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Allow several styles of indentation with Checkstyle Daniel Novais 2/4/16
Creating Spacing Rule for synchronized(this) Elizabeth Lingg 1/5/16
How to add exception to 'VisibilityModifierCheck' all classes of certain package Bhushan Patil 12/21/15
unable to instantiate 'CatchParameterName' class Greg Tomkins 12/5/15
VisibiltyModifer allowPublicImmutableFields - enums not final classes? Edward Knight 12/4/15
There are some strange messages in Japanese resource files of Checkstyle. 11/3/15
Custom Message on custom IllegalImport Jacek Ciszewski 11/2/15
Want to enforce space between class and brace Andreas Jonsson 10/30/15
LeftCurly for Anonymous class Vlad Rozov 10/24/15
Symbol Table or Notifications of Start and End Check Style Prasun Dewan 10/21/15
@SuppressWarnings does not suppress JavadocType violation Csaba Kozák 9/30/15
checkstyle file works in Eclipse but not in IntelliJ IDEA RASATA Liantsoa 9/17/15
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Ahmed Ashour 9/4/15
Public fields passed through by VisibilityModifierCheck Marko Topolnik 7/10/15
How to start with checkstyle Cezariusz Marek 6/5/15
Performance of JavadocTagContinuationIndentation, AtclauseOrder, NonEmptyAtclauseDescription etc. Csaba Kozák 5/13/15
Lambda-Expression and final check Michael Bohn 3/24/15
'lineWrappingIndentation' property in 'Indentation' module causes error Frank Kobzik 3/11/15
support for ant selectors David M 2/24/15
checkstyle reports nullpointerexception on multi-catch blocks in static initializer blocks André den Hartog 2/23/15
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