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Changes to Canvas::DynamicSettings Tyler Pickett 10/8/17
Webpack and Ruby and Rails, oh my! Simon Williams 7/4/17
Initial set up error on Mac OS High Sierra Subrat Rout 4/23/18
error to upload logos, settings not work Omar Ali Yahia 4/23/18
Heads-up regarding Gemfile Christopher Bennell 4/20/18
SCROM package Loganaden Velvindron 4/19/18
Upgrade issue - PG duplicate key value violates unique constraint "index_course_scores" Josh Kraemer 4/16/18
Locking and publishing: Why are they DIFFERENT? Notice of "locked" in instructor view - PLEASE. drnanjo 4/12/18
Is there a way to get paid subscription for Instructure canvadocs preview service Samuel Santhosh 4/12/18
Uploading files Christopher Bennell 4/11/18
Large File Uploading Anup Kumar Mondal 4/10/18
how to connect a single redis server with auth? Dengpan Huang 4/9/18
How can I add a catalog page in Canvas installation hari kumar 4/8/18
Initial release: Google Drive Connector for Open Source Canvas 4/4/18
Blank Webpage after Production Installation Keyur Joshi 4/1/18
Hi 3/30/18
Discussion: Default GitHub branch changing to master 3/30/18
Canvas LTI 2.0 Ahmad Hassan 3/29/18
Develop LTI 2.0 app for Canvas? Maziar Aboualizadehbehbahani 3/28/18
Email Bounce Notification Abitha Swaminathan 3/28/18
Is it possible to pay for any of the Instructure services when using the open source version Samuel Santhosh 3/27/18
Error installing Canvas and its components on a Google Instance Virtual Machine JoseFlavio Quispe Irrazábal 3/26/18
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