Love the DC group, but just can't make it to DC for the meetings?
I'm founding a group a little closer to home, Charlottesville, VA.
My company has agreed to allow me to host the meetings here, as long as myself (or another Battelle representative) is at the meeting and promises to clean up afterward.

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June 19th Meeting Seán Prunka 6/19/12
CHOPUG is Dead. Seán Prunka 11/10/12
Another cancellation...October's meeting is cancelled. CHOPUG 10/10/12
Fwd: [chopug] sorry for late notice..meeting tonight cancelled. Seán Prunka 9/18/12
CHOPUG's August meeting.. Looking ahead Seán Prunka 8/21/12
Had to cancel July's meeting. Sorry. CHOPUG 7/9/12
Meeting change for July? Seán Prunka 6/20/12
LoneStarPHP anyone? CHOPUG 6/19/12
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Next week's meeting. CHOPUG 6/12/12
Meeting in two week. CHOPUG 6/5/12
We now have a Meetup page as well! Seán Prunka 5/30/12
MojoLive beta access Seán Prunka 5/25/12
One week until the next meeting! Seán Prunka 5/11/12
[Conf CfP]ZendCon 2012 CfP is open! Seán Prunka 4/27/12
Next meeting. Seán Prunka 4/27/12