BikeNYC and CitiBikeNYC Hackers

Welcome bike hackers! This is the unofficial crew of hackers, mappers, yackers, software developers and data explorers working with NYC bike related data feeds and other bike-related activities. This group was founded to support the release and exploration of Citi Bike NYC trip data.

You can find more information about our work on Git Hub. Don't forget to tag your Git Hub projects with #BikeNYC

BetaNYC is committed to hosting safe & open spaces for all. By participating in this space you are committing yourself to BetaNYC's Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy.

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Mining intent from citibike usage Ali 10/19/16
Quickest way to find the closest stations w/ bikes or parking Rohan Kshirsagar 10/3/16
Any one has data about NYCHA's citi bike membership? Ariel Jiang 9/20/16
Citibike usage by age Thatcher Clay 9/13/16
retrieving live citbike data daniella birch 9/12/16
Responsive web design companies in india Ashutosh Ascent IT Services 9/5/16
Station Feed JSON collection Ishwarya Rajendrababu 9/1/16
anyone want Citi Bike trip data in a csv file from July 2013 to June 2016? Lori Schomp 8/10/16
Believability of otherwise popular stations starting the day with no bikes Aleksey Bilogur 8/3/16
Hello All! I need a fairly simple Shapefile for use in ArcGIS of Citibike Station locations? Diego Correa 8/3/16
Jersey City Data MMayer_MCRP&MPP 8/1/16
Citi Bike Carbon offset methodology? Lori Schomp 6/30/16
Data for NYC bicycle lane in year&borough and even types Ziyi Ma 6/15/16
Station id 3420 without coordinates Fabrício Ferreira 6/10/16
Job Opportunity: Planner/Data Analyst, NYCDOT Bike Share Program NYCDOT Bike Share 5/19/16
Join us on Saturday, 4 June for NYC Parks' TreesCount! Data Jam! Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 5/13/16
NYC CitiBike - health impacts? Lori Schomp 5/6/16
check out our Citi Bike Data Visualization: Alexander Tedeschi 5/5/16
Citibike Station Usage Data Richard Robbins 5/5/16
new from Citi Bike: GBFS! Frank Hebbert (Motivate) 4/20/16
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