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WcfFacility, ConcurrencyMode & ServiceBehavior attribute rioka 5/1/15
Register the same Service multiple times, from XML and Installer (to allow overriding them from XML) BhaaL DoesNotUseGplus 4/20/15
Registering Generic decorators in castle windsor? Farhad Taran 4/14/15
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WCF Facility and Discovery load balancing Paul Widner 3/27/15
Parameters of the TypedFactory are not bypassed further Maxim Cherednik 3/26/15
Putting COM interop type in the container Fabrice 3/20/15
How to use CreateChannelWithActAsToken instead of CreateChannel with castle windsor wcf facility Danny Van den Wouwer 3/19/15
Digital Signature David Raymond 3/12/15
CastleZMQ tests "Loop forever" 3/12/15
Castle Windsor WCF service throttling in Fluent Paul Widner 3/10/15
WCF Self Hosting with model settings read from app.-config? Scott_M 2/25/15
How to use the `Ninject.Extensions.Factory` to dynamically generate factories for internals classes? Frank Abel Cancio Bello 2/10/15
No component for supporting the service - Fluent registration and resolution of Generic with generics parameters Gustavo Mickiewicz 1/30/15
LifestyleBoundTo - can't resolve whole collection where one of items is scoped. Sławomir Siudek 1/22/15
'Scope cache was already disposed.' in SignalR implementation onur 1/22/15
Doesn't intercepting base method? veihan 1/22/15
Resolve uninstalled components as WCF proxies Nick Gamroth 1/9/15
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