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Welcome to the Clean Code discussion group.  Here we discuss the Clean Code video episodes that appear on 

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LSP, ISP and casting Elias Fofanov 4/30/15
Hadoop + Clean Architecture Andrew O'Neill 4/30/15
Error handling in clean architecture Norbert Nemes 4/29/15
aspect-oriented programming: is it a crutch WIL PANNELL 4/28/15
Clean code for jquery Big George 4/22/15
Anemic Domain Model George Dinwiddie 4/22/15
Command-Query Separation and Identifiers Colin Williams 4/20/15
App Project Folder and File Structure Dave Schinkel 4/13/15
Am I commiting the Log and Throw antipattern? Bennie Copeland 4/12/15
Multiple gateways in the interactor's constructor Breno Sarkis 4/9/15
Do components belong in their own source control repo? Paul Bouzakis 4/7/15
Unit testing abstract entities Breno Sarkis 4/2/15
ATDD example using Cucumber Sebastian Gozin 3/22/15
How to deal with attributes common to Entities, Repositories, and Serializers Reed Law 3/22/15
Questions about S.O.L.I.D from Novice Brian Gibson 3/20/15
Pair Programming tool Jeroen De Dauw 3/19/15
Convincing others of the danger of defensive programming Colin Williams 3/13/15
Clean Architecture: too many layers of indirection? Reed Law 3/3/15
final and inheritance Tomasz Cichecki 3/2/15
Question about entities Norbert Nemes 3/2/15
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