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instrument code only in dev, with lein Brian Craft 9:38 PM
Clojure resume tips? Jason Basanese 9:36 PM
livecoding with Quil middleware Jay Porcasi 8:49 PM
off-topic: stackof developer survey Gregg Reynolds 8:12 PM
pager for lein repl? Joe Python 5:46 PM
Can you extend a Java class, and add new fields and constructors to it? Didier 5:32 PM
[ANN] Lacinia 0.13.0 Howard M. Lewis Ship 10:50 AM
Core-async transducers with atoms Elena Canovi 7:06 AM
How do I spec a nullary function? Didier 5:36 AM
Shout-out to Clojure and Rich @ ReactConf 2017 Alan Moore 3/22/17 Selecting a nested tag where tag shares same name as parent Peter Schmiedeskamp 3/22/17
The major upgrade to Neanderthal (the matrix library) will be released soon, with lots of new functionality. Dragan Djuric 3/22/17
[ANN] Bidirectional Ring router. REST oriented. Rails inspired. Михаил Кузьмин 3/22/17
Startup time of standalone .jar executable Michael Lindon 3/21/17
java interop, `(.instanceMember Classname)` John Gabriele 3/21/17
Lisping for iOS, by Felwig Philip Markgraf 3/21/17
ANN: I wrote a beginner datomic tutorial I wanted to share with y'all, constructive feedback welcome Fenton Travers 3/21/17
[JOB] Clojure Developer at World Singles (remote) Brave Clojure Jobs 3/21/17
Vars as global thread-locals? Ernesto Garcia 3/21/17
introspecting execution of run in core.logic Lambder 3/21/17
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