This group is for discussing issues, and sharing results, related to the choroplethr package for R. If posting a problem, please provide a reproducible example.

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Reference maps extraneous messages cassiodorus 9/30/15
choroplethr v3.3.0 is now available Ari L 9/30/15
overlay street and choropleth maps with point geometry 9/30/15
Edit legend title and values in county choroplethr 9/25/15
how to transform choropleth map 9/15/15
Changing na.value moves Alaska & Hawaii to "original" positions (rather than the desired insets) 9/15/15
subsetting input data file by relevant lat-longs 9/10/15
mix and match, choropleth and bubble 9/8/15
basic point question, latitude longitude pairs 9/4/15
set the number of buckets Jamie Briggs 9/4/15
New release: choroplethr v3.2.0 Ari L 9/1/15
Choroplethr Projection Andy Anderson 8/27/15
Change border color to white in zip codes map? 8/27/15
Normalize by area Jason Brown 8/26/15
ChoroplethR with custom data? Rashad Mahmood 8/26/15
Ignore blank values, and hide AK & HI Phillip 8/14/15
County level map with projection? 8/11/15
Choropleth map of the UK Eiryo Saeki 8/1/15
Choropleth with interaction 7/19/15
plotting questions Dennis Chandler 6/30/15
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