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user controlled partitioning in cascading Oscar Boykin 5/23/15
Column headers when using partitionTaps cascading user 5/22/15
SinkMode.UPDATE failing if directory exists mrcamp 5/21/15
Corc: An ORC File Scheme for Cascading Dave Maughan 5/21/15
error while running cascading impatient series part1 code... 5/20/15
Serialization errors Sowmitra Thallapragada 5/20/15
Cascading 2.7.0 Now Available Chris K Wensel 5/20/15
Does Scalding/Cascading optimize multiple independent joins on the same dataset? Nikita Lytkin 5/19/15
[3.0.0-wip-115] small source-level breakage for scala consumers Cyrille Chépélov 5/19/15
Cascading - Custom behavior when join fields are null Daniel Yanos 5/18/15
Depending on 2.0.0-wip builds of cascading-hive and cascading:cascading-hadoop2-mr1:jar:3.0.0-wip-+ 5/18/15
[scalding] Outer join and duplicate fields Hagai Attias 5/17/15
[TextLine(inputFile)][com.twitter.scalding.RichPipe.eachTo(RichPipe.scala:442)] operator Each failed executing operation George Blazer 5/14/15
gzipped input into Scalding job George Blazer 5/13/15
Column headers in output files in cascading cascading user 5/13/15
Scalding+Cascading+TEZ = ♥ [FOLLOW UP] Sylvain Veyrié 5/13/15
Cascading 3.0.0-wip & HBase (RFC) Cyrille Chépélov 5/13/15
Cascade Hanging? Will Briggs 5/11/15
Custom Variables in class Function Ching-Lun Lin 5/7/15
cascading hive repository 5/7/15
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