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What open data is available from the City? Bytemarks 2/13/12
Idea: City Events - Create a web/mobile app that would show all City events. S.W.E.E.T.S. Bytemarks 2/4/12
AUTO: I'm a bit under the weather today...but working periodically (returning 02/01/2012) Mark Dixon 1/31/12
Idea: Pass an ordinance/law that requires City departments to deliver information through a standard API. Bytemarks 1/30/12
Schedule for tonight Jason Axelson 1/20/12
Categories Nicole Hori 1/17/12
GIS Maps Forest Frizzell 1/5/12
data dilemma Kevin Curry 12/30/11
How many apps do you have downloaded to your phone? Aryn 12/28/11
Idea: Adopt-a-node - Help the City expand its free municipal wifi with adoption of neighborhood/business nodes. Bytemarks 12/24/11
Idea: Pay for parking meters with your phone via an app. Bytemarks 12/23/11
Free captcha veification per email Aryn 12/23/11
Thoughts on upcoming CityCamp hack-a-thon Forest Frizzell 12/23/11
GIS Maps Available Forest Frizzell 12/23/11
Idea: A web or mobile app that I could plan a bike ride based on streets with bike lanes. Bytemarks 12/8/11
Idea: Develop a mobile app for real time bus arrival/departure and routes. Bytemarks 12/6/11
Idea: Expand on-line services - What services do we currently stand in line for, that we could accomplish on-line? Bytemarks 12/6/11
Idea: City reminders - A web/mobile app that could remind you of all upcoming renewals. Bytemarks 12/6/11
Idea: Trash into treasure Bytemarks 12/6/11
Idea: Display City tax revenue and spending trends Bytemarks 12/6/11
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