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Getting error using PartitionTap and CombineInput Patrick Duin 11:18 AM
Bucket Join in scalding Jeremie Simon 10:08 AM
[Cascading 3.0.0-wip-75] Attempting to give Tez a spin Cyrille Chépélov 9:33 AM
Plunger: A unit testing framework for Cascading Elliot West 6:32 AM
[Scalding] Trying Execution, getting too much log output Vesa Muhonen 2:19 AM
[Cascading 3.0.0-wip-74] significantly longer flow planning time, even in local mode Cyrille Chépélov 3/5/15
Source Tap reading Local file system and Sink writing to HDFS Amit 3/4/15
ParquetTBaseScheme for Avro yosib 3/4/15
[scalding] how to flatten an avro array Felix 3/3/15
Can't GroupBy with TupleEntry containing TupleEntry JPatrick Davenport 3/3/15
Tap.createResource not getting called JPatrick Davenport 3/3/15
Incremental Sum of values in Scalding Job Deepika Khera 3/2/15
Run Hadoop Cluster Flow from Eclipse JPatrick Davenport 3/2/15
null check after item is used in TupleEntry Oscar Boykin 3/2/15
getting java.lang.VerifyError error while running apache-tez-0.5.2 on pig-0.14 kunal kumar 3/2/15
unable to load deserializer for: java.util.ArrayList in the reduce phase Asaf Mesika 3/2/15
Help required to understand cascading error Bhupesh Dhiman 3/2/15
custom joiner for lookup over HashJoin Pushpender Garg 3/1/15
Improving the Cascading flow performance Raju 2/28/15
Cascading 3.0 WIP with Apache Tez platform support Chris K Wensel 2/27/15
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