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handle Avro nested Record in cascading or Scalding Jason Cao 3/27/15
Tuple stream semantics for pipe assemblies Matthew Willson 3/27/15
Unbalanced partitioning with CoGroup + NullNotEquivalentComparator Matthew Willson 3/27/15
cascading.flow.planner.PlannerException: could not build flow from assembly: [no such vertex in graph] Mike Ma 3/27/15
Using declaredFields to overcome collisions during CoGroup on pipes with identical fields Eric Fulton 3/26/15
Scalding: How to genreate a List of value from the values in a field in a pipe Jeremy Calbreath 3/26/15
EMRFS error when running with Tez on EMR Mike DeLaurentis 3/26/15
How to skip regex mismatches and make the job continue without failing? Bots A 3/26/15
Increasing number of mappers beyond number of file splits in Scalding Wynn Chen 3/25/15
Error while running Part1 of Impatient project Philip Dogbey 3/25/15
Cascading 2.6.3 on cloudera hadoop 2.5.0-cdh5.3.0 3/25/15
Is there any example how do I write result (like complexStatusResult) when the job ends? Tomer Ben David 3/24/15
Problems running a scalding job from java Hagai Attias 3/22/15
How do I fail a flow when trap throws an exception? redshift-etl-user 3/20/15
join with hierarchical structure Mathieu D 3/20/15
PartitionTap output Satish 3/20/15
Latest wip 3.0 Chris K Wensel 3/19/15
tap for a string 3/18/15
Getting error using PartitionTap and CombineInput Patrick Duin 3/17/15
Retain all fields while doing a group by on few fields Deepika Khera 3/16/15
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