CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript and based on PhantomJS, and this is its discussion group. 

Get help, help others, request features and enhancements, discuss usage issues. 

Read the documentation, check the code on github. To report a bug, prefer using the dedicated bugtracker.

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casper.eachThen with strange behavior Michael Burling 12:55 AM
casper.options.clientScripts "Failed injecting" Tolis Christomanos 4/17/14
CasperJS sometimes fails to submit a form (Windows only) Zir Tec 4/17/14
Running casperJS without the executable hermeh 4/17/14
Could I enter a parameter when the script is running? Lei Zhang 4/16/14
assertVisible on responsive page Andy Orahood 4/16/14
Same entry multiple times in popups.list Mayank Khubchandani 4/16/14
Page polls remote url which stops casper execution Mike Pearce 4/16/14
question about clearing localStorage Sebastian Paul 4/15/14
passed test doesn't appear to be firing an event asparaguscat 4/15/14
Any plans for command line input or built-in encryption/decryption? Derek Clifford 4/11/14
Is there a way to remove a listener? imagreenplant 4/11/14
Accessing the HTTP Status when downloading Arun Neelakandan 4/10/14
No click event generated using casper ver 1.1.0-beta3 on the Mac Scott Snyder 4/9/14
Recover the result of renderResults merahi majda 4/9/14
Running multiple tests Joe 4/9/14
Issue in filling form fields when having multiple forms with the same class name and dynamically created ID's CasperJS 4/9/14
clear cache Hasan Yousuf 4/9/14
Can't select elements / test a GWT webapp Ross McDonald 4/9/14
evaluate tag by its content (text) Janos 4/9/14
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