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Welcome to the developer forum for Class2Go.  We hope that this group will be useful as a community where users can interact with each other and the maintainers to help with setup issues, suggestions and feature requests, etc.

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Forum software, piazza / askbot Johannes Tynes 8/30/14
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Getting reports from Quizzes Paluno CampusLab 5/3/13
How to start? Zdzislaw Meglicki 4/24/13
Class2Go, initial configuration Zdzislaw Meglicki 4/24/13
INSTALLATION WEB Alvaro Pino 4/19/13
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function search course in class2go? vantamtran 4/8/13
How to add video in Course infor vantamtran 4/8/13
Code view information of Instructors outside the homepage vantamtran 4/7/13
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