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Ruby 2.1 Cody Cutrer 7/27/15
Questions/Comments regarding the Production Installation instructions Frank Vazquez 8/28/15
permission questions Frank Vazquez 8/28/15
images/files broken Frank Vazquez 8/28/15
New server, but no outcome email Ray jianbin 8/27/15
Grading using the API Peter Robinson 8/27/15
module API missing quiz items Jared Chapman 8/27/15
SAML Authentication Issue 8/27/15
Mobile apps and self-hosted Canvas Colin Murtaugh 8/26/15
Look and feel customization options Arti Sharma 8/26/15
BigBlueButton Integration Tj Krause 8/26/15
not able to see the wiziq plugin at plugin list sewak deshmukh 8/26/15
how do create a plugin for canvas lms ? Mohseen khan 8/26/15
Upgrading problem Cédric D 8/25/15
Site Admin login message when login Alejandro Lengua Vega 8/25/15
Failed to install ~/canvas$ $GEM_HOME/bin/bundle install --without mysql Keya Imtiaj 8/24/15
Cannot view chat in canvas-lms open source version Chaitra Hegde 8/24/15
Pass discussion section information through to LTI tool Steven Williams 8/24/15
New Server and No Emails Graham Pearson 8/24/15
There was an error joining the conference yasinn 8/24/15
After finishing all config, I cannot run localhost successfully shaoping wang 8/24/15
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