BikeNYC and CitiBikeNYC Hackers

Welcome bike hackers! This is the unofficial crew of hackers, mappers, yackers, software developers and data explorers working with NYC bike related data feeds and other bike-related activities. This group was founded to support the release and exploration of Citi Bike NYC trip data.

You can find more information about our work on Git Hub. Don't forget to tag your Git Hub projects with #BikeNYC

BetaNYC is committed to hosting safe & open spaces for all. By participating in this space you are committing yourself to BetaNYC's Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy.

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Futute nyc stations HAILEY GRAF 5/7/18
2013 June Bike trip data Jonathan Suh 4/29/18
List of All stations (both active and defunct) Jonathan Suh 4/29/18
Hi all Hsin Hsiao 3/30/18
Station Feed JSON collection Ishwarya Rajendrababu 3/8/18
FYI - Flash sale on NYC School of Data & Hack Hall ticket. Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 2/21/18
Undocking Technology Question Brynn Kasper 2/19/18
NYC School of Data 2018 early bird registration closing soon & we're looking for #hackhall projects Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 2/5/18
Where can I find the exact time for each station to be put into use? Heyuan Lee 2/4/18
Current Citi Bike hubs for bike storage and rebalancing Junming Liu 1/3/18
Citibike Stations in CSV and geojson Jonathan Pichot 12/18/17
OT: the future of NYC civic/gov tech for the next four years? Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 11/29/17
Bike Angel data Jennifer Kim 10/19/17
Geography2050: The Future of Mobility Betsy Emmons 10/16/17
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع Sami A 8/30/17
Interested in NYC311's data set? Here's an opportunity to improve it! Noel Hidalgo | BetaNYC 8/28/17
free_bike_status.json Michael Porter 7/24/17
How can i find info on the Port Authority Valet at 9th and Dyer? Nick Caradonna 6/20/17
Bike Angels data Colm Earley 6/14/17
Connecting to S3 bucket with Apache Drill Jack Ingoldsby 6/8/17
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