BikeNYC and CitiBikeNYC Hackers

Welcome bike hackers! This is the unofficial crew of hackers, mappers, yackers, software developers and data explorers working with NYC bike related data feeds and other bike-related activities. This group was founded to support the release and exploration of Citi Bike NYC trip data.

You can find more information about our work on Git Hub. Don't forget to tag your Git Hub projects with #BikeNYC

BetaNYC is committed to hosting safe & open spaces for all. By participating in this space you are committing yourself to BetaNYC's Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy.

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How has your bike app improved NYC? Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 8/24/15
New stations in the Citi Bike data feed! Frank Hebbert (Motivate) 8/17/15
Questions about rebalancing Alexander Tedeschi 7/28/15
where to find out individual station capacity Alexander Tedeschi 7/28/15
Workshop on NYC 311 and US Census data Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 6/23/15
2015 Q1 chart/data missing Alan 6/11/15
JSON Data Alessandro Rizzo 5/12/15
Station Feed JSON collection Ishwarya Rajendrababu 4/29/15
past data Aidan Feldman 4/11/15
JSON change with the 8D backend Avi Drissman 4/3/15
NYC CitiBike - health impacts? Lori Schomp 4/3/15
Kick off CodeAcross NYC with a reception & open data townhall with the NYC’s Chief Analytics Officer!! Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 2/12/15
Matplotlib Animated Heatmap of Bike Usage Ben Everson 2/6/15
Webinar: Bicycle Stress Level Mapping fkh 2/6/15
Join us for NYC's open data & civic technology festival - Feb 21 & 22 Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 2/2/15
Yet another Android Bike Share app (but from Paris :)) Cyrille Berliat 2/1/15
2 Alta/CitiBike Technical Job Postings Michael Frumin 12/19/14
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Fwd: Outreach Jobs at NYC DOT Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 11/18/14
Calling all citibike nurds, lets save citibike. Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 11/14/14
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