CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript and based on PhantomJS, and this is its discussion group. 

Get help, help others, request features and enhancements, discuss usage issues. 

Read the documentation, check the code on github. To report a bug, prefer using the dedicated bugtracker.

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What is the plan now PhantomJS is end-of-life? Keiran Raine 2/19/18
CasperJS page with Http Status 202 Accepted Radica Vlajic 2/7/18
Capture saves the screenshot without text Albin 2/4/18
Fatal: Access is denied; did you install phantomjs? Shawn Norton 2/3/18
Casperjs with javascript errors, not executing scripts, doing default html action Diego Armando 1/22/18
Unable to click a button element using CasperJS that has an onclick event attached to it Gavin 1/20/18
Parallel Browsing short extender 1/10/18
casperjs phantomjs any waitging function makes crash on Angular website Andrzej Blukis 1/10/18
Execute code whenever an element matching selector appear 1/10/18
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع wedad al 12/22/17
Taxithere Financial Advisors| Taxithere| Financial advisors aavala anitha 12/20/17
Casper JS - facebook page loading without content, only header Miguel Poegel 12/10/17
Grafana loginPage Comrad Gre 12/10/17
Does CasperJS creates temperory files for itself at runtime ? Jignesh Desai 12/10/17
Can't select element via it's id 12/10/17
Set Accept-Language header Achmet Lahn 12/10/17
server replied: Forbidden rohit kaushal 12/10/17
How do I pull links on a webpage? 12/10/17
waitForSelector does not find AJAX-loaded DOM element Randall Jaffe 12/10/17
How to run faster a CasperJS script Jérémy Brunet 12/10/17
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