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Should SuppressionFilter use OS-independent paths Pavel Baranchikov 8:48 AM
MagicNumber usage in GUI code Roman Ivanov 10/2/15
Issue 851 R Veach 9/30/15
How to build the project in intellij? J Ben 8/11/15
Changes in Checkstyle developers team Roman Ivanov 7/18/15
JavaDoc checks are very slow Pavel Baranchikov 7/14/15
IndentationCheck. issue 281 Alexey Zuy 7/2/15
checkstyle usage in hadoop Roman Ivanov 6/29/15
builld failed Bhavik Patel 6/10/15
Issue #1010 Glenn Hollingsworth 5/28/15
issue #1009 Vladislav Lis 5/18/15
Request to change formatting location of "{" on whole Chekstyle code Roman Ivanov 5/17/15
issue1024 Andrew Selkin 5/17/15
Issue #1022 Andrei Mistetskii 4/29/15
Showing Check style issues/warning only with git diff and not entire file sriram rajan 4/22/15
IndentationCheck_issue766 Alexey Zuy 4/10/15
How to implement a new language? CSchulz 3/23/15
Maven Checkstyle Plugin + latest Checkstyle 6.5-SNAPSHOT lead to build failure. Alexey Zuy 3/18/15
Issue "Forbid multiple violation for the same line in IndentaitonCheck #676" Piotr Listkiewicz 3/16/15
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