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Welcome to the Clean Code discussion group.  Here we discuss the Clean Code video episodes that appear on 

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Classes or static methods? Gábor Szabó 8/21/17
Use-Case initiation and inputs Stefan Bradl 8/16/17
Greetings Fellow Clean Coders! Feedback Request Terence McGhee 7/31/17
Clean architecture with node. vivek poddar 7/25/17
Re: Group Activity vivek poddar 7/25/17
Finding right opportunity vivek poddar 7/25/17
How do we know we're right? Jacek Bilski 7/25/17
Acceptance Tests vs Gateway seerowyLudek 7/25/17
Number of Programs Possible for a 3 bit FSM Radoslaw Grymin 7/3/17
What is "clean architecture" seerowyLudek 7/2/17
DDD AND Clean Architecture mixed? Christian B 6/22/17
Number of function parameter Radoslaw Grymin 6/18/17
Pomóż proszę Małgosi Michał Kuliński 5/12/17
Finding Like-Minded Beginners Todd Cullum 12/24/16
Finding Newbies into Craftmanship Todd Cullum 12/15/16
RE: Code Review vivek poddar 12/8/16
Clean Architecture: Gateways (DB, external services) have to violate the Dependency Rule Pavel Gatilov 11/19/16
Is Independent Deployability / Developibility a Legacy Problem? Marko Avlijas 11/19/16
RSpec Demonstration is Missing Three Very Useful Things Marko Avlijas 11/12/16
Usecase for domain event? Jeroen De Dauw 10/18/16
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