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Cascading and Oozie Hadoop Inquirer 5/8/18
[Scalding] Interest in BigQuery source/tap contribution? jeffo 4/18/18
Cascading 3.3.0 Released Chris K Wensel 4/10/18
Cascading hive metastore with Kerberos authentication Kunal Ghosh 3/28/18
No companion ThriftStructCodec found for interface 3/16/18
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Creating tap on s3 with bucket name having underscore "_". Shivank Garg 3/13/18
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Hive Query Execution Kunal Ghosh 2/16/18
Sink the data from pipe to S3 dump as csv Shivank Garg 2/15/18
Cascading 3.2 compatibilty Akram Shaik 2/13/18
Error while Reading from Partition Table stored in parquet format Shivank Garg 2/11/18
Cascading Hive table Flow shree 2/9/18
Issue while writing data to hive. chaitanya ekre 2/8/18
Cascading WIP 3.3 Chris K Wensel 2/7/18
Cascading-Hive unable to read the data from Hive table created by HiveCLI gurdit singh 2/5/18
Please help to install: SBT Unresolved dependency hadoop-lzo;0.4.16: Dmitri Kondratiev 2/1/18
cascading teradata Kunal Ghosh 1/29/18
stemming mareye zeleke 1/25/18
IllegalStateException: too many captured primary elements -- Exception in thread "main" cascading.flow.planner.PlannerException: registry: MapReduceHadoopRuleRegistry, phase: PostPipelines, failed on rule: RemoveMalformedHashJoinPipelineTransformer Shishir Adhikari 1/23/18
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