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choroplethr support for R 3.1.0 Satish Rajan 4/12/15
Does zip_choropleth have a country zoom? Maria Stopak 4/10/15
Choroplethr Projection Andy Anderson 4/1/15
choroplethrZip v1.1.0 is now on github 3/16/15
choroplethr v3.0.0 is now on CRAN 3/16/15
Zip map: Mapping point size to a variable Steven Worthington 3/12/15
zip_map() error: Can not match keys in x and y to automatically determine appropriate `by` parameter. Mark Coletti 3/8/15
Can we zoom down to a city level? David Guy 3/8/15
Is it possible to zoom in at a county level using zip_map (or any other choroplethr tool)? Lisa Clayton 3/8/15
choroplethr 3.0.0: new zip code map details 3/8/15
choroplethr 3.0.0 beta: ZIP level choropleths 3/8/15
Error with choroplethr_acs 12/15/14
repeated crash SaS 12/12/14
consistency of buckets limits SaS 12/10/14
map for US census divisions? 12/7/14
Canadian Provinces Jon Greenberg 12/3/14
Geom_point distorts choroplethr maps Andrew Lee 12/3/14
choroplethr 2.1.0 is now on CRAN 12/3/14
choroplethR 2.0 package load error on mac 11/25/14
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