CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript and based on PhantomJS, and this is its discussion group. 

Get help, help others, request features and enhancements, discuss usage issues. 

Read the documentation, check the code on github. To report a bug, prefer using the dedicated bugtracker.

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Do a mouse click and take a screenshot of the result Hussein Lightwalla 4/21/15
casperjs + mocha + chai - how to get a decent reporter for Jenkins? Ian Lim 4/20/15
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Capturing a form data 'onsubmit' in native JS Neha 4/7/15
Deleting text in a form field Roberto Guerra 4/7/15
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How does one Skip to the next test suite? 4/6/15
RFC: analyze() function? Darren Cook 4/1/15
Filling complex forms with Casperjs Lorenzow 3/30/15
How to run casperjs in cron job Kazue Watanabe 3/27/15
Question : How does one selectively run tests from a folder/directory of testcases? 3/27/15
Why CasperJS and browsers show different behaviors with CAPTCHA? zjiash 3/26/15
Looking for experienced CasperJS developer Jeremy Ferguson 3/26/15
how can I get the input value after clicking Jessie Song 3/19/15
How to import other js files/library in casperjs Devi Sridharan 3/12/15
Disable 30s timeout on file download. Jan Bednář 3/12/15
Problems getting casperjs installed / working SimonC 3/12/15
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