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Node 6 hitting stable on 9/27 Ben Porter 8/10/16
Required PostgeSQL Version Cody Cutrer 7/14/16
Required release version: 2016-04-23 - YAML engine update James Williams 6/27/16
Rails 4 Cody Cutrer 6/8/16
Dropping two undocumented fields in one analytics api endpoint. Simon Williams 12/9/15
Edu App Center: Generate Consumer Key and Secret Christopher Bennell 9/29/16
Dashboard view of courses - know course status and new courses hari kumar 9/29/16
Error with Theme Editor - Preview Your Changes Lakshmanan Sornanathan 9/28/16
Limit file type uploads Ross Gailer 9/28/16
Canvas not sending lis_result_sourcedid when launching external assignment tool 9/28/16
Encoding Issue Tj Krause 9/28/16
(New User) Canvas Theme Preview Issues with temporary solution 9/26/16
Error when running canvas_init for the last step in the installation John DeCola 9/24/16
consuming api from users type students /users/self error, work only en user administrator julian david torres salgado 9/23/16
Not getting lis_outcome_service_url Tapas Sahu 9/21/16
Failed course import, no stuck running job Tony 9/21/16
Help with Canvas Analytics Setup. Lakshmanan Sornanathan 9/14/16
Help with managing Canvas LMS log files. Lakshmanan Sornanathan 9/13/16
"Session Timeout" on grade passback Brian Lukoff 9/13/16
Quiz Submission Data taking up too much space Josh Kraemer 9/13/16
Help with Canvas LMS production setup. Lakshmanan Sornanathan 9/12/16
Is there a way to integrate Google Hangouts with Canvas? Kunal Ashar 9/12/16
SIS import button does not appear in UI 9/9/16
Access rights for message enclosures Kenneth Feldt 9/7/16
API: check if login id exists? Boris Kheyfets 9/7/16
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