The Chrome Notebook Pilot Has Moved!

The Chrome Notebook Pilot has moved! 

Please visit:!forum/chromebook-central to find all the latest information on Chromebooks, connect with Google team members, meet other Chromebook owners and, stay up to date on the latest Chromebook developments!

Here, you'll find all of the old archives and messages from the CR-48 pilot group as well as new messages relating to the new Chromebooks. The content and people are the same, the only thing that's different is the name and the URL!

If you are a current member of the Chrome Notebook Pilot all you need to do is update your bookmark or Google Group favorite (star icon) -- there's no need to re-join the group as you're already a member-- you'll continue to receive your regular digests and are ready to post within the group. 

Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you soon!

- The Chrome Team

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