CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript and based on PhantomJS, and this is its discussion group. 

Get help, help others, request features and enhancements, discuss usage issues. 

Read the documentation, check the code on github. To report a bug, prefer using the dedicated bugtracker.

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Calling functions from external JS script into the JS script that is executed in capserjs Ryan Sullivan 7/27/15
1.1 release? Evan Worley 7/23/15
Google search list of keywords Prometheus WillSurvive 7/22/15
How to implement spell checker in casperjs for any webpage? Suraj Dalvi 7/22/15
Correct Jquery File Upload for 'Choose File' Dialogue? Neha 7/22/15
I can't load homepage linkedin ? Idir Ait Hammi 7/19/15
CasperJS not executing JS files Ben 7/17/15
casperjs interface Gabe Misura 7/15/15
Run/Execute CasperJS script at the server by clicking a button on webpage or from a php web API or from javascript. lavesh bhandari 7/15/15
waitForSelector unexpectedly failing Robert Poor 7/15/15
Why is casper.logs property is undefined ? Naomi Kyoto 7/15/15
casperjs not working by cron CasperJS 7/15/15
using click() to download pdfs Robert Poor 7/13/15
scrape news comments Yang 7/13/15
Latest CasperJS as portable version via batch 7/10/15
Fill a form: Select file Harald 7/7/15
Debugging Type Error for XHR Wrapper Neha 7/5/15
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame Mr. Rossi 7/4/15
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