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Rails 4 Cody Cutrer 6/8/16
Required release version: 2016-04-23 - YAML engine update James Williams 6/5/16
Dropping two undocumented fields in one analytics api endpoint. Simon Williams 12/9/15
Ruby 2.1 Cody Cutrer 7/27/15
Image thumbnails and download working but previews are not Isa Hassen 6/25/16
REST API command Joseph Lacey 6/24/16
Query on Canvas Features Matz.. 6/24/16
Error Creating Calendar Events through API David Baker 6/23/16
Gulp issue when RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake canvas:compile_assets SARATH KUMAR 6/22/16
postgreSQL migration error Cap Mission 6/22/16
LTI iframe resize Christopher Bennell 6/17/16
Student storage quota preveting assignment submissio Christopher Bennell 6/16/16
Latest release & compile_assets filenames Christopher Bennell 6/15/16
Error uploading file 6/15/16
Canvas Commons Integration Jose Ricardo Suarez 6/14/16
Apache Redirects and Dealing with Mixed content Josh Kraemer 6/14/16
Issue with Analytics Jose Ricardo Suarez 6/14/16
Problems upgrading Ismael Rumzan 6/13/16
Canvas + Analytics integration issue. Alex Lymar 6/13/16
Document Preview not working on Chrome Sridhar 6/10/16
Canvas support 6/10/16
Are there any US Universities self-hosting Canvas Chris Bordeleau 6/9/16
Error while loading plugin CSS Akshay 6/8/16
non_selectable 6/7/16
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