This group is for discussing issues, and sharing results, related to the choroplethr package for R. If posting a problem, please provide a reproducible example.

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New Course: "Mapmaking in R with Choroplethr" Ari L 12/8/15
More than 9 Buckets 7/27/16
scale_fill_brewer(palette=4) and Alaska 5/19/16
Groups with the same scale 5/19/16
adding county names to a state map Christopher Cambron 5/19/16
puerto rico 2/24/16
Change the color for NA zip codes 2/4/16
Error when making list of choropleths: 'Error: length(unique(na.omit(choropleth.df$value))) <= 9 is not TRUE' Kiva S 2/1/16
States Homework - Mapping Census Data Alex Bettinardi 1/26/16
Re-install choroplethr? Greg Lumpkin 1/20/16
names(x) must be a character vector of the same length as x 1/16/16
easy way to combine zip and county choropleths? Francois Dion 1/13/16
choroplethr v3.3.1 - development version Ari L 12/20/15
Choropleth with interaction 12/15/15
Creating R6class for a particular country Alejandro Llanos 11/28/15
Problem with render() and install_github in OO Choropleths examples Alejandro Llanos 11/27/15
More control over colors and thresholds between buckets Earl Brown 11/21/15
Multiple choroplethr border colors 11/20/15
Median Rent by County Michael Mahoney 11/20/15
Median Ages Michael Mahoney 11/19/15
scale_fill_brewer affects legend title Carlos Alas 10/14/15
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