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GSoC 2017 - Javadoc style coverage and parser optimization (part 1 - parser issues) Vladislav Lisetskii 8/22/17
GSoC 2017 - Practice What You Preach (part 1) Roman Ivanov 8/22/17
GSoC 2017 - Regression Testing Project R Veach 8/21/17
GSoC 2017 - Multi-thread mode for java files processing (part 1) Illia Dubinin 8/21/17
GSoC 2017 - Flexible Suppression Model (part 1) Andrew Selkin 8/15/17
How to debug custom checks Юрий Писарев 8/9/17
I want to contribute to Checkstyle 7/2/17
I want to contribute to CheckStyle Tarun Bhardwaj 7/2/17
Checkstyle TodoComment not detecting Silky 6/5/17
Checkstyle-6.2.0 God Class Detection Report and Feedback Questionnaire Khalid AlKharabsheh 5/24/17
Missing Import Control DTD 5/8/17
GSoC 2017 Proposal Andrew Kuchev 5/2/17
New Check have to pass through experimental project – sevntu.checkstyle Roman Ivanov 4/29/17
Gsoc Proposal Shivansh Soni 4/24/17
Validate XDoc Violation Examples R Veach 4/14/17
I'd like to contribute to this project, could you please assign me an issue? leo KURI 4/11/17
Gsoc Introduction Jun Lin 4/3/17
GSoC Projects ps 4/2/17
GSOC Levan Surmanidze 4/1/17
I want to start contributing to CheckStyle code-base on Github. Please assign me an issue to fix. 4/1/17
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