/18
How to cache deps with deps.edn, to speed docker image builds? Jason Whitlark 6/3/18
[ANN] missionary a.1 Léo Noel 6/3/18
[ANN] Leiningen template aws-lambda-serverless Juha Syrjälä 6/3/18
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